Map. History of Kurds conflict

23 January 2018
Turkish aviation operations reported in North Iraq
TuAF shelling PYD positions in Jandaris, Afrin.
FSA forces claimed foiled an attempt to advance by YPG with 12 KIA on Tuis and Abla fronts SE Mare' Aleppo
Daesh has attacked SDF positions at the Al-Bahra town today
Footage shows Turkish Army striking YPG in Afrin countryside
[email protected] director visits Raqqah, Syria with @CENTCOM Commander Gen. Votel
Turkish military says 1 Turkish soldier killed on third day of Olive Branch Operation in Syria's Afrin
In the heart of Raqqa, Syria, Gen. Joseph Votel on Monday says the fighting is done but "work is not over, here." Says US is "committed" to seeing anti-ISIS campaign through Geneva peace process, calls for Europe, others help with stabilization.
A photo of Gen Votel earlier today touring the soccer stadium in Raqqa, Syria, once used for executions by ISIS
[Photo from Raqqa] Kurds published a photo of US general Vettel in Kobani, as Turkey refuses to discuss with the US on a security zone plan in northern Syria until it cuts its ties with the YPG
Syrian rebels FSA are retreating from Mount Birsaya to avoid an ambush by YPG. Artillery will shell the mount.
General Votel and USAID administrator Green take a tour of Raqqa and urge others to help the city recover from massive destruction.
Pentagon also confirms that talks are going on between American and Turkish officials on Afrin and Turkey's security concerns in Syria
According to news received from the region, there is no internet connection and radio communication in Afrin
Bozdağ: Turkey gave no guarantee to Russia, or any other country, that OperationOliveBranch will be confined to Afrin. However, the operation's objective is to cleanse every terrorist threat from the region15 hour ago
Bozdağ: Turkey gave no guarantee to Russia, or any other country, that #OperationOliveBranch will be confined to Afrin. However, the operation's objective is to cleanse every terrorist threat from the region
Deputy PM Bozdağ: France did not call for a UN Security Council session over the Afrin operation, it is about humanitarian issues in Syria15 hour ago
Deputy PM Bozdağ: France did not call for a UN Security Council session over the Afrin operation, it is about humanitarian issues in Syria
Turkish missiles attack on Sheran area. .
Battle in Syria's Afrin region kills 54 Syrian Kurd and pro-Turkey fighters: monitor
15 hour ago
Tillerson says US hopes to work with Turkey to create "security zone" it may need in Northwestern Syria. He also says US in talks with Turkey, some forces on ground to see how to stabilize situation in Northwestern Syria, meet Turkey's legitimate security concerns - Reuters
Turkish artillery bombarded on Amude, west of Qamishli.
AfrinOp: trenches system built by YPG on Bersaya Mount, some parts dug out in the rock.
Envoy of US President for International Alliance Affairs, Brett McCork is reportedly in Kobane
Suleyman Shah brigade captured the biggest hill(Syria tel) overlooking Sheikh Hadid
Turkish Armed Forces heading to Afrin17 hour ago
Turkish Armed Forces heading to Afrin
Video by Kurdish journalist Rudy Tahlo showing Turkish army shelling Serikaniye today, injuring three civilians.
TAF tanks and FSA position at the Bersaya Mountain captured from PYD
Operation Olive Branch statement: Birshaya Mountain completely captured
18 hour ago
PYD/YPG should not attend Syria National Dialogue Congress in Sochi: Turkish foreign ministry on Lavrov statement
18 hour ago
Russian Parliament's Defense Committee Head Shamanov: Situation in Afrin should be resolved through meetings between Russia, Turkey, Syria (possibly Iran).
Turkish army also targeted SDF in Tel Halaf, SW of Serêkaniyê/Ras al-Ayn
AfrinOp: visual confirmation OliveBranch forces control main defensive line on top of Bersaya Mount.
Turkish army hit vehicle with YPG fighters near Ras al-Ayn
Video from Bersaya Mount where #OliveBranch forces reached YPG fortifications following ground assault
Kurdish journalist: Turkish army attacking SDF bases in Al Jazeera region, near SerêKaniye and Derik cities.
19 hour ago
Turkish soldiers were wounded in PKK attack in Hakkari region
The #OperationOliveBranch Room says the FSA launched an operation to Barsaya mountain captured several outposts and ten YPG fighters
19 hour ago
Turkish military has no losses so far in Afrin operation: PM Binali Yildirim
#OliveBranch: FSA capture Bursaya Camp northern Aleppo following clashes against YPG
Hezbollah-affiliated outlet releases this map of the Turkish intervention, claiming it didn't achieve anything and calling it an aggression
Turkish Army and National Army just entered Birshaya Mountain. Some sources are claiming that the mountain completely captured.
Syria Kurds plead for support from US-led coalition
SDF: "We are demanding from Russia to take a clear stance through their official institutions and make a statement on the attacks. The international Coalition which is our partner in fight against terrorism should fulfill their responsibilities regarding our forces and ppl of Afrin"
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Turkish airforces carried out airstikes in al Kahtaniyah areas, in the countryside of Hasakah - Syrian TV
19 hour ago
Turkish President Erdoğan says Afrin operation will end when it achieves its objectives. "U.S says it should not be open-ended. War is not a math calculation, operation will end when we're done." Erdoğan says TR does not intend to stay there but does not need to seek anyone's approval
SDF: "Without the permission of Russia no one can use the airspace in the attacked region. That's why we are calling on Russia to show a clear stance and explain why our peaceful people have been attacked by Turkey under their observation."
20 hour ago
Erdogan: Our military operations will enable Syrian refugees to return to their land
Turkish shelling of Afrin continues for the third day.
20 hour ago
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan: We will not back down from the Afrin process and we have an agreement with Russia
SDF says studying possibility of deploying reinforcements to Afrin to repel Turkish attack-news conference
20 hour ago
Prime Minister Theresa May's spokesman says Britain is monitoring events in Syria and says Turkey has legitimate interest in securing its borders but will work with Turkey to find ways of stopping any escalation
20 hour ago
DHA: "A camp hosting Free Syrian Army soldiers in Hatay (Turkey) has been hit with a rocket, killing 2 people."
TAF started another operation front from Azaz, east of the Afrin
20 hour ago
Developments of Sunday: TR Army stated that, as of 16.30 PM Sunday 198 YPG targets (+90 hit since 20.30 PM Saturday) have been striked by TR AF
Another axis of Afrin offensive launched from Azaz
Operation on Bersaya mountain started with air bombardments and artillery
YPG says Turkish air strikes target villages in Afrin, reports on heavy clashes in the area #OperationOliveBranch
21 hour ago
Kurds invited to take part in Syria peace congress in Sochi: Lavrov
21 hour ago
US actions in Syria are either provocation or its a limited knowledge about the real situation - Lavrov
21 hour ago
Russia concerned about France request to hold an emergency UNSC meeting on latest developments in Syria - Lavrov
22 hour ago
Kremlin spox refuses to deny or confirm whether Russia was aware of Afrin operation in advance.
Barzani: We are worried about latest civilian casualties in Afrin, we urge all sides to sit and solve the issues peacefully.
Turkish warplanes strike YPG targets in the area of Rajo.
FSA Jaish al-Nukhba commander says Tell Sheikh Harouz captured from YPG
AfrinOp: National Army with a Fagot, first sight of ATGM since Offensive started.22 hour ago
#AfrinOp: National Army with a Fagot, first sight of ATGM since Offensive started.
#OpOliveBranch captured Sheikh Haruz hill, near the Sheikh Haruz village.
#OpOliveBranch announces of the control over Sheikh Ubasi, Marsu and Haftar.