28 January 2022
8 month ago
Turkish defense ministry claims that YPG attacked their forces in Syria with an explosive drone but the attack was foiled. It added that the person who flew the drone was killed
"After conducting multiple arrests in the Sulaimani neighborhood of Chwarbakh, provincial police officers used excessive force in an inappropriate manner, violating the principles of human rights against those apprehended
8 month ago
The Turkish-backed opposition factions target with artillery shells the SDF forces' stationing points in the western countryside of Tal Abyad
A man, his wife and their daughter were killed, and another man was seriously injured, after a motorcycle bomb explosion in Jarablus, city east of Aleppo, this afternoon. The video shows part of the WhiteHelmets' work to recover the victims and secure the area
A video documenting the evacuation of the civil defense teams of a number of dead and wounded due to the explosion that occurred in the city of Jarablus, east of Aleppo
At least 3 killed by a motorcycle bomb in Jarablus in northern Syria. Number of injured and killed may increase. Emergency response efforts ongoing
A motorcycle exploded in the center of the city of Jarablus in the eastern countryside of Aleppo
The health committee in Syria's Deir ez-Zor warned that Turkey's continued cutoff of water to the Euphrates River will lead to the spread of insects and outbreaks of diseases such as leishmaniasis
8 month ago
Ministry of Interior: Within the scope of Eren-13 Operations, 2 militants were neutralized together with their weapons in the clash that broke out in Şırnak-Cudi Mountain region.
The Syrian Democratic Council refused the Damascus government's request to hold Syrian presidential elections in the areas of the Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria
GerîlaTV released a video compilation of the PKK airstrikes against Turkey's army  fortifications on Zendura Hill in Başûr/N Iraq during May 6 and 78 month ago
GerîlaTV released a video compilation of the PKK airstrikes against Turkey's army fortifications on Zendura Hill in Başûr/N Iraq during May 6 and 7
Clashes between local fighters and the Turkish army at the al-Karama IDPs camp after shooting down a child was grazing sheep near to the borders. The child died right away
Turkish border guards snipe a displaced child from the city of Al-Lataminah in the Al-Karama camps in the town of Atma, north of Idlib. The child's relatives shoot at the Turkish dive, from which the child was targeted
Turkish airstrikes have targeted several locations in Duhok province in KRI: three PKK vehicles were targeted; and Turkish military has asked another village, Dashesh where seven families live, via the village head to be emptied as TSK plans to set up a new outpost there
8 month ago
Iranian Kurdish rebel group KDPI reportedly clashed last night with IRGC near the Kurdish city of Mahabad in northwest Iran. According to @HengawO, five IRGC soldiers and two KDPI militants were killed in the clashes
8 month ago
Following PKK's drone attack on a Turkish military base in Diyarbakir, two more drone attacks reported last night in each of Sirnak & Batman in SE Turkey. Unclear if the attacks have caused any serious damage but regardless three drone attacks in three days is still significant
Minutes ago Double airstrike struck PKK camp near Chamanke8 month ago
Minutes ago Double airstrike struck PKK camp near Chamanke
The attack in Shuhil yesterday which killed 5 including was claimed by ISIS in another ambush with first an IED and then when patrol arrived opened fire. A curfew has been set in Al-Busayrah, Al-Zer and Al-Shuhil with so far 6 arrests made
8 month ago
Akar on Claw operations: 121 militants have been neutralized so far.
Russian and Turkish forces conducted another joint patrol in northeastern Syria near Ad Darbasiyah
Five members of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) lost their lives, including three local leaders, and others were wounded in an ambush by unidentified individuals in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor, eastern Syria
Iraqi minister of defense landed in Kirkuk airport on Thursday following a three-front sweep operation in the suburbs of Kirkuk in chase of ISIS remnants. Moves of IS fighters escalated last month south, west and north of Kirkuk leaving casualties
8 month ago
OIR Spokesman: by @IraqiSpoxMOD, the joint efforts of Kirkuk Forward Joint Ops Comd, Iraqi Air Force, & Army AVN to DefeatDaesh remnants in Wadi al-Shai, Wadi Zighatoon, & surrounding villages, led to the destruction of 9 hideouts, 3 tunnels, & a number of rockets & IEDs
8 month ago
PKK claims responsibility for air attack on Turkish military base in Diyarbakir
8 month ago
"HPG announced that four guerrillas were killed in an attack of Iranian forces in Salmas area on May 11" Four PKK fighters killed in clash with Iranian forces on May 11
ISIS has claimed responsibility for an IED attack targeting a vehicle carrying SDF personnel in the Al-Busayrah area of Syria's eastern Deir al-Zour Province
8 month ago
Clashes between the Syrian opposition forces and the SDF near the village of Qarat Weiran, west of the city of Manbij in the countryside of Aleppo
Iraq Joint Operations Command announces results of large security operation in south Kirkuk Province including Wadi Shay. Operation on 4 axes consisted of Army, Federal Police & PMF. ISIS tunnels, safe heavens & weapons destroyed. ISIS broken in the area
An explosive device planted inside a car exploded in Jarablus, east of Aleppo
Local officials in the Agriculture Committee in Syria's Raqqa warn that if Turkey does not release Syria's share of the Euphrates River soon, it will mark disaster for the agriculture sector in the region
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