24 July 2024
The Biden admin. is planning to pull US forces out of Syria, @ForeignPolicy reported. “While no definitive decision has been made to leave, four sources within the Defense and State departments said the White House is no longer invested in sustaining a mission that it perceives as unnecessary,” the report added
Two missiles fell near the gas station in the city of Shuhail, east of Deir Ezzor, coming from areas controlled by Iranian militias. It is noteworthy that the Iranian militias launched a missile attack targeting the Al-Omar oil field, which is under the control of international coalition forces.
The Coniko gas field base in the Deir ez-Zor countryside, northeastern Syria, was targeted with two missiles without exploding, and the coalition forces respond with artillery shelling.
6 month ago
The Turkish Ministry of Defense announces the neutralization of 7 members of the PKK organization in the Euphrates Shield and Peace Spring regions in northern Syria.
ISIS member killed in a clash with Asayish in Manbij yesterday.
6 month ago
The Turkish Ministry of Defense announces the neutralization of 7 militants from the Kurdistan Workers' Party in northern Syria and 3 in northern Iraq
Several large explosions have been reported in Erbil. C-RAM has also been activated
6 month ago
Turkey may carry out more military operations inside Iraq and Syria if necessary - Turkey MoD
The Turkish army targets with heavy artillery SDF positions in the vicinity of Menag Airport in the Aleppo countryside
The League of Arab States confirms that Iran bears all consequences of the attack on the Kurdistan region of Iraq
Turkish Armed Forces artillery units are hitting SDF targets on the Ayn Issa line north of Raqqa
6 month ago
Turkish Defense announces the neutralization of 4 YPG members who attempted to launch an attack on the Euphrates Shield area in the northern countryside of Aleppo
Rocket bombardment targeting the vicinity of the National Hospital and the village of Sigraz, west of Azaz, in the northern countryside of Aleppo
SDF targets with artillery shells the vicinity of the city of Azaz, north of Aleppo
Iran's Foreign Minister says that Tehran provided information about Mossad activities in Kurdistan to Baghdad
Iranian Foreign Minister: Mossad agents were in the base we struck in Kurdistan
6 month ago
President Erdoğan: In the coming months, we will take new steps in this (on YPG/PKK) direction regardless of who says what. With new operations, we will not only hold the blood of our dead to account but also secure our future
Prime Minister of Iraq: The Erbil attack is a clear aggression against the country
Prime Minister of Iraq: We reserve all diplomatic and legal measures in response to Iran's strikes in Erbil
During the Davos annual meeting, Kurdistan Region Prime Minister @masrourbarzani and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken held discussions. Blinken conveyed Washington's serious concern regarding the recent attacks on Erbil
Iraq recalled its ambassador from Tehran for "further consultations," after the IRGC carried out an attack in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan Region
Prime Minister of Iraqi Kurdistan: We do not believe that terrorism has ended and we need coalition forces
Prime Minister of Iraqi Kurdistan: We hope that the government in Baghdad will take all measures to prevent the recurrence of Iranian attacks
Prime Minister of Iraqi Kurdistan: All Iranian allegations are baseless
Commander of the Revolutionary Guards Air Forces: We bombed the Israeli Mossad headquarters in Erbil, Iraq, with 11 ballistic missiles
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs summons the Iranian Chargé d'Affairs and hands him a protest note condemning the attack on Erbil
The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) condemns Iran's attack on Erbil on Monday evening, stressing that "attacks, by any side, violating Iraqi sovereignty & territorial integrity must stop." - Statement
The Iraqi foreign ministry expresses its "strong denunciation and condemnation of the Iranian aggression" against Erbil, saying that Baghdad will take legal measures against Tehran including submitting a compliant to the UN Security Council - Statement
Iraqi security sources said one rocket had fallen on the house of a senior Kurdish intelligence official and another on a Kurdish intelligence center. Three had crashed into a prominent Kurdish businessman's home, the sources said, killing him
Four of Peshraw Dizayi (Giant Kurdish Businessman) family members lost their lives in Iranian missile strike