Map. History of Kurds conflict

22 September 2018
Zakaria Al Khalil Battalion commander Hanthal Abu Tha'er, Hassan Khalil Al Khalil, Ali Hassan Khalil, Mustafa Darwish were killed in Turkish strike in North Aleppo, also many wounded
#AfrinOp: YPG drilling equipment (boring machines) uncovered by #OliveBranch forces.
Government artillery is bombing Olive Branch positions on Al-Ahlam Mount and in Basutah
Fireworks and gunfire rocked the Kurdish town of Akre today as thousands snaked their way through the mountain for Newroz celebrations, drawing Kurds across the region.
Free Syrian Army forces control Jabal al-Ahlam south of Afrin after fighting with the YPG militia
Turkish army is attacking with heavy artillery the villages Sifteke and Zirave in western of Kobane
Iraqi security forces open fire on Kurds celebrating Newroz (Kurdish New Year) in Kirkuk
A bomb-loaded car exploded in Bab
Syria TSK set up checkpoints at entrances to Afrin town
FSA removed Syrian flag in Basutah, some days ago pro-government forces deployed in the town
FSA in Al-Basawtah village after capture from YPG
The TSK and FSA troops captured the Kufayr and Burj Abdullah villages located in the south of Afrin city
Syrian Coalition: Liberation of Afrin is Another Step on the Path of Freeing Syria from Tyranny and Terrorism6 month ago
Syrian Coalition: Liberation of Afrin is Another Step on the Path of Freeing Syria from Tyranny and Terrorism
Turkish army and FSA captured Kadi Reyhala, Kirazli and Ayn Dera villages located in the south of Afrin city
Turkish troops and FSA captured Basuta South of Afrin from YPG
OliveBranch forces captured Basutah.
AA: Turkish soldiers distribute food to local residents in Afrin
6 month ago
The military part of Operation Olive Branch is almost done. we are going to make Afrin habitable for its citizens, says Erdogan
6 month ago
The US tried to fool us by providing weapons to a terrorist organisation that is the enemy of its ally, Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says
6 month ago
"Our strategic partners should march with us" - Turkey's President Erdogan says, warning allies against arming the YPG in Syria
OliveBranch forces captured Qadi Rayhalah, Kirzilah, Ayn Dera in south of Afrin.
SAA has fired a Tochka Ballistic missile at open area of Turkish town of Yayladagi/Antioch. No casualties.6 month ago
SAA has fired a Tochka Ballistic missile at open area of Turkish town of Yayladagi/Antioch. No casualties.
An 'Executive Order' found in Asayiș Afrin HQ, dated Dec 2013, ordering members: 'to monitor all mosques, churches and places of worship. Instruct them not to talk current events unless it's in our favour. Ask them not to promote government, FSA, and especially the revolution'.
TSK and FSA Turkmen division continue To search for mines and handmade explosives in Afrin’s district, large number of explosives were seized at Rajo
Assad forces stationed in Hndarat, targeting more than 40 missiles, the positions of the FSA and Turkish troops in Anadan mountain north of Aleppo
Investigation by @bellingcat shows that the general hospital in Afrin was damaged, despite Turkish denials
Deir ez-Zur Western countryside: The intelligence service of the SDF militia in the town of Mohaimida arrests five former ISIS members after the arrest of a former organizer of the organization.
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside: SDF militias are bringing more military reinforcements to contact points with the Assad government forces in the villages of Jiya, Salhiya and Tabiya jazeera.
Ammunition-loaded vehicle destroyed in Afrin's Bilbile district
Ammunition-loaded vehicle destroyed in Afrin's Bilbile district
6 month ago
Turkish presidential spox @ikalin1 says Turkey takes looting incidents "very seriously". Nearly 100 volunteer FSA fighters were detained for looting in Afrin. Officials established checkpoints to counter/arrest looters.
Dozens of fighters of pro-Assad militias with their heavy vehicles arrived to Tal Rifaat district. The forces was placed in KafarNobl and Zahraa towns NW Aleppo
FSA GC deployed special forces to hunt looters in Afrin. "Our forces have clashed with them. A number of them have been arrested. Special inspection units have been deployed"
Syria slams Turkey "occupation" of Afrin, demands withdrawal.
US warns Turkey over looting, refugees in Syria operation
US statement on Turkish capture of Afrin. State Department says it is concerned by massive displacement of civilians trying to avoid Turkish-led attacks. Concerned over reports of looting by Turkish-backed FSA in Afrin. Operation has distracted from fight against ISIS.
FSA meets Amireya people in Afrin, and agree on cooperation
A delegation from @StateDept Visits Manbaj today confirmed US committed to defend Manbj from any attacks
Ismail Saleh Ibrahim was killed in the town of Bahra by IED planted by ISIS
One person was killed and others injured as a result of a car bomb explosion in the village of Al Hulunji in the countryside of the city of Jarabulus
6 month ago
Turkey's Erdogan says will continue operations in Syria until Manbij, Qamislo, Ayn al Arab, Rasulayn completely cleared of militants
6 month ago
Erdogan warns Turkey may start new operation in Sinjar, Iraq
Turkish news channel @tvahaber says Turkish-backed rebels have begun an operation to capture Tal Rifaat. Opposition sources on social media seem to be confirming this allegation
6 month ago
President Erdogan: 3,622 militants have been 'neutralized' in Syria's Afrin since launch of Operation Olive Branch
6 month ago
Turkey's Deputy PM Bekir Bozdağ says Turkish forces will not stay in Afrin. Syria
ICRC President Maurer says that "the credibility of a Turkish Red Crescent working in Afrin with the Kurdish population is close to zero"
ICRC needs regular access to Syria's Afrin, where impartial aid is needed for civilian population - Maurer
Another tank was seized from YPG today. Location is unknown. But the fighter said that the meeting approached for Arfad(Tal Rifat)
FSA captured the village of Shaala, northeast of Aleppo.
Eastern Damascus: footage showing attack carried out by FSA Jaish Tahrir Sham vs a government position in E. Qalamoun, burning it down and seizing a T-72.
Iraqi Army 20th Division arrests ISIS minister of finance north of Mosul.
Explosion in Afrine, 7 civilians and 4 FSA soldiers killed according to Anadolu
Syria's FSA names ande xpels guilty fighters in looting in Afrin city and also called its fighters for respect of civilians.
British woman Anna Campbell killed fighting Turkish forces in Afrin alongside YPJ
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