20 September 2021
Asayîş in al Tayy neighborhood today
Syria NDF weapons captured by Asayish in Qamishli (aka Qamishlo)
5 month ago
Turkish forces targeting al-Seqer restaurant, Hoshan village, Khalidiya village and M4 highway road with heavy weapons in Ain_Issa city
Syria Asayish are advancing in Al-Tayy neighborhood, Qamishli (aka Qamishlo)
Reports that two NDF fighters have been captured in al Tayy neighborhood of Qamishli after being found in the basement of a house
Video from inside a captured NDF headquarters in the Al Tayy neighborhood of Qamishli5 month ago
Video from inside a captured NDF headquarters in the Al Tayy neighborhood of Qamishli
Unconfirmed news that NDF fighters and Ba'ath Brigades are low on ammunition near the front. Quite desperate situation in these moments
The NDF have shot a 12 year old girl in al Tayy neighborhood of Qamishli, her situation is not know yet. This is the 5 civilian shot today by the NDF
Qamishli: two children, Ahmed Mahmoud and Muhammad Mahmoud, were shot and injured in the clashes in Al-Wehda Street in Al-Qamishli. They were transferred to a hospital in the Corniche neighborhood. The residents of the Corniche Street between Al-Wahda roundabout and Al-Salam roundabout were also asked to evacuate their homes
Heavy clashes between Asayish and pro-government National Defense group near Helko cemetery in Qamishli
The National Defense gunmen loyal to the Damascus government targeted the homes of residents in the vicinity of the Al-Wahda roundabout in Qamishli
Child killed, 2 injured and transferred to Qamishli's Ferman Hospital after being hit by bullets fired by National Defense
Asayish patrol al-Tai neighborhood in Syria's Qamishli after NDF violates ceasefire and targets civilians
An ISIS agent was killed and five others were arrested in an attack on one of the Syrian Democratic Forces' (SDF) points in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor, eastern Syria
Military police affiliated with the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA) arrested a young man from Syria's Afrin while he was in the city of Azaz
Officers from the Russian forces, the Kurdish security forces and the Syrian army meet at the entrance to the Al-Tay neighborhood in the city of Qamishli in negotiations for a ceasefire in the city
Crowds attend the funeral of Khaled Melhem Othman, the Asayish member killed by pro-government NDF gunmen in Qamishli on Tuesday
After an agreement was reached between the Asayish and the National Defense Forces of the Syrian government for a ceasefire brokered by the Russian forces. Several minutes ago, the National Defense Forces returned to violate the armistice and targeted the Asayish headquarters
Clashes between Asayish and Syrian government militia group National Defense renewed in Qamishli, northeast Syria after stopping for hours
5 month ago
The TFSA are shelling Khaldiyah west of Ayn Issa with mortars
The resumption of clashes between the Asayish forces and the National Defense Militia in the city of Qamishlo
Intermittent clashes continue between the Asayîş and NDF in the al Tayy neighborhood of Qamishli. HAT sniper teams are active
Earlier, the Turkish army and TFSA shelled Sayda and the M4 highway near Ayn Issa
[email protected] health Ministry rejects reports @pfizer Vaccine were smuggled from Suliaymaniah border in to Iran
Kurdish forces have positions on Wahda and Al-Salam Roundabout(marked with rectancles). A geolocation is from Al-Salam Roundabout
The General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) discussed the issues of "combating terrorism" and the mechanism of coordination with international forces present in the region with the leaders of the Manbij Military Council
National Defense targets residential area in Wusta neighborhood, south of Syria's Qamishli, with RPGs
Sada al-Sharqiya correspondent in Qamishli: initial reports indicate that 5 members of the SDF were killed, a member of the National Defense of Assad's forces was captured, and a civilian was wounded by a stray bullet in the Tay neighborhood. The SDF also took control of one of the Syrian government forces' checkpoints in the Tay neighborhood of Qamishli
Civilians exit through the Asayish checkpoint of the SDF from al-Tay neighborhood in Qamishli city North-Press: Heavy deployment of Asayish special forces at the entrance to al-Tay neighborhood in Qamishli in conjunction with the continued exit of civilians from the neighborhood
Photos of Asayish special forces deployed in al-Tai neighborhood amid clashes with government militias in Syria's Qamishli
Kurdish sources: Renewed clashes between the Kurdish forces and the Syrian government forces in Qamishli
The Asayisch are fighting inside Qamishlo
Security sources told North Press that a meeting brought together Asayish leaders and officers from the Syrian government forces, mediated by Russian forces, to end the state of tension prevailing in the city
Ronanî TV states that the Asayîş has launched an "operation" against the NDF in al Tayy neighborhood of Qamishli
Clashes are continuing between the Kurdish Self-Management forces and the National Defense Forces of the Syrian government in Qamishli, Syria
Asayish special forces deployed in the vicinity of al-Tai neighborhood in Qamishli, amid continued intermittent clashes between them and the pro-government National Defense. Qamishli - Hogir al-Abdo
Sporadic clashes continue between Asayish NDF in the al-Tai neighorhood of Syria's Qamishli
ISIS has claimed responsibility for an IED attack targeting SDF vehicle near the town of Al-Busayrah in Syria's eastern Deir al-Zour Province
5 month ago
ISIS has claimed responsibility for an IED attack targeting SDF vehicle near the village of Al-Sahl west of the Syrian city of Al-Raqqa
ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attempted assassination of an alleged Syrian SDF spy in the town of Al-Shuhayl in Syria's eastern Deir al-Zour Province
HAT and Asayîş engaged in clashes with the NDF around the Wahda roundabout right now
The Internal Security Forces confirmed that one of their member lost his life after the Syrian government militia Difaa al-Watani attacked their checkpoint around the Al-Wahda roundabout in Qamishlo city yesterday night (ANHA)
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