24 June 2024
New an unidentified drone targeted a car on road in Sulaymaniyah province, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, killed three people. This is the second attack in two days
10 month ago
The Turkish Defense Ministry announces the neutralization of 12 YPG fighters in a military operation in northern Syria
10 month ago
Mala Karim Shukr, a Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) member of the Iraqi parliament survived an assassination attempt in Tuz Khurmatu, according to a statement from his office
Assad blamed Erdogan for the increase in violence in Syria, demands the withdrawal of Turkish troops
New An unidentified drone targeted a car on road to Sulaimaniyah province, in Kurdistan Region of Iraq
10 month ago
Deir-ez-Zor, the northern countryside: A number of "SDF" members were wounded, after their car was targeted by an unknown vehicle, as they were riding a motorcycle on the outskirts of the village of Al-Hussain this morning
10 month ago
ISIS claims responsibility for three operations against the SDF in Deir_ez_Zor Governorate, eastern Syria, and the Iraqi Army in Saladin Governorate in Iraq. The attacks resulted in casualties
10 month ago
Turkish Ministry of Defense: 3 "militants" from the "PKK" have been neutralized in the Zap region within the areas of Operation Claw in northern Iraq
Fadi Adnan Mukhlaf was killed by unknown gunmen riding a motorbike in Dahlah town in the east of Deir ez-Zur, ane he is from the Sabha village
Assad discussed with the Russian President’s special envoy Alexander Lavrentiev file of the return of Syrian refugees and The two sides discussed the Turkish stubbornness regarding withdrawal from the Syrian territories
11 month ago
Erdogan says he is not closed to the meeting with Assad, and can meet, but what is important is how Damascus approaches Turkish positions. Erdogan: Unfortunately, Assad is calling for Turkey to leave northern Syria. Such a thing cannot happen because we are fighting terrorism there
Turkish artillery units hit points belonging to the YPG in the Tel Rifat region
11 month ago
Turkish bombardment of Metina mountain in the Kurdistan Region
Deir ez-Zur: Local Source: Two civilians were killed and injured as a result of a landmine explosion near the town of Al-Asharah, eastern countryside of Deir ez-zor
11 month ago
An unknown drone targeted a motorcycle near the town of Bza'a in the Al-Bab area, east of Aleppo, with initial news of the killing of a Syrian person on board
11 month ago
Liwa Ahrar Al-Iraq, a pro-Iranian militia, issues a statement clarifying that the 'final chance' offered by the Islamic resistance in Iraq to the government does not extend to the Turkish military presence in Iraq. They targeted the Turkish base in Batifa in Duhok earlier today
Civil Defense: 4 children were injured, some of them seriously, in artillery shelling of the government forces on the city of Darat-Azza, west of Aleppo
11 month ago
TAF warplanes hit points belonging to PKK in the Amadiya region in northern Iraq.
Pro-Assad forces brought reinforcement to the south of Al Bab
12 month ago
Two Iraqi soldiers were wounded in a clash with suspected ISIS militants on Monday in Maryam Beg, southwestern Kirkuk. Attack comes hours after killing of 4 ISIS fighters in air strike & raid by Iraqi forces against IS hideouts in Tirkalan village. Soldier killed, officer injured
Warplanes belonging to Turkish air force command carried out air operations against targets belonging to PKK in the Matin mountain range in northern Iraq12 month ago
Warplanes belonging to Turkish air force command carried out air operations against targets belonging to PKK in the Matin mountain range in northern Iraq
Deir Ezzor, two members of the SDF forces were injured at the Al-Bariha municipality checkpoint, east of Deir Ezzor, after being targeted by unknown persons riding a motorcycle.
1 year ago
A top US military commander accuses Russia’s air force of encouraging its pilots to raise the risk of accidents or even conflict in Syria
1 year ago
A Russian-Syrian-Turkish-Iranian statement after the Astana meetings: cooperation to combat terrorism and separatist plans aimed at undermining Syria's sovereignty
1 year ago
Tumeh: Whenever the Astana negotiations begin, the government and Russia start bombing the Syrians to put pressure on the opposition
Turkish drone targeted a car belonging to YPG militants in the village of Tel Şair on the road between Kamışlı and Kahtaniye.
Aleppo Today correspondent: Turkish artillery targets SDF positions in the vicinity of Tal Shair village on the Syrian-Turkish border
1 year ago
Kurdistan Region PM @masrourbarzani today arrived in Ankara to meet with Turkey's President Erdogan and other government officials on development of bilateral relations
Turkish Armed Forces hit the positions of YPG in the village of Şavarga on the Tel Rifat line with artillery fire.
Turkish army artillery targets SDF positions in the village of Maranaz in the northern countryside of Aleppo