Map. History of Kurds conflict

12 May 2021
Commander of the Tiger Forces Suheil Al-Hasan has arrived to Deir Ez Zor City
2 year ago
A US military convoy headed to the village of Taheeha south of Manbij city, after the mobilization of the pro-Assad forces and loyal militias in the area
2 year ago
A meeting between Turkish and American officials on US withdrawal from Syria is scheduled in Washington on January 8, Turkish FM announces
2 year ago
Çavuşoğlu on operation to the east of the Euphrates: we can postpone it, but that does not mean that we will abandon the operations we will initiate in the future.
U.S. and Turkish officials say President Trump's decision to withdraw American troops from Syria was made without consulting his national security team or allies.
U.S. military forces continue to patrol border region with Turkey. @syriahr posted these pics/videos from Tal Abyad
Sen. Graham calls for congressional hearings on Syria troop withdrawal: "It is imperative Congress hold hearings on withdrawal decision in Syria - and potentially Afghanistan - to understand implications to our national security . Need answers now."
Suspected militants were neutralized in Ovacık/Tunceli, Turkey2 year ago
Suspected militants were neutralized in Ovacık/Tunceli, Turkey
US troops are roaming around and checking Syrian-Turkish border in Arab Hâssan village in Manbij.2 year ago
US troops are roaming around and checking Syrian-Turkish border in Arab Hâssan village in Manbij.
A heavy counterattack occurring near Abu al Khatir
2 year ago
Erdogan says Trump had asked him to take care ISIS in Syria, US withdrawing, Turkey feels compelled to establish peace and security in the region and remove ISIS elements
2 year ago
Turkey will be working on a new operational plan to eliminate remaining ISIS pockets and YPG militants in Syria, in line with his conversation with Trump, Erdogan says
2 year ago
Turkey postpones a military operation on North Eastern Syria against US partner SDF following Trump's decision to withdraw troops from this country, Erdogan announces
2 year ago
Turkish Foreign Minister: Ankara welcomes the decision of Washington to withdraw its troops from Syria
From Hajin : ISIS is launching attack, heavy clashes are taking place there. Only 35% percent from Hajin is captured by SDF forces.
Deir ez-Zur: Military reinforcements of government's forces and loyal militias have reached the eastern countryside
Clashes between the SDF and ISIS on the axis of the Sousse and Ash Shafah in Eastern Deir Ez-Zor Governorate
2 year ago
SDF is advancing in Abu Al Khatir village against ISIS
Clashes between YPG and Turkish-backed FSA near Ayn Daqnah and Maranaz villages in North Aleppo
FSA National Liberation Front Captain Abdul Salam Abdul Razzaq: "We are a few hours from cleansing the East Euphrates from the criminals who killed the Revolutionaries in al-Jazera al-Soryeh"
More than 150 trucks loaded with logistical equipment from the International Coalition to the SDF
Reports of shelling from Jarabulus to Zor Maghar on the East bank of Euphrates
2 year ago
Turkish backed groups targeting Manbij Military Council in Sajur line
ISIS's new edition of al-Naba just has no comments on Trump's decision to withdraw from Syria, although it features it in the news roundup at the end of the pages: The magazine features the attack in France; and calls on followers to attack during the holiday season.
The flooding of Afrin's River threatens the lives of the residents of Deir Balout and Muhammadiyah camps and the White Helmets responds. Aleppo
The two co-presidents of the Council of Democratic Syria, "Elham Ahmed and Riad Darrar in a visit to the Elysee Palace tomorrow in the French capital Paris
2 year ago
SDF is advancing inside of Abu Al-Khatir and with clashes at Al-Susah and Al-Baghuz Fawqani and Abu Hasan
Syria: last day for DeMistura as UN envoy for Syria, briefing UNSC. He has confirmed the Syrian Constitutional Committee is not yet ready and he said some of those listed as future envoys have been threatened in recent weeks.
Graham, Menendez and Reed holding presser on Trump's Syria decision. "What happens to our Kurdish allies if we completely withdraw now" Graham says in preview of his letter to Mattis.
YPG seized a would-be IS up-armored SVBIED in the workshop in Hajin where it was supposed to be overhauled in, two days ago. Rear bed of the 4x4 has been detached in preparation for eventual mounting of rear payload. Arabic logo in front says "Islamic State"
France will work in the coming weeks to ensure the security of all Washington's allies in Syria, including SDF
A popular demonstration at the US military base of Xarab Ishek in Kobane calls on Washington to respect the sacrifice of Syrian democratic forces SDF
SOHR: after the US decision to withdraw. SDF leadership and the Syrian government are holding a high-level meeting to discuss the handover of the oil fields in the east of the Euphrates
Kurdish civilians went to US airbase near Kobani to protest.
2 year ago
Putin: I agree with Trump that ISIS has been defeated in Syria.
SDF has captured Al-Qal'aa neighborhood in Hajin town,after failed ISIS attack
SDF: withdrawal of the international coalition will create a state of instability, and will create a political and military vacuum
SDF says "battle against ISIS is in decisive phase that requires more support, not withdrawal", adding that this step will "have dangerous implications on regional, international stability"
SOHR: SDF leadership is considering the release of ISIS detainees, which they are about 3,200 prisoners.
Heavy clashes in Hajin town between SDF and ISIS continues in eastern Deir Ez-Zor. SDF seized large parts including southern al-Qal'a neighborhood
2 year ago
Turkish Defense Minister says militants in eastern Euphrates in northern Syria will be eliminated in due course
2 year ago
Akar on tunnels dug by YPG at East of Euphrates: if they want to be in the ground, we will bury them in their trenches
2 year ago
Akar on Sinjar and Karacak Mountain air operation: we have killed only militants, no civilians
2 year ago
National Defense Minister Akar: "Now we have the Manbij and the east of Euphrates, we work intensively in this regard."
Commander of Operation Olive Branch expected to lead upcoming Turkish offensive
Letter to the President from US Senators. "If our Kurdish partners in the region lose the support of the United States, we run the possible risk of resurgence of ISIS and the possible capitulation or all out destruction of Kurdish resistance in the region."
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