Map. History of Kurds conflict

22 September 2018
The Turkish army berms seen from the Manbij Military Council frontline.
Euphrates Shield: Jaish Islam's overall commander Issam Buydani in IDP Camp in W. Jarablus countryside.
OIR Spokesman: Syrian Democratic Forces continue securing captured areas in north and eastern Syria. Containing ISIS in 2 places: near Hajin along Euphrates, and Dashisha near border with Iraq. SDF and @CJTFOIR finding opportunities to exploit ISIS weaknesses / conduct strikes.
Barzani: there are no official talks between Baghdad and Erbil about return of Peshmerga to disputed areas. We worry about the situation in the disputed areas and Peshmerga is prepared to return. There are no plans for a Kurdish delegation to visit Baghdad.
Coalition helicopters patrolling frontline next to Manbij as well. Syria Manbij
Two Shia Turkmen 'severely' wound a Kurd in Tuz Khurmatu
Raqqa: Few people protest against the presence of SDF and US troops in Raqqa and sing pro-Assad slogans.
5 month ago
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomes Turkey's "transparency" in its ongoing Operation Olive Branch in Syria's Afrin region
5 month ago
KRG delegation have met Turkish president Erdogan and Turkish economic minister in Istanbul.
A child was killed and 15 others injured by an bomb explosion in Raqqa
NATO Secretary-General: Turkey is under great threat from terrorist organizations
5 month ago
Turkish Foreign Minister: We expect NATO to take decisions in the file against terrorism
5 month ago
Turkish Deputy Prime Minister: Our policy on Syria is not to stand with or against a state, but to stand by truth and reality
5 month ago
3 Turkish soldiers killed and one wounded in latest PKK attack in Sirnak, SE Turkey.
U.S troops patrolling in Manbij countryside.
Turkey says its air force has killed PKK leader in north Iraq.
Iran court approves death penalty for 24-year-old Kurdish activist Ramin Hossein Panahi after facing brutal torture and solitary confinement in prison.
3 soldiers killed, 5 others wounded in Bradost
US Secretary of State Nominee Mike Pompeo says Turkey entering into Afrin took an already incredibly complex situation, and put another twist into a cartwheel. He also accuses Erdogan, Putin and Rouhani to try to carve up Syria during the last summit held in Ankara.
@SenatorMenendez at today's Senate Foreign Relations Committee confirmation hearing on Pompeo's nomination: "Turkey is supposed to be our NATO ally," but it "is fighting the same Kurds that we have depended upon to defeat [ISIS]"
A report indicated that Yazdanpanah, PAK Kurdish leader, car was shot at today #Erbil
Turkey forms new administration in Afrin, consisting of 11 Kurds, 8 Arabs and one Turkmen, preceded over by a Kurd.
A bomb exploded in Azaz city north of Aleppo. A civilian was injured
ISIS attacks Iraqi PMU (Hashd) base in south Kirkuk city, Saladin province. 4 PMU injured
5 month ago
Erdogan: If they think they can save the militants of the PYD, they are very wrong, we will destroy each and every one of the PYD militants
5 month ago
Erdogan: Our forces will remain in Syria until Syrian territory becomes safe for all Syrians
PKK have attacked a Turkish base in Del mount, Bradost area northern Erbil. At least 4 soldiers killed.
Iraqi PM: there has been a Turkish presence in north Iraq since 1980s due to an agreement between Turkey and the former government. It is no longer in effect. We protest any infringement on our sovereignty but we don't want to be a party in Turkish-PKK dispute.
5 month ago
1 soldier was killed in ambush in Bitlis
PM Abadi denied that Turkish forces have made an incursion into Iraqi territory, calling such reports "completely false."
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