Map. History of Kurds conflict

18 May 2021
SDF launched raids and searches of IDP camps on the outskirts of Hawaij Diab village in the western countryside of Deir al-Ghazur.
Asayish arrest two suspects in coordinated operation with federal forces
2 year ago
4 PKK militants nabbed by security forces at Iraq's Mount Sinjar have been brought to Turkey as part of an operation by the Turkish intelligence services
Erbil Security Refutes Arrest of Former Nineveh Governor
Al-Raqqa: Explosive device exploded in the vicinity of the Tabqa city in the western countryside
Syria: TSK artillery pounded YPG-SDF positions in outskirts of Menagh Airbase (N. Aleppo), in retaliation for an ATGM attack.
Violent clashes reported between YPG “Afrin Liberation forces” and FSA “National Army” in Maranaz, Malikiyah, Azzaz in Tel-rifaat area. After Turkish army has targeted the area one hour ago, ALF responded and destroyed a truck, casualties reported
Aleppo: clashes between the FSA and the SDF with medium and heavy weapons on the front of the Maalikiya in the northern countryside amid Turkish artillery shelling
Asch-Schaddadi: 60 fighters joined the Al-Shahida Prefan Academy Women's protection units (YPJ) in the provice of AL-Hasakah. The academy has been joined by Arab and Kurdish fighters, in a ceremony held today.
According to a Syrian Army source in eastern Syria: The SDF has allegedly brought hundreds of reinforcements towards the Syrian Army's lines near the Albukamal and Al-Mayadeen. He claims this move by the US Coalition is an attempt to expel the Iranian Forces from
The Turkish artillery is shelling SAA positions in Tel Rifaat
Turkish Army and National Liberation Front (NLF) bombard the YPG near Mennagh and the Syrian Army at Tal Rifa'at. YPG has responded with artillery northwest of Mennagh.
Spokesman for the FSA National Army: YPG forces targeted a Turkish military base and artillery and points of the FSA National Army on the outskirts of the city of Tel Rifat in countryside north of Aleppo
Kurdish units target a Turkish army tank with an ATGM north of Aleppo, Syria
Heavy smoke caused by the destruction of a tank near Mariamin town of north of Aleppo
In Iraq, unknown group attacks PUK headquarters with hand grenades in Khanaqin district in northeast Diyala Province. No injures as headquarters was empty.
The French president receives a delegation of Syrian Kurds and confirms Paris' support them against ISIS
The convoy of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) performs patrols on the Minnag frontline in the Tel Rifat area
2 year ago
Spokesman for the Turkish Presidency Ibrahim Kalan expressed his country's rejection of the Iranian Foreign Minister's proposal to hand over the areas on the Syrian-Turkish border to the Assad government
Two Daesh militants who attempted to attack an SDF checkpoint were killed by Asayish in Diban
2 year ago
FSA National Army finds two vehicles with bombs in the town of Ghandoura in the eastern Aleppo countryside
The number of suspected foreign ISIS fighters being detained by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces has surpassed 2,000, with a small number claiming to be US citizens, US officials tell CNN. The foreigners are among 9000 ISIS fighters held by the SDF
Al-Tabqa: The seventh turbine in the Euphrates dam (Tabqa Dam), begins its work again and produces of the dam has increased to 300 MW. It´s ready to generate hydroelectric power
ISIS cells planted cluster bomb with a detonator exploded on April 17th it was placed at the northern vegetable market in Tabqa
Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Jaish al-Thewar, Ahmad al-Sultan (Abu Arraj), says they want "liberation of Afrin" and go to Idlib too, and called on SDF to recruit more people from Idlib
Scenes from the deserted Baghouz tent camp. Destroyed vehicles (including a technical), tunnels, along with a few explosives and light weaponry
Turkish raids on the areas of Matina and Zab in northern Iraq
ISIS claimed attack on SDF yesterday at Al Sabkhah, Deir ez-Zur with 2 killed and 3 injured
Intensive flight of international coalition aircraft over the western town of Salsabiyah, Raqqa2 year ago
Intensive flight of international coalition aircraft over the western town of Salsabiyah, Raqqa
Exhumers suspect hundreds of Yezidis suspected are in a mass grave in Shingal
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