24 June 2024
7 month ago
Turkish artillery shelling targets SDF positions in the village of Aoun Al-Dadat in the Manbij countryside, east of Aleppo
Turkey says there were fierce clashes between them and the PKK in Duhok province, resulting in the death of a soldier. Ankara claims that five PKK fighters were killed too
7 month ago
Turkey announces the neutralization of the "ideological official of the People's Protection Units" during an intelligence operation in northern Syria
Initial report of rocket strike on Conico field, Syria
7 month ago
Türkiye captures 255 terror suspects in operations against PKK/KCK, Daesh, FETO, and leftist terrorist organisations – Turkish interior ministry
U.S. reinforcements are heading from the Rumailan base in Hasakah to the Al-Omar and Conico bases
Deirezzor - Iranian militias are attacking Hawaij. Violent clashes are taking place right now. (Mortars and heavy machine gun fire). In Dhiban, Shuhail and Busayrah skirmishes and artillery exchanges are being reported
Unknown blast took place in the city of Manbij, northern Syria, casualties reported
Rockets fell on the American military base in the city of Al-Shaddadi in the Hasakah countryside
Another proxy organization operating under the umbrella of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq claims responsibility for firing mortars at al-Harir airbase which houses American forces in Erbil, Iraq
AFP: A military base at Erbil Airport in Iraq, where American forces are located, was subjected to two attacks with 3 drones, without casualties.
7 month ago
Iranian-backed "Islamic Resistance in Iraq": "Targeting the American base at Erbil Airport, with drones, which hit their targets badly."
Footage from the Drone Attack tonight on U.S. Forces at Erbil Air Force Base in Northern Iraq showing the Impact of at least 1 Drone inside of the Fence surrounding the Base; in the Second Video after the Attack you can see the launch of a Raytheon “Coyote” Counter-UAS which is employed by the U.S. Military to Detect and Destroy any additional Incoming Drones
Turkish artillery shelling on the village of Koherzi, located in Amedi district north of Duhok7 month ago
Turkish artillery shelling on the village of Koherzi, located in Amedi district north of Duhok
In the early morning hours skirmishes between the SDF and Iranian militias continued. A large Iranian cell attack was reported near Dhiban. SDF and Iranian militia then entered an artillery battle along the Euphrates river in that area. (Outskirts of Mayadeen)
7 month ago
The Islamic Resistance in Iraq targeted an American base, northern Hasakah
The Iranian militias targeted the American base in northeastern Syria (Al-Shaddadi) with three missiles. This is the second attack on the American bases in less than 24 hours
Syria: after few days of calmness, heavy gunfire again heard in city of Aleppo as pro-Assad forces are trying to shot down multiple weaponized drones launched by Rebels
7 month ago
Tirbespî: Turkish forces targeted this morning the village of Malabas, which is inhabited by the Syriac population and the vicinity of the Yazidi village of Tal Khatoun, without causing any casualties
The Kurdistan Region's Peshmerga forces and Iraqi army reached an agreement on the security arrangement on Mount Qarachogh in Makhmour district, a source confirmed to Kurdistan 24
Deir ez-Zor Eastern countryside: Ibrahim al-Bashir al-Hanat, Ahmed al-Bashir, and Sultan Khaled al-Taha were arrested during a campaign of raids carried out by SDF in the al-Sharai neighborhood in the town of Abu Hamam at dawn today. Deir ez-Zor
Deir ez-Zur: SDF forces sent reinforcements to the towns of the eastern countryside of Deir ez-zor
The SDF announces the killing of 19 militants affiliated with the Pro-Assad forces in clashes that ensued after an attack by the militants on SDF-held areas in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor Governorate, eastern Syria at Diban, Abu Hardoub and Abu Hamam
Raqqa: An ISIS cell was busted in the city of Raqqa, during joint SDF-US operation. The Terror cell was working on transferring intelligence information
8 month ago
A starbucks branch got attacked in Diyarbakir, Turkey There are also protests in Istanbul against Israel
Initial report of rocket strike on Conico field, Deir Ez Zur
Turkish drone strike hits a house in Derik
Sirens heard in Erbil currently following reports of rocket/drone attack
A bombing targeting American forces at the Al-Harir base in Ebil Governorate, Iraq
Iraqi "Resistance" announces targeting Al Shaddadi base which hosts American forces in Syria, with a number of rockets