Map. History of Kurds conflict

20 April 2021
2 year ago
Erdogan: "We have destroyed the corridor of terror. But re-formations are absolutely unacceptable to us. It's our red line. "
2 year ago
Erdogan: We intend to focus our energy towards the east of the Euphrates rather than waste time for Manbij
2 year ago
Erdogan says east of Euphrates will be "cleared of militants and will be returned to its rightful owners"
2 year ago
3 children killed by a mortar shell in the town of Al Suluk, North Raqqa
SDF video from the city of Sousse
Al-Boukamal: Clashes continue between ISIS and SDF forces on the axis of Baghouz and Hjein east of Deir Al-Zour
ISIS still controls Al-Aliyat and Al-Bubadran areas within Al-Susah,and also parts of Al-Marashidah
SDF captured the town of Al-Sousse from the city of Deir al-Zour after heavy fighting that lasted for days with Daesh, accompanied by intensive raids by the International Aviation coalition
Deir ez-Zur: Coalition targeted a mosque in Hajin city with an airstrike and killed 9 civilians
Fire at Langa Bazaar in Erbil still uncontrolled.
Daesh claimed attack against SDF near Hajin with dead and POWs
The coalition carried out several strikes against the Zawiyah mosque in Hajin city , in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside.
Several SDF fighters were killed yesterday during clashers against Daesh in the Sussah town.
OIR Spokesman: ISIS continues to launch attacks from mosques. They have no regard for innocent lives and protected sites. The Coalition conducted a strike today on an ISIS fighting position in As Susa mosque. The MERV will be captured soon by SDF
SDF controls 90% of Al-Susah from ISIS
SDF has captured vast parts of Al-Marashidah from ISIS
Turkish army patrol on the other side of Saajat river on 24/10
Deir ez-Zur: ISIS members raided many houses in Al-Bokamal city and arrested many civilians on charges of dealing with the government forces
Funeral of Internal Security Forces member Ali Eido Mahmoud and Army of Revolutionaries fighter Muhammad Oweid in Manbij, with the participation of the Manbij Military Council, Self Defence Forces (HXP), traffic police, Northern Democratic Brigade, and Idlib Revolutionaries Brgd
SDF and self-government released 102 prisoners of Syrian and Iraqi nationalities convicted of working with ISIS, but claimed to not have taken part in killing. The released prisoners, who were detained between half a year and 2 years, pledged not to harm citizens.
Iran: Citizens of Sanandaj express their supports for the nationwide strikes starting from November 5.
A top KDP Asayish officer in Erbil, brother of Erbil Governor, someone who has been behind cracking down on protesters in Erbil and political dissent, is under house arrest as he is involved in boring holes into the KRG oil pipeline and stealing and smuggling oil
SDF started digging a tunnel in Raqqa countryside to be a French military base .
The international coalition forces found a weapons storage belongs to ISIS in Raqqa countryside
E. Syria: in newly released video, ISIS shows a Fagot ATGM taking out a SDF (DeZMC) MaxxPro MRAP provided by US-led Coalition on Euphrates front.
ISIS announces soon a new important video on its operations in Sham (Syria) and quotes al Baghdadi's speech on Aug 22, about the role of supporters in IS media, to grant the correct spread of this video
SDF has captured 70% of Al-Susah and has besieged Al-Marashidah
Al-Hassakeh Demonstrations in Al-Arishah camp yesterday before the camp administration because of the deterioration of the health and living conditions, demanding new tents and blankets to protect them from the cold winter, southern Hasakeh.
SDF forces have took control over Hawi al-Al Susah village in Eastern Deir-ez-Zur countryside. Operation continues to seize control over all Al Susah town
Coalition spokesperson confirmed the incident at Bughaz village in Manbij countryside between U.S troops and Turkish-backed factions2 year ago
Coalition spokesperson confirmed the incident at Bughaz village in Manbij countryside between U.S troops and Turkish-backed factions
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