Map. History of Kurds conflict

22 February 2018
Turkish army published video from UAV attack on YPG convoy at Afrin entrance
The rest of the convoy that was hit by Turkish strikes in attempt to enter Afrin
The Arrival of Assad militias to YPG-held Afrin
Turkish warplanes carried out airstrikes in the villages of Maryamin, east of Afrin.
Reports say that Turkish army targeted an ammo depot in the village of Sheikh Issa east of Tal Rifat
Fires after Turkish aviation/artillery hit the area of Ziyarah checkpoint
AfrinOp: aftermath of Turkish airstrikes on YPG-SDF positions located on top of Sheikh Khozuz hill (East of Bulbul).
SDF captured 2 SVBIEDs from ISIS in Deir-Ez-Zor.
Turkish army targeted Ashrafiyah neighbourhood of Afrin with artillery.
German ISIS Jihadi Dominic R. from Frankfurt has surrendered to YPG forces.
Explosions as Turkish airplanes hit the area of Ziyarah checkpoint
Turkish army is still shelling at the Ziyarah cp
In these minutes Turkish war planes are bombarding the villages Sheikh Khoruz, Eka, Chexara and Besatin of district Bilbil, the surrounding of district Meydanke and the village Qerteqlaq of district Shera
Turkish army is shelling Ziyarah checkpoint(northern Nubl) to prevent a YPG convoy which is coming from east Syria.
YPG official statement on Aleppo: YPG and YPJ left for Afrin, all district in Aleppo handed over to Syrian government
Turkish warplanes bombarded YPG targets in several locations in the areas of Bulbul, Meydanki dam.
Syrian forces and al-Mukhabarat are doing several arrests in the district in Aleppo which was left to Assad government by the YPG.
Assad forces are controlling Sheikh Maqsoud, Ashrafiya, Haidariya, Baaeydin and Holluk neighborhoods in North Aleppo after retreating the YPG out of the city
#AfrinOp: Colonel Hassan Ahmed head of Sultan Murad's Military College has been killed in Deir Saman. Claimed as a joint YPG-Assad operation with IED.
Turkish warplanes carried out airstrikes in Baflioun mountain, west of Azaz.
Turkish warplanes bombarded YPG targets in the area of Sheran(area of Meydanki dam)
The Operation Olive Branch Room announced the control over Upper and Lower Al- Dhaira/Kurke in the Sheikh Hadid axis.
The YPG denies Syrian govt forces moved into Sheik Maqsoud
OliveBranch forces captured Kurke Fawqani and Tahtani.
Kurdish YPG agrees to hand over control of Tel Rifaat to Syrian Army - source
The Operation Olive Branch Room announced the liberating Rahmainli and Sari Ushagi villages
Russian (Chechen) Military Police spotted on road used by Assad forces heading to Afrin-city. Apparently deal with Russia to avoid any Turkish bombardment.
[email protected] gained control over Rahmanlı village in Rajo district
Turkish army is shelling the center of district Jindires: One civilian has been killed and two others were wounded
N. Aleppo: convoy of Assad forces (not anymore IRGC-linked Baqir Brigade) with their equipment heading to Afrin-city.
Afrin: OliveBranch Forces captured Sari Ushaghi and Rahmanli villages from YPG. Today number of captured Villages: 4
Ali Racu village completely cleared from the YPG
Afrin locals welcoming NDF forces in Freedom Square. YPG spokesperson reiterated today SAA deployment, saying NDF not enough to stop Turkey
Main Square of Afrin this morning
Turkish jets are conducting airstrikes on the villages Sheytana and Kurka of district Mabata since the morning hours
Reports say FSA took control of the strategic Qestel/Mikdad and Ali Jaru villages from the YPG after clashes.
Ali Jeru has been captured by Olive Branch forces in the area of Bulbul
Syrian Observatory: Syrian forces enter Kurdish-controlled neighborhoods in Aleppo
Protests in Kurdistan Region against Baghdad's closure of airports to international flights, many holding banners saying "lift the ban, we need treatment abroad."
Turkish military says 1,829 militants "neutralised" since start of Operation Olive Branch on January 20 in Afrin, northwestern Syria
15 hour ago
Turkish army says 1829 militants were killed in Olive Branch
SDF has seized Al Bahrah town from ISIS as well as large amount of weapons