7 December 2023
1 year ago
Russian warplanes in the Euphrates Shield area
The Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi: There are efforts from the Russian side to stop the Turkish military operation, and we are ready to confront any attack on our areas
SDF Commander in Chief Mazloum Abdi: This time, we will not be alone in this battle. All people of the region are ready, the Syrian army is ready too, and any individual who is Jealous for the Syrian soil
SDF Commander in chief Mazloum Abdi: We accepted the Syrian army to fortify in Kobani and Manbij to protect Syrian border
1 year ago
Turkish Ministry of Defense: Neutralizing 9 members of the SDF who tried to attack the "Peace Spring" area in northeastern Syria.
SDF Commander in Chief Mazloum Abdi: In June Turkey launched 1.360 attacks against our areas
SDF Commander in Chief Mazloum Abdi: Turkish state did not commit to October 2019 ceasefire agreement
The military convoy of the TAF was transferred to the Olive Branch Operation area. All commanders of SMO will meet tomorrow. Turkish officials will also attend the meeting.
YPG are laying mines in the villages of Sheikh Isa, Ayn Dagne and Maranez in Tel Rifat
Aleppo: Assad forces target the outskirts of the city of Darat Izza in the western countryside with artillery shells
Turkish artillery units hit PKK positions on the Ayn Isa line in the north of Raqqa
SNA struck the YPG positions of in the villages of Közliye and Tel Leben on the Tel Tamr line with artillery fire.
Syrian Democratic Forces: Hundreds of ISIS members still move freely in Syrian areas occupied by Turkey
U.S. drone strike kills ISIS leader in Syria, another senior leader 'seriously' wounded: Centcom
The U.S. has killed Maher al-Agal, one of the top five ISIS leaders and the leader of ISIS in Syria in a UAS strike outside Jindayris in northwest Syria, according to @CENTCOM An initial review indicates there were no civilian casualties
Turkish-backed SNA targets SDF positions in the vicinity of Ain Issa town north of Raqqa with artillery shells
Two members of the SDF were killed in an unidentified attack near the water station in the town of "Al-Zar", east of Deir Ezzor
Turkish artillery hit YPG positions in the villages of Hasacik and Granata, southeast of Tel Rifat
The Syrian Democratic Forces establish a joint operations room with the government forces in the Kobani area, east of Aleppo
1 year ago
2 suspected militants neutralized by Turkish UAVs strikes at Qandil
Turkish warplanes launched rockets on villages in Amedi
Unknown gunmen attack a military vehicle of the SDF in the western countryside of Deir_ez_Zor, eastern Syria, casualties reported
Military convoy of the Turkish Armed Forces entered the Euphrates Shield region
1 year ago
Turkish Defense Minister Akar says that his country is being targeted by armed forces in northern Syria, especially from Manbij and Tal Rifaat, and indicates the increase in military attacks against Turkish forces in those areas
Unidentified persons target the SDF-affiliated Al-Hindi checkpoint on the main street in the city of Al-Shuhail, east of Deir Ezzor, with automatic weapons. According to the sources, clashes between the attackers and SDF elements are still violent between the two sides.
US Department of State: We regret the Turkish Radio and Television Supreme Council's @rtukkurumsal decision to block access to the websites of @VOATurkce & @dwnews further expanding government control over freedom of expression and media freedom in Turkey. Free press is essential to a robust democracy
Turkey sends a military convoy to areas held by Turkish-backed opposition SNA factions in Syria through al-Rai crossing north of Aleppo
Official statement of AANES declaring a general emergency after continued Turkish threats
The Autonomous Administration of the PYD declares a state of emergency in the SDF-controlled areas in anticipation of an imminent Turkish military operation -statement
1 year ago
Turkish Ministry of Defense: Neutralizing 20 members of the SDF who tried to attack the "Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch" areas in northern Syria