Map. History of Kurds conflict

22 Îlon 2018
3 month ago
Turkish and US officials are meeting in Ankara for talks on the strategic town of Manbij.
Turkish artillery shelling PKK bases in mountain villages NE Duhok.
NY Times: Mattis told Dunford to "annihilate" the approaching Russian mercenaries and he did.
Rosneft signs deal to build natural gas pipeline in Kurdistan Region
11 Islamic State militants killed while trying to storm villages in Kirkuk
TSK: Six militants were neutralized in an air campaign in northern Iraq.
KDP delegation in Baghdad met with the Iranian ambassador to Iraq in their last day in Baghdad and summarised their meetings with the Iraqi leaders.
Syria Kurds announce capture of prominent French jihadist
Syrian or allies aircrafts are flying over East Bank of Euphrates river East and North to Deir-ez-Zur
188 fighters graduated from training and joined the ranks of SDF's Manbij Military Council.
SDF announces they arrested French Jihadist Abu Osama al Fransi in a special operation on 19 May. Involved in Paris and Nice attacks
Turkish warplanes shell several areas in Kurdistan Region
4 month ago
Higher court (to which Demirtaş' lawyers had appealed to) also rejects imprisoned presidential candidate @hdpdemirtas' petition to be released.
YPG media center revealed the record of the fighter Koçer Kobanî who was killed in the countryside of Deir Al Zour while he was performing his duty
Turkish jets shell Hakurk and Bradost
4 month ago
Report: Roadside bomb kills two village guards in Turkey's southeast
Polat Can, SDF commander: "It's confirmed for the whole world how strong is the coordination between Russia and terrorist groups including ISIS. The recent agreement Russia-IS in Damascus is one loop of the Russian series of agreements with terrorism"
Coalition strike in Syria kills 12 pro-government forces: monitor
Turkish backed rebels targeting YPG Positions with several shells in Sheikh Maqsud, Aleppo.
Coalition helicopters flying over Manbij countryside.
Turkey continues deploying troops in Kurdistan Region Iraq Turkey
Video: PYD militiamen (YPG) open fire at the بينه checkpoint near Shiroa شيراوا Aleppo, blocking thousands of Kurds from returning to their homes in Afrin
Israeli politicians seek support for Kurdish rights and independence, in new push;
SDF France Task Force Wagram and U.S. are bombarding Daesh in the MERV (Deir ar Zour area)
Some footage of SDF Operation in DeirEzzor. Iraqi Army position spotted in the distance. U.S SOF vehicle also spotted later in the footage.
A traffic accident near Rakbbah town on the Hasakah - Tal Tamr highway involving 3 American military vehicles
SDF reporters said that the SDF has deployed into Hajjein town for the 1st time since the begging of #RoundUpOperation, Footage showing SDF fighters coordinating with @CJTFOIR for air-support on RuO fronts today
"Open source reports on the SDF's capture of ISIS propagandist/spokesman Abu Hasan al-Muhajir are incorrect. The person SDF captured has a similar name, but is not the ISIS figure reported," Colonel Thomas F. Veale
Coalition aircrafts flying in Manbij area
Abu Hassan al-Muhajir is said to have been captured in an airborne operation against the village of Kathwain in Eastern Syria. US helicopters involved
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