Map. History of Kurds conflict

15 May 2021
1 year ago
Qamishli: International Coalition carried out air-raids on the village "Al-Rashidiyah" south of Qamişlo. Flares has also been fired in the sky
Tel Rifaat: Turkish army bombed the village of Mar'naz, near the city Azaz with heavy weapons and missiles, amid the flight of Turkish reconnaissance aircraft over the area
Counter-terrorism operation in Deir-ez-Zur: At least 30 militants arrested; 21 locations raided in an area that included Busayrah, Shuhayl, and Dhiban; H.A.T. Lead the raids; Direct support from Coalition SOF and helicopters; locations delivered by informant(s)
1 suspected militant carrying gun was killed in Cinar district countryside, Diyarbakir
1 year ago
Turkish NSC Declaration: operations of Paw 1 and Paw 2 in northern Iraq were successfully carried out and it was emphasized that the fight against terrorism would continue until the operation areas were completely cleared.
1 year ago
Turkish NSC Declaration: we are confirming our determination to set up "Safe corridor" in Syria with all available power
Turkish Military TCT032 ISR platform, (probable UAV)  heading out of Van area of western Turkey, crossed into northern Iraq. Currently at FL190, speed 101kts. 1901z1 year ago
Turkish Military TCT032 ISR platform, (probable UAV) heading out of Van area of western Turkey, crossed into northern Iraq. Currently at FL190, speed 101kts. 1901z
1 year ago
Turkish NSC Declaration: "Turkey will continue to struggle with the same dedication and commitment of all terrorist organizations"
1 year ago
Turkish National Security Council meeting ended. Remarks are pending.
Unknown location
Photos of the tunnels reported to be excavated by YPG in Tel Abyad, opposite the Akçakale border district of Şanlıurfa
Explosions in Zawr Maghar earlier today were not Turkish shelling, but likely explosion of a mine. Turkish army has no activity in the area
1 year ago
Turkey's National Security Council convened today at the Presidential Palace at 15.15pm with Erdoğan himself chairing
Deir al-Zour: A child drowned in the Euphrates River on the outskirts of the village of Abu Hardub in the eastern countryside
Al-Hasakah: A young man from the village of Hawayj was killed by a bullet fired by unidentified persons in Al-Kalasa neighborhood in Al-Hasakah
Manbij: International Coalition warplane patrolled over the sky of Manbij and Sajur line today afternoon, monitoring Euphrates Shield militant positions
Turkish army targets positions of the SDF in the village of Zor Maghar east of the city of Jarabulus in the countryside of Aleppo with heavy artillery
Military training of the Syriac Military Council, MFS fighters in Martyr Akkad Academy in northern Syria1 year ago
Military training of the Syriac Military Council, MFS fighters in Martyr Akkad Academy in northern Syria
Early this morning an IED explosion on a bus parked outside a school between Salhiya and Mufti neighborhoods, Heseke city
. @Kurdistan Council of Ministers headed by Prime Minister @masrour_barzani meet to discuss reforms, Erbil-Baghdad talks, and programs of the cabinet ministries
Amuda: International coalition warplanes are patrolling over the city of Amuda, near the city Qamishli now
SOHR: Renewed clashes between factions loyal to Turkey and Kurdish forces on axes in the northern and north-eastern parts of Aleppo
Deir-ez-Zur International Coalition forces has dismanteled two mines planted by ISIS militants in the village of al-Buq'an, near "Kishma oil field" yesterday
Deir ez-Zur: 10 Syrian democratic forces armored vehicles with support of International Coalition aircrafts launched an operation cleaning ISIS cells in the city of Al Shheell, a number of ISIS militants were already captured.
Al-Bab: Violent clashes between FSA "National army and SDF/YPG near the city of Al-bab today morning
Earthquake struck Iraq-Iran border region a few minutes ago.
Sporadic clashes between the FSA and YPG on the front of Maranaz in the northern countryside of Aleppo
Clashes between the FSA and SDF near Sajur river north of the city of Manbij east of Aleppo
CPJ: Kurdish Peshmerga forces should immediately disclose any charges against journalist ZuberBradosti or else release him from custody
1 year ago
Turkısh military sources denied that pro-Assad forces targeted observation point at Sher Maghar today
1 year ago
Turkish readout of the call says Akar laid out Turkey's requirements for any potential "safe-zone" in NE Syria, including the collection of Kurdish YPG weapons/removal of YPG fighters, that the zone be an average of 30-40 km deep and "controlled by Turkey" in coordination with the US
SDF forces took out new fighters from the Eastern Region Academy in Deir Ezzor
1 year ago
Turkey expects US to completely end its support to PKK/YPG militant group, Turkey's defense minister tells US counterpart
1 year ago
Turkish Ministry of Defense: "During the call it was highlighted that if no agreement on Safe Zone in Syria, Turkey will create Safe Zones alone"
1 year ago
Turkish National Defense Minister Akar had a phone call with US Defense Secretary Mark Esper
1 year ago
Bilal Kaplan, wanted in the gray list, was killed in the air raid on July 26 in the Zap region in northern Iraq.
1 year ago
Turkey Imposes Curfew in 16 Villages to Carry out Operations against PKK
Turkish artillery shelling Aqibah village in Northern Aleppo
Turkish Army is shelling on YPG targets in Akibah Mountain, SE of Afrin
Casualties among FSA National army as IED exploded near their vehicle at Kuran village near Jinderes in Northern Aleppo countryside
Casualties among SDF following the explosion of an IED near patrol in the village of Saada south of Hasaka
Russian patrols in Shahba and Sherawa, north of Aleppo today
1 year ago
IED has hit a traveling force of SDF (likely CT forces as operations continue against cells) near As-Sa'dah on the Heseke side reports from sources and ISIS have also claimed the attack
Peshmarga forces arrived at Sidakan, Soran from Erbil province and Amedi, Shladze, Zaxo amd Matin mountain in duhok province
1 year ago
Russian Defense Ministry: In exchange for assistance in smuggling oil, Washington is pumping weapons to Kurdish and Arab forces in Euphrates region
Reports of multiple killed in aerial operation of International coalition in Al Zawr village in eastern Deir-ez-Zur countryside
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