Map. History of Kurds conflict

22 Îlon 2018
SDF fighter touring a newly captured ISIS mortar workshop in DeirEzzor.
Kurdish official in Tuz district, Saladin province, Iraq: ISIS is active in Hamrin mountains and poses threat to Kirkuk, Daquq and travelers. They attack travelers on Erbil-Baghdad road. Peshmerga is pursuing but greater cooperation with Federal Forces needed.
Local Iraqi official says US is establishing a military base on mountain summit in Sinjar mountains of Ninawa province to secure Syria-Iraq border. Iraqi 15th Division and 37th Brigade of 9th Armor Division also present. Combined US-Iraqi force.
GenDunford spoke with his Turkish counterpart, Gen. Hulusi Akar, by phone today. Here's the readout from their call. (File photo)
US army deployed forces on Sinjar mount. According to multiple sources US to establish a military base around.
Four Turkish fighter jets bombarding PKK bases in Sidakan area northern Erbil.
Responding to Assad's threat of possible future use of force, Gabriel Kino, a spokesman for SDF said the militia "will fight back fiercely any attack. But we all know that a new battle will not do any good for anyone. It will just add more miseries to the people of Syria"
Turkish drone activity in the Kurdistan area of Iraq - near Gunde Hore - there have been airstrikes by Turkish AF in the past few years against the PKK.
SDF military vehicle patrolling through newly captured Baghuz village in DeirEzzor.
SDF and the International Coalition have began their final preparations in order to launch the offensive against the ISIS Enclave in Southeast Hasakah that is connected to Northeast Deir Ez Zor,along the Syrian-Iraqi Border
International Coalition forces killed Mohammad Ali al Hamada in al Sousa town in DeirEzZour suburbs, Jun 1.
According to SOHR Faylaq al Rahman has been located in Brigade 135 in Northeast Afrin, repairing headquarters and waiting for further instructions by Turkey. Until it is still guessing what will be the exact role of Jaish al Islam and Faylaq Rahman in Turkey's future plans.
Turkish Armed Forcesand intelligence have advanced into Bradost region in Northern Iraq and taken positions to fight outlawed PKK org.
Reports of clashes between Kurdish militias and Iraqi PMU near Al Baghuz of Syria-Iraq border
One civilian was killed and another was injured by coalition air strikes on the town of al-Sousse in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zur
A unit of Turkish army entered a village in the Kurdistan Region’s sub-district of Sidakan on Thursday (May 31). The Turkish army’s unit entered Barmiza village with military vehicles met with the villagers in the village’s mosque.
Turkish soldiers met with Kurdish villagers in a village in Northern Iraq.Soldiers underlined that their target is Pkk militants, not Kurds.
Turkish Armed Forces have advanced into Bradost in Northern Iraq and taken positions to fight PKK.
Big development today from multiple sources in the ISF: 9th Armored Division has returned to Hawija administrative district.
Probable Turkish drone activity over Afrin
Demonstrations renewed in Raqqa city against SDF policies. The demos are demanding freedom and SDF to leave the city immediately and handing it over to its people.
In response to Assad's remarks that force may be used against the SDF to regain territories, the US Defense Secretary spokesman Gen. McKenzie has responded that attacking American forces or partners will be a bad policy for all parties involved in Syria.
U.S.-backed SDF says military solution will not work in Syria
Turkish military says 3 Turkish soldiers have been killed in operations in Iraq
Clashes between YPG group and Turkey backed rebel forces on Shawarighat mountain ridge NW of Afrin
Syria: Bike explosion in Jarablus north Aleppo injured dozens
4 civilians killed and others wounded by a bike explosion in Jarabulus
Syria: Bike explosion in Jarablus injured dozens
Olive Branch forces neutralized early today a YPG cell in Afrin countryside.
Dead and wounded among YPG militias as result of IED explosion at Tel Khanazir
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