31 January 2023
American Apache targeting Daesh in al Sina'a prison. Comes after hours of a cautious calm
American Bradley IFVs advancing towards al Sina'a prison in Hasakah now
The AANES announces imposing a total curfew on Hasakah starting tomorrow, Monday, for seven days
Barham Salih has been elected as the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan's (PUK) only candidate for the Iraqi presidency, a member of the party's leadership council told Rudaw
International coalition aircraft drop flares in the vicinity of Al-Sina'a prison, coinciding with intermittent clashes on the axis of Gweran silos in Al-Hasakah city.
Inherent Resolve:"In their desperate attempt to display relevance, Daesh delivered a death sentence for many of their own who participated in this attack," said Maj Gen John W. Brennan, Jr., commander, CJTF-OIR
Syria Hasakah: ISIS' Amaq has released more footage of multiple SDF prisoners from the Gweiran jailbreak. A ISIS fighter can be seen with an M4 Carbine with EOTech RDS, an identical configuration to YPG Anti-Terror units (YAT), indicating capture. AKM & Zastava M05E1 also seen
Clashes are still continuing in the vicinity of Ghweran prison and a neighboring residential neighborhood
Video of the SDF Daesh through loudspeakers as more reinforcements, including tanks, get deployed to the vicinity of al Sina'a. (Occurred earlier)
Clashes continue between the SDF and the Turkish-backed opposition factions in the vicinity of Ain Issa area, north of Raqqa
SDF General Command: "Al-Sina'a prison is under our forces' control. We managed to kill 175 ISIS militants in three days
ANHA footage from al-Giweiran where heavy clashes are taking place between SDF forces and ISIS militants for the second day, Hasakah
Two children wounded in Turkish bombardment of Ain_Issa countryside north of Raqqa, northern Syria
1 year ago
The Iraqi government has ordered tightening the security measures on the border strip with neighboring Syria after dozens of Islamic State (IS) militants said to have escaped a prison in the Kurdish city of Hasakah
SDF Media Center: Our forces narrow security perimeter around northern wall of al-Sina'a prison, killed 13 ISIS mercenaries and captured 2 in Syria's Hasakah
Clashes continue in the vicinity of Ghweran prison in Al-Hasakah
The Iraqi federal police and security forces have been deployed to the Yezidi region of Sinjar which makes them responsible for the security of the area, said Kurdistan Region's Peshmerga Minister Shorish Ismail
SDF forces impose a security cordon around Ghweran neighborhood in Hasaka and clash with ISIS
SDF calls, through loudspeakers, for ISIS militants trapped in parts of al-Sina'a prison to surrender
A number of roads were cut off in the northern countryside of Aleppo due to heavy snowfall
Global @coalition warplanes drop paper flyers calling residents of Hasakah to report any activities of ISIS cells
It's old information
VIDEO: Purported footage of US Coalition airstrike against an ISIS position near al-Sinaa prison
US @StateDept condemns ISIS attack, attempted prison break in Hasakah, NE Syria "Attacking the detention facility was a top ISIS priority for more than a year" per @StateDeptSpox Ned Price, praising SDF for limiting "the severity of this one [attack]"
North Press quoted security source: 6 ISIS militants who tried to escape al-Sina'a prison in Syria's Hasakah were arrested
Air raid by Global Coalition warplanes targeted a building of al-Sina'a prison in Guweiran neighborhood in Syria's Hasakah
A raid of the Global @coalition warplanes targeted a gathering of ISIS militants in the vicinity of al-Sina'a prison in Syria's Hasakah
Civilians were wounded in the Turkish shelling on Ain_Issa town, north of Raqqa, northern Syria, and some of them are in critical conditions
ISIS via Amaq published two videos about the attack Sina'a prison, Hasakah on Thursday. First video features "Islamic State fighters storming" the prison, showing gunmen inside the facility and fires blazing in the vicinity
Artillery and missile shelling renewed from three axes on the prison headquarters in the Industrial High School in Ghweran neighborhood
Turkish groups are once again shelling the village Misharfa & the International Highway M4 in eastern of Ain Issa. On the other side the SDF Press Office says that at least 5 Turkish-backed rebels have been killed in this morning's attacks around the village Misharfa (ANHA)
North Press correspondent: SDF brings in military reinforcements and imposes a security cordon around al-Kum prison in Shaddadi town, south of Hasakah which contains thousands of ISIS members
Al-Hasakah: Clashes continue between ISIS and the Syrian Democratic Forces in the vicinity of Al-Sina'a Prison, Ghweran and Al-Zohour neighborhoods in the city of Al-Hasakah
The SDF spokesman said that the forces are advancing slowly in order to protect the lives of civilians, as ISIS militants are holed up in alleys and residential houses. While 4,000 residents near the prison fled to the outskirts of Al-Hasakah
The Americans have brought Bradley IFVs to support the SDF in clashes against Daesh cells and escaped inmates at al Sina'a prison in Hasakah
Cautious calm looms in Guweiran neighborhood on Syria's Hasakah peppered with firing sometimes
U.S. Apaches firing at Daesh to support the SDF and Asayish in Hasakah. Also seen are dead prisoners killed trying to escape
In total the SDF claim killing 22 Daesh fighters so far today
Iranian security forces last Wednesday killed an 8-year-old child after opening fire at a Kurdish family near Zanjan, northwest of the country
IMAGE from today's clashes in vicinity of the Gweiran (al-Sinaa prison), Al Zouhur neighborhood
The Unified Command Room (Azm) announces the killing and wounding of a number of SDF militia members and the seizure of various weapons and ammunition during a qualitative operation it carried out against the militia on the Ain Issa front in the northern countryside of Raqqa.
Turkish bombardment affects eastern countryside of Ain_Issa town, north of Raqqa, northern Syria
Exclusive Rudaw footage of the vicinity of Ghweran prison in Hasaka where clashes between the SDF and ISIS continue
Five civilians killed in Turkish bombardment on Ain_Issa countryside
Turkish artillery units hit YPG/PKK positions on the Ayn Isa line
North Press correspondent: The area surrounding of al-Sina'a prison in Syria's Hasakah witnesses an increase of clashes with explosions heard in the site
1 year ago
Northern Iraq: As a result of the coordinated work of the Turkish Armed Forces and MIT, 3 PKK militants detected in Avasin were neutralized with an air operation.
Rudaw reporter on the ground says a large number of SDF forces have been deployed to Hasaka where a prison break attempt by ISIS members late Thursday has resulted in intense fighting between ISIS cells and the SDF since then.
Hasake: International coalition warplanes bombed a ISIS point in the in the vicinity Ghweran neighborhood
The killing of the director of the industry prison in Ghweran neighborhood, the leader Jamal Kobani, in the clashes taking place between SDF forces and ISIS elements in the vicinity of the industrial prison. Al-Hasakah
Clashes ongoing between the SDF and TFSA at Mushayrifah east of Ayn Issa after the TFSA launched an attack
Since 5:30 shooting again heard in Hasakah near al Sina'a prison. With helicopters also heard
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