Map. History of Kurds conflict

15 May 2021
Anti-terror units belonging to Manbij military council has tracked and captured a cell, which task is to smuggle ISIS families from Al-Houl camp towards Turkey.
Earlier today, the Afrin Liberation Forces launched an infiltration attack around Azaz. This led to the Turkish forces shelling Shawarighat al Arz, Qalaat Shawarighat (a fort), and Tel Rifaat. In response to this, the Afrin Liberation Forces shelled Azaz with rockets
Attacks by Turkish forces against Shirkak village and its silos, Ain Issa countryside, were repelled
Ein Issa - the city of Ein Issa in northern Raqqa, is undergoing attacks by Turkish forces and affiliated armed opposition groups again
SDF and SAA has captured the villages "Sidon" and "Maalak", Ain Issa countryside. Meanwhile, SDF has sent large reinforcements to Ain issa countryside
Two civilians were injured due to heavy artillery shelling in the city of Azaz in Aleppo countryside on Saturday evening.
The first-ever Kurdish (Kurmanji) press release by @CJTFOIR on the raid in which more than 20 Daesh fighters have been captured and several killed in Deir al-Zour
Coalition forces resumed large-scale operations against ISIS in Deir ez-Zor province, Syria Nov. 22. The operation resulted in multiple ISIS fighters killed and wounded
[email protected] in Erbil: "I don't think that there was any confusion among the leadership here in the Kurdish region that President Trump's commitment to our allies here in Iraq as well as to those in the Syrian Defense Forces, the Kurdish forces who fought alongside us, is unchanging"
Initial attacks on the SDF around Ayn Issa repelled. The SDF has recaptured the Ayn Issa camp after losing it earlier in the day. Second large wave of attacks by the Turks and TFSA ongoing
3 civilians wounded due to rocket shelling targeting the city of Azaz by YPG stationed in Marnaz north of Aleppo
UAV bomb Ein Issa camp M4 and threatened by war
1 year ago
Heavy clashes between Turkish forces and SDF in Seyda, Wasta and Muheleq villages near Ain Issa
1 year ago
The village Shergirake in northern of Ain Issa town is being attacked with heavy weapons by the Turkish forces. SDF forces are responding to the attacks
Video as SDF attempting to repel Turkish forces attack on Ain Issa and M4 international road near the city
Turkish-backed SNA controls the camp of Ein Issa after forcing Kurdish units to withdraw to the town.
United States Central Command says anti-ISIS operation will resume in coming days, weeks — Reuters
Attack on Ain Issa is continuing by Turkish forces
Attack on Ain Issa is continuing by Turkish forces
Turkish warplanes bombard areas in southwest of Ein Issa camp, targeting areas located south of international road M4, with a the continued ground attack on the area by the SNA
Turkish Ministry of Defense: Turkish and Russian forces complete the 10th ground patrol between Ras Al Ain and Qamishli east of the Euphrates River
Commander of US Central Command: There are about 500 Americans in northeast Syria to complete operations against ISIS and may be withdrawn in the coming days
Kurdish self-administration: Turkey has violently attacked the town of Ain Issa in northern Raqqa
Kurdish Self-Administration: Turkey and its factions continue to breach the truce in northern Syria
The 10th land patrol of the Turkish and Russian military carried out in Ras Al Ayn-Qamishli area to the east of Euphrates with the participation of UAVs
1 year ago
#Tunceli Operation "Kiran-7 Munzur Valley" was launched with 2,250 personnel.
1 year ago
Another Turkish army drone strike on SAA position near Tal Warid near Tel Tamr, casualties reported
Iran: 4,800 protesters arrested in 18 provinces
Fighting is going on on M4 highway. Turkish proxies have attempted to take control of the road earlier this morning1 year ago
Fighting is going on on M4 highway. Turkish proxies have attempted to take control of the road earlier this morning
1 year ago
Pro-Assad forces withdraw from the perimeter of Ain Issa city in Raqqa countryside into the 93rd Brigade as violent clashes continue on the outskirts of the city
First footage of a bomb attack near the TelAbyad state hospital
According to preliminary reports, 7 civilians were killed in a bomb attack around Tel Abyad state hospital.
Ain Issa is being attacked by Turkish forces
SDF fighters are taking up defensive positions to defend Ain Issa and the M4 highway that is currently being attacked by the Turkish forces
Turkish forces launched a heavy attack on Ain Issa & M4 highway on several axis in an attempt to capture the road. Heavy clashes continue1 year ago
Turkish forces launched a heavy attack on Ain Issa & M4 highway on several axis in an attempt to capture the road. Heavy clashes continue
1 year ago
Turkish artillery shelling Ayn Isa town and 93th regiment
Heavy clashes in the Ain Issa city
Demonstrations in the cities of Azaz and Al-Bab in Aleppo countryside to condemn the continued shelling of the pro-Assad forces and demand the restoration of areas controlled by Kurdish units
The international coalition bombs 4 "water ferries" transporting crude oil from the SDF areas to the government areas through the crossing of the town of Theban east of Deir Ezzor.
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