24 July 2024
2 month ago
The Turkish Ministry of Defense announces the "neutralization" of 3 PKK members in the Pençe Kilit area in northern Iraq and a YPG member in the Euphrates Shield area in northern Syria.
Turkish bombing renewed on SDF positions in Maranaz and the vicinity of Tal Rifaat, north of Aleppo
2 month ago
Şehba: Local Source: Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) shot down a Turkish drone in Deir Qaq village, Şehba canton
Heavy Turkish artillery shelling targets SDF positions on the Maranaz axis, south of the city of Azaz in the Aleppo countryside
2 month ago
Turkish Ministry of National Defense announced that 6 PKK militants were neutralized in the Claw-Lock Operation region in northern Iraq.
Turkish Armed Forces artillery units are hitting YPG positions in Muhsinli, Arab Hasan and Cerada villages in the west of Manbij.
Iranian Police: A soldier was killed and 3 injured after unknown assailants opened fire on a guard tower in the city of Baneh in the west
2 month ago
Manbij Military Council: Turkish forces target with artillery populated villages in the northern countryside of Manbij, north Syria
Iraqi high electoral commission has suspended all its preparations for the overdue Kurdistan Region elections that was scheduled to June 10th. Per IKR media
Gas production set to resume midnight at the Khor Mor gas field, days after it went out of service due to a deadly drone attack - Official source tell Rudaw
2 month ago
The Turkish Ministry of Defense announces the "neutralization" of 3 people from the PKK/YPG organization in the Euphrates Shield operations area in northern Syria.
Three people were killed when Khor Mor gas field in Sulaimani province came under a drone attack on Friday evening. The attack also affected power generation in the Kurdistan Region
The Turkish army targets SDF positions with heavy artillery in the vicinity of the city of Azaz in the Aleppo countryside
Turkish Ministry of National Defense: 6 PKK militants were neutralized with the air operation carried out in the Hakurk region
Several Assad's soldiers were killed and wounded following Turkish artillery shelling on their position in area North of Tell Rifaat, N. Aleppo countryside
Erdogan stressed that they had signed a strategy security pact against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and the Gulen Movement with Iraq
3 month ago
Iraq mortar fire Amadiya and Metina and Akre
The Turkish President arrives in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad
Turkish, Iraqi and Kurdish flags in Iraq’s Erbil today for Erdogan’s visit first time in many years
Prime Minister of Iraq: We will not allow Iraqi territory to be a launching pad for attacks on Türkiye
3 month ago
Clashes erupt between the National Army and the SDF on the Jat Front in the northern countryside of Manbij
3 month ago
Suspected Turkish drone strike targets an oil field in the countryside of Qamishli in NE_Syria
A car explosion reported in the Sarchnar, Sulaymaniyah. The cause of the blast is currently unknown. At least one person has been injured
An explosion sounded in the center of the city of Sulaymaniyah, northern Iraq
3 month ago
Hasake: A new batch of 250 Iraqi ISIS families is preparing to be deported from Al-Hawl camp towards Mosul in Iraq in coordination with AANES and Iraqi government
3 month ago
The Turkish Ministry of Defense announces the neutralization of four YPG members in the Euphrates Shield area in northern Syria
Several Iranian drones flying toward Israel were intercepted over the sky in Erbil, likely by U.S. air defense system
Iranian drone was intercepted in Soran, Kurdistan Region
Unidentified persons target with machine guns a military point of the SDF in the town of Al-Shahil, east of Deir ez-Zor, at dawn on Saturday
The clashes stopped in Al-Bab, east of Aleppo, after the intervention of the military police, which began deploying its forces in the city