Map. History of Kurds conflict

18 May 2021
Iranian security forces open fired on people in Kurdish city of Diwandere. People were chanting Kurdish slogans when the shooting people started by the security forces.2 year ago
Iranian security forces open fired on people in Kurdish city of Diwandere. People were chanting Kurdish slogans when the shooting people started by the security forces.
New clashes between Iraqi Army, YBS in Sinjar
Details of clashes that went on today during the afternoon and into the evening -Daesh tried to counterattack but failed, 1 suicide bomber was able to come into contact with the SDF and wounded a fighter -An armored bulldozer was damaged and abandoned by the driver
US defense officials say they are NOT sure if the 5 ISIS fighters caught and interrogated in Syria by SDF were the main perpetrators in the attack that killed 4 Americans in Syria on Jan 16.
The remainder of the camp.
SDF has warned that it will defend its areas from an Assad government Axis attack,if the Assad government Axis decides to attack
ANHA released images of surrendering Daesh
US defense official: SDF in Syria have captured ISIS members linked to the January suicide attack in Manbij that killed four Americans
Here's the progress made vs ISIS Tuesday, per SDF's @mustefabali
The developments of the SDF offensive against ISIS in Baghouz
2 year ago
In Iraq, clashes renew between Iraqi Army and PKK in Sinjar area of Ninawa Province.
US-led coalition warns ISIS using human shields, dressing like women in last defense of Baghuz. "The enemy is still using civilians as shields as well as dressing up in female attire to either try to escape or cause death by employing suicide vests" @OIRSpox tells @VOANews
2 year ago
Reports that PKK attacked an Iraq Army patrol near Umm Ziban area in Sinjar region
ISIS fighters tied to killing of 4 Americans in Syria captured: U.S. official
According to ROJNEWS sources the Iraqi army has sent military reinforcement to Sinjar after clashes with the local Ezidi force YBŞ few days ago
2 year ago
President Erdoğan: "They took the necessary lessons in Afrin and Jarablus. and we'll give them the lesson on March 31st.
Hundreds of injured/sick Daesh militants were captured following SDF's control over Baghouz camp site and have been evacuated to nearby military hospitals for treatment today.
SDF is in control of Daesh encampment area in Baghouz. This is not a victory announcement, but a significant progress in the fight against Daesh. Clashes are continuing as a group of ISIS militants who are confined into a tiny area still fight back.
Syria's Democratic forces: we have taken full control of the Baguz, but operations against ISIS not yet finished
Syria's Democratic forces: operation against ISIS not finished and some elements of the organization have not surrendered yet
SDF is in control over a camp in Baguoz, but ISIS still holed up
The longest line of ISIS armed from different nationalities surrenders to Syrian democratic forces SDF in Baghouz
The longest line of ISIS armed from different nationalities surrenders to Syrian democratic forces SDF in Baghouz
Aerial and artillery bombardment of the coalition, targeting the camp of Baguz now
SOHR: Due to the intensity of mines, SDF stop advancing in Baghuz farms and fearing of counter suicide attacks push them to retreat
Video released by ISIS showing latest clashes at Baghouz.
Urmia: Members of Resistance Unit 666 set fire to a large Khamenei billboard.
Video: Earlier today Baghouz, last stronghold of ISIS in Syria
Explosions over the remains of an Islamic State (IS) group jihadists' camp near the village of Baghouz. By AFP photographer @cacaciotti
Tehran denies Turkish Interior Minister's comments on a joint operation against the PKK
Iran denies Turkish interior minister statement on joint operation against Kurds in Syria
Belgian ISIS fighter Bilal al-Marchohi - among first foreigners handed over to Iraq by SDF - has been sentenced to death in Baghdad
Thousands of Afrin displaced people are protesting against Turkish invasion of Afrin, and they demand the liberation of Afrin from SDF and US
Deir Ez-Zor Governorate: pictures of a number of Peshmerga fighters coming from the city of Sulaymaniyah in northern Iraq in the farms of the town of Al-Bagouz, the last enclave of the ISIS
Spokesman for Arab Tribes in Baghdad-Erbil disputed areas says there are 5000 PKK fighters along with artillery and tanks in Sinjar mountains. Arab Tribes have repeatedly asked Baghdad that PKK withdraw from Sinjar.
Syrian pro-Assad forces: We will clear Kurdish controlled areas by reconciliations or by force
In Iraq, Sinjar Council blames Iraqi Army for yesterday's clash with Sinjar Protection Forces. Says Army has provoked local residents and Baghdad has done nothing for the area except close 1 beneficial border crossing with Syria.
2 year ago
Turkey and Iran have conducted a joint operation against PKK this morning, Turkish Interior Minister says
IS claims responsibility for an attack in Baghouz assuring 5 YPG militants killed, including the Italia n Lorenzo Orsetti, posting his documents on Amaq News Channel.
Two Iraq soldiers were killed in clashes with PKK militants in Sinjar in northern Iraq, according to the Defense Ministry on Monday. Statement said clashes erupted late Sunday after PKK militants attacked a security checkpoint when they were stopped for security clearance.
An ISIS sleeper cell in Abu Hammam kidnapped, tortured before beheading an innocent man on the charge he was a member of the SDF
Security alert in Afrin city some roads have been closed off.
Coalition forces arrested six people at dawn today from a house in the town of Al-Kashkia east of Deir al-Zour, believed to be members of ISIS
Concentration in front of the UN office in Qamishlo, Syrian Kurdistan against the Afrin occupation by the Turkish army.
3 SDF members from the al-Shuʿaytāt tribe have been confirmed dead after battles with ISIS in the Baghouz camp.
SDF fighters entered the IS camp from the north last night. They have foiled some IS attacks since this morning in Al Baghouz where the clashes are still violent
Turkey and Iran will conduct joint military operations against the militants of PKK,PJAK terrorist group, said Iranian Deputy Interior Minister Mohammad Hossein Zolfaghari
Turkish UAV squawking 7600 lost com. over north of Syria
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