Map. History of Kurds conflict

20 April 2021
ISIS says SDF fighters were killed as coalition hit a prison near Al Kashmah in Eastern Deir-ez-Zur
Syria: YPG continues its guerrilla warfare vs OliveBranch forces (National Army/FSA) in region of Afrin, using a.o. ATGMs and IEDs.
Violent clashes between SDF and ISIS near Hajin
2 year ago
There will be three U.S. posts in Tal Abyad (Gre Spi) and two in Kobani on Syria-Turkey border
There will be three U.S. posts in Tal Abyad (Gre Spi) and two in Kobani on Syria-Turkey border
Internal security forces in Raqqa are keen on protecting civilians by warning them of road signs to warn of the danger of landmines and foreign objects in the streets and gardens. Do not approach, do not touch. Immediately warn others. Picture of one of the paintings installed between Al-Amassi Street and Dawar Al-Nuaim.
First US observation post established in Gire Spi Tal Abyad to decrease the tensions on Syrian-Turkish border2 year ago
First US observation post established in Gire Spi "Tal Abyad" to decrease the tensions on Syrian-Turkish border
Turkish army targeted YPG position around Sajur river in this morning
2 year ago
Erdogan: Only aim of YPG in Syria is to target Turkey
Inherent Resolve:U.S. Forces are securing locations for manned Observation Posts on Syrian-Turkish border. The goal is to support security and stability on the border and enable the continued fight against ISIS.
2 year ago
Clashes between the FSA and SDF near Kur-Huyuk village in Western Manbij
Massive Reinforcements consisting of Shiite Militias and IRGC have arrived to Khasham and Al-Salihiyah, with reports that they intend to attack Al-Azbah Oilfield under SDF control
The Syrian Democratic Forces SDF artillery bombardment ISIS points in Hajeen eastern of Deirezzour
SOHR: 739 ISIS members, 452 SDF fighters and ~300 civilians (mainly children) killed in eastern Deir Ez Zor province the past 3 months
It's propaganda
ISIS has released a new photo series from their clashes with SDF in Syria.
Fighting against ISIS in eastern Syria left 92 US-backed SDF forces since Friday: monitor
Syrian Democratic Forces Restore Positions from ISIS East of Deir Al-Zour
Syrian Democratic Forces Restore Positions from ISIS East of Deir Al-Zour
Video from battle of Hajeen, Deir Ez-Zour today
Around Hajeen today
Two persons have died in hospital and +100 have been injured in Kelar, Garmiyan areas of the Kurdistan region.
According to Kermashan province's governor, 160 people have been injured in three cities in the region due to the 6.3-magnitude earthquake.
Syria: US forces establish 5 observation posts in SDF areas: YPG
Kurdish Media: 26 people have been hospitalized in Kalar city in Kurdistan region due to the earthquake.
2 year ago
At least 40 injured after strong earthquake hits western Iran; rescue teams sent to the epicenter - local media
The International coalition aircrafts targeted Hajin in Eastern Deir-ez-Zur with several airstrikes
The quake destroyed number of apartments and houses, casualties unknown until now. Last year 7.3 earthquake killed more than 600 and tens of thousands injured in Kermanshah . Photo: damages caused tonight after the quake.
Large earthquake aftershock felt in Erbil
YPG mourns 14 fighters who were killed during recent clashes in Eastern Deir-ez-Zur
An earthquake hits Baghdad, Erbil, Sulaymaniyah and Kirkuk in Iraq
2 year ago
Turkish aircraft kill 6 PKK in Iraqi Kurdish Region.
SDF has captured the ISIS official who is the Interior minister from his hideout in Deir Ez Zor
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