Map. History of Kurds conflict

18 May 2021
IS claims ambush in Abu Hamam area yesterday SE Deir ez-Zur
Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi has arrived in Mosul to review situation as death toll rises to 93 in Mosul ferry disaster
Syria: YPG weaponized drone dropped bomblets today on Marea front (N. Aleppo). One of them didn't explode.
Death toll from ferry sinking in Mosul rises to 85 persons.
SDF fighters controled Baghouz village
Another video released from inside Baghouz by A'māq
Turkish artillery targeted YPG position in Ayn Daqnah and Minagh airport in south to Azaz, North Aleppo
Video: Today in Baghouz
2 year ago
The International Rescue Committee (HRC): The Al Hawl camp houses more than 72,000 people, including more than 40,000 children
2 year ago
12 people died overnight after arriving at #Syria camp that is receiving people brought out of #ISIS enclave- international rescue committee
Celebrations of Newroz2019 in Diyarbakır2 year ago
Celebrations of #Newroz2019 in Diyarbakır
Mazlum Kobane, the commander in chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces: Turkish intervention could trigger Syria's 'second great war'
A group of Kurdish political parties called on the Syrian goverment to stop launching threats against the peoples of North and East Syria and to start dialogue to resolve the Syrian crisis
In photos shared by YPG, it's fighters celebrate Kurdish New Year Newroz in Baghouz
Fighters of the Self-Defense Forces are being deployed to Syria-Turkish border after graduation and leave to prepare for sorting on points and military centers.
Intense US coalition planes cruising over Tabqa and Raqqa after Syrian army threatened to capture SDF area.
Deir Ez-Zor Eastern countryside: An unidentified aircraft targeted an army post belonging to the SDF at the al-Shayaf hostel in the town of Abu Hammam, causing material damage.
Turkish warplanes bomb foothills of Qandil Mountain, say authorities
Deir Ez-Zor Eastern countryside: SDF set fires at the Al-Bagouz area in celebration of Nowruz.
The situation in Shingal is 'under control,' said PM Abdul-Mahdi after clashes between Yezidi militia YBS and Iraqi army
Today Kurds in Kirkuk wanted to celebrate Newroz (New Year) peacefully and enjoy the spring with Kurdistan flags, however Iraqi Counter Terrorism forces takes every Kurdistan flag from the civilians and says that it's illegal to raise Kurdistan flag. Video from Facebook
Oshnavieh, NW Iran Hassan Nouran village The government's IRGC units disrupt a Nowruz (Iranian calendar new year) celebration, locals say. The mullahs' rule is so weak and unstable they cannot tolerate even new year celebrations, knowing each gathering could evolve into protests.
Despite warnings and threats Kurds are celebrating #Newroz2719.
Clashes erupted after IRGC forces tried to prevent Kurdish people of celebrating new year, Newroz2719. Clashes are ongoing. Security forces have announced that the Kurds can't celebrate Newroz publicly, fearing anti-government protests. However, the Kurds are not listening.
IRGC has deployed more forces to the Kurdish city of Shino(Oshnaviyah) in order to prevent Kurds celebrating new year, Newroz 2719.
@POTUS - US and anti-ISIS coalition in Syria will defeat ISIS in its last stronghold tonight, he says.
President Trump says U.S. will leave 400 U.S. soldiers in Syria
Asayis security forces were able to dismantle a number of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in the area of Merkdeh in the countryside of Al-Shaddadi city.
Internal security forces managed to dismantle a remote-controlled mine planted on the side of the road in the al-Kasri line in the eastern countryside of Deir al-Zour. Suspected who planted it arrested
2 year ago
Turkish Interior Ministry: Turkish and Iranian military leaders have agreed to conduct joint operations against Kurdish militants for some time
Approximately 200 trucks sent by the @coalition carrying supplies/equipment reached #Kobane town.
Clearing operations are underway in parts of Baghuz - US-backed forces starting to go through the ISIS tunnels, trenches, half destroyed buildings, makeshift tents, etc., per YPG media official @zana_med
7 Yazidis have been freed by SDF from ISIS
VBIED parked in the main street dismantled in Shuhail city of Deir Ez-Zor province
Russian and Turkish military officials met at Menazh military airport South to Azaz in North Aleppo
US-backed Syria n Democratic Forces say 1,000-1,5000 people, including hundreds of fighters, had surrendered as they took over ISIS' tent city in Baghuz Tuesday. But some fighters still holding out on a slip of land by the Euphrates And more may still be in the tunnels
2 year ago
Following meeting between Chief of Staff of Iraqi Armed Forces and Joint Forces Command, Iraqi Security Forces go to high level of alert in Sinjar. Committee formed to detain those responsible for recent attacks on Iraqi Army.
OCHA: Over 70,000 displaced people – the vast majority of them women and young children – are   staying at Al Hol camp in Syria. @UNinSyria and partners are responding but needs remain high as people continue to arrive at the site.2 year ago
OCHA: Over 70,000 displaced people – the vast majority of them women and young children – are staying at Al Hol camp in Syria. @UNinSyria and partners are responding but needs remain high as people continue to arrive at the site.
2 year ago
31 places have been declared as 'Special Security Zones' in Turkey's eastern province of Hakkari from March 20 to April 4
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