Map. History of Kurds conflict

15 May 2021
1 year ago
Turkish FM Cavusoglu says that Ankara is going to use the safe zone in northern Syria in order to resettle 2 million Syrian refugees.
ISIS claimed two grenades attacks in Raqqa city and its suburbs in the last 24 hours
Pentagon is denying the NYTimes story that it is sending 150 additional troops to Syria. CNN piece saying decision not final
After the bomb attack in Afrin, two mortars were reportedly fired from YPG in Tel Rifat
Two unknown artillery shells have landed in Afrin city, north of Aleppo
A car bomb explodes near the popular market of Afrin city in Aleppo northern countryside, number of civilian casualties reported
US plans to send 150 soldiers to northeast Syria to conduct joint patrols with Turkey as part of the Safe Zone Agreement
1 year ago
Diyarbakır Governor: "4 people were killed and 13 were injured as a result of the explosive device blast, being planted by PKK militants in Kulp district."
1 year ago
Explosion in Diyarbakir, at least 7 injured
1 year ago
IHA: An explosion occurred during the passage of a civilian vehicle in Kulp, Diyarbakir; there are dead and wounded
1 year ago
There was an Explosion in Kulp of Diyarbakir
Turkey's Defense Ministry releases video of the US-Turkish military flights over northeast Syria, aerial patrols that are part of the "security mechanism" or "safe zone"
Images of the fourth helicopter patrol carried out by Turkish and US troops today
Pictures of the Russia'n base in Til Rifat. Russian soldiers began patrolling in the area
New helicopter patrol as part of U.S.-Turkey joint mechanism on safe zone in Northern Syria, east to Euphrates river
Two US helicopters flew over the city of Tall Abyad in the northern Raqqa countryside, as part of joint sorties in the framework of joint patrols to establish the safe area
PMU Members intercept the convoy of MP and Deputy Governor of Nineveh and attack their protections in Mosul A convoy of member of the Iraqi parliament Sherwan Dubardani and deputy governor of Naynawa Sirwan Rojbayani, was attacked by members of PMU at Goggali checkpoint
Deputy Chief of US EU Forces Lit. Gen. Stephen Twitty and Lit. Gen. Thomas Bergeson Deputy Chief of the US Central Forces, have arrived in Şanliurfa to conduct examinations along the Syrian border
Concrete block shipment to Şanlıurfa Syrian border.
Air strikes by US-led coalition forces in Syria this year may amount to war crimes - UN report
1 year ago
One of the militants who were neutralized in the joint operation of MIT and Turkish army in Kandil was Guluzar Tural, who was wanted in the red category.
The TFSA is currently shelling Harbul with mortars and light rockets
Raqqa: Anti-terror units belonging to Syrian democratic forces has raided the village "Al-Mustariha", east of Raqqa. At least three militants were captured and charged on communicating with the Free Syrian Army.
The Shahid Ammar Sheikh Academy has graduated its third class for the Raqqa Military Council. The course consisted of 185 members and lasted for 60 days
The Shahid Ammar Sheikh Academy has graduated its third class for the Raqqa Military Council. The course consisted of 185 members and lasted for 60 days
Hasakah: After months of monitoring and surveillance, H.A.T anti-terror units with support of Asayîş ISF carried out an operation targeting one of ISIS terror leaders named "Abu Harith al-Iraqi". The terrorist tried to flee but H.A.T were able to eliminate him
1 year ago
Turkish army: Negotiations with the US military delegation will continue tomorrow at the Joint Joint Operations Center in Akcakale
1 year ago
Meeting of Turkish General staff with U.S. Deputy Commander of European Forces Twitty and U.S. Deputy Central Command Commander Bergeson has finished
Manbij Military Council spox: "It is important to understand the fact that ISIS has been not ended, for it can thrive and organize itself at any moment. The battle with ISIS has not yet ended. Thus, we must maintain stability and create conditions for political solutions"
1 year ago
Erdogan: sending of 50 thousands of trucks of equipment and ammunition to militant groups in Syria seriously disturbs Turkey
1 year ago
Trukish Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu: The US did not keep its promise because of its engagement with this terrorist organization (YPG), especially on the Manbij roadmap.
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