Map. History of Kurds conflict

22 Îlon 2018
Turkish Army Shut Down PKK's Drone in Ağrı Doğu Beyazıt10 month ago
Turkish Army Shut Down PKK's Drone in Ağrı Doğu Beyazıt
Images from the Syriac Military Council, MFS unit in the ongoing Deir ez Zor battle with SDF forces and @coalition @CENTCOM support.
Reports that the SDF forces cleared al-Busayrah pocket
SDF has captured the strategic and important town of Al-Busayrah from IS.
10 month ago
Turkish army establishing military points on its border with the Rajo Region and deployed heavy guns
10 month ago
Turkish Army crossed Karasu River. Afrin, Raju. And builds a bridge on it
Turkey reconnaissance drone is flying over Afrin
SDF advance from north on Al-Busayrah town in eastern DeirEzZor -last ISIS stronghold at Khabur river
SDF has captured Burayha from IS
Video shows the city of Markada south of Hasaka , after being controlled by the SDF after the expulsion of ISIS
US President Donald Trump and Russian leader Putin agree there is "no military solution" for the war in Syria in a joint statement approved on the sidelines of Asia-Pacific summit
Happening in Deir ez Zor operation: MFS and YPG alsmost cleaned all the Markada area from ISIS and all the landmines and and continuous gains in direction south the river. On other front, MFS fighters storming Baghdadi village north of Al Busayrah
PMF deployed more force in Altun Kupri northern Kirkuk.
The SDF issued a statement about the civilians who are besieged by the government in Hawijjah Katei. (Including translated version).
10 month ago
Cyprus has already dispatched two shipments of Serb-made Zastava assault rifles and ammunition to Kurdish fighters, delivered by US authorities.
10 month ago
Cyprus' foreign minister says his country to send more light arms and ammunition it no longer needs to Peshmerga to assist in their fight against the ISIS.
Turkish Army drone flew directly over Afrin city to spy on YPG movements
Turkish PM spoke en route to New York: I told Pence U.S should end its partnership with PYD/YPG, Pence told me that they understand Turkey's concerns and sensitivity regarding the issue, partnership with YPG/PYD will continue for a little while
Young Kurds take to the streets of the Kurdish city of Kirkuk in protest of Hashd al-Shaabi raids in Kurdish neighborhoods. "We will never give up," one of them says
White House: VP Pence underscored U.S commitment to stand with Turkey against PKK and other terrorist threats during talks with Turkish PM Yıldırım
Footage claims to show Syrian Government forces torturing Syrian citizen Awad al-Fayad whose from al-Mansour town in Raqqa, Syria.10 month ago
Footage claims to show Syrian Government forces torturing Syrian citizen "Awad al-Fayad" whose from al-Mansour town in Raqqa, Syria.
Syria SDF cleared 75km of Hasaka-Deir EzZor road along Khabur river from ISIS. Clashes continues at Al-Busayrah pocket (river mouth-Euphrates)
Macron: President Barzani played a crucial role in defeating ISIS.
SDF has captured Ali Shahi from ISIS
Kurdish political prisoners Diyako Resulzade and Sabîr Şêx Ebdullah have been sentenced to death by Iran
10 month ago
According to @alhayatdaily, The Turkmen delegation to Turkey asked Erdogan to assist them in terms of forming a special force to the Turkmen in Kirkuk and Nineveh.
Iraq asks banks to suspend foreign trading in the Kurdistan Region
SDF/DMC controlled the strategic town Markada in South Hasaka
Three weeks after the liberation of Raqqa, the first wave of civilians have returned to their homes
SDF controls area between Villages Barsham and Hariza in Deir-ez-Zur countryside
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