17 September 2021
Kurdistan Counter Terrorism releases photos of the rocket launchpad found by the security forces. It did not identify the location
Pkk drone footage from Gara made around 36.920526, 43.621124
I condemn in the strongest terms tonight's rocket attacks on Erbil. I urge all Kurdistanis to remain calm. I've instructed security services to start a full investigation and spoke with PM @MAKadhimi on ways to cooperate and identify the outlaws - PM Barzani
OIR Spokesman: Initial reports that Indirect Fire landed on Coalition Forces in Erbil tonight. There was 1 civilian contractor killed, 5 civilian contractors injured and 1 US service member injured
US State Department: We are looking into reports about the Erbil missile attack
Newly emerged "ghost" militia group that calls itself "Awlya al Dam" (Guardians of blood) claimed responsibility for tonight's rocket rocket attack targeting US troops in Erbil airport
The hole at the Chinese consulate in Erbil
Video of three rocket impacts near Erbil International Airport
Intense helicopter activity over Erbil right now. Video via @ennolenze
One civilian killed [Arab refugee from Syria] 4 others wounded due to Shia militias' rocket attack on Erbil — Kurdistan24
Those who perpetrated tonight's rocket attack will be punished - Senior Peshmerga official
The moment a rocket hit a residential building in Erbil amid a rocket attack which targeted Erbil International Airport on Monday evening. Via @EnglishBasNews
In Iraq, governor of Ninawa Province: the rockets which fell on Erbil did not come from Ninawa
At least five civilians reportedly wounded as three rockets out of five landed in residential areas Bakhtiyari, Naz City and near Kani Qrzhala of Erbil
A Kurdish security source: 8 missiles fell on the city of Erbil, targeting the vicinity of its international airport and residential neighborhoods
Leader in the Kurdistan Democratic Party Hoshyar Zebari: The authorities are investigating the source of the missile attacks and there will be consequences against the perpetrators
The closure of Erbil International Airport after it was targeted by missiles
The moment when one of the rockets fell 2KM south of Erbil international airport
VIDEO: Looks like a car dealership was damaged in the rocket fire in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan
Senior Kurdish official tells Rudaw Iran-backed PMF militias have fires the rockets from the Dibz area of the Kirkuk province
One of the rockets hit the wall of Naz city next to the Chinese consulate. This is an area popular with party goers and many cafes and shisha bars are in the area via @RudawEnglish
A rocket landed in the vicinity of Consulate General of China building in Erbil
One rocket landed in front of Bright Castle Motors - Mercedes Benz company
Iraqi security sources: 3 mortar shells landed near Erbil International Airport in northern Iraq, without any injuries
One rocket targeted Waziran district in Erbil
Heavy deployment of security forces around Erbil International Airport
Turkish_forces stationed in al-Sukkariyah village targeted the village of al-Hamra in the eastern countryside of Bab, north Syria, without casualties or material damage reported
Security sources: Two rockets landed near Erbil International Airport
Plumes of smoke over Erbil airport after the sound of explosions
Two rockets landed in Erbil international airport of Iraqi Kurdistan
ISIS has claimed responsibility for shooting and killing a Syrian Kurdish rebel in the village of Al-Hejjnah (near Al-Busayrah) in Syria's eastern Deir al-Zour Province
ISIS has claimed responsibility for an IED attack targeting a Syrian Kurdish rebel vehicle near the town of Al-Busayrah in Syria's eastern Deir al-Zour Province, allegedly killing 2 and wounding 6 others
Iran-linked militia also threatens to target Erbil, capital of the Kurdistan Region, if Turkey intensified its attacks7 month ago
Iran-linked militia also threatens to target Erbil, capital of the Kurdistan Region, if Turkey intensified its attacks
Turkish artillery units hit SDF positions in the villages of Maranez, Alkamiye and Ayn Dagnah in the south of Azaz
A video of Iraqi Shia militants from the Ashab al-Kahf targeting Turkish base in northern Iraq with indirect fire (Arash 4 rocket believed to be used)
[email protected] on @SecBlinken @MevlutCavusoglu "Sec emphasized shared interest in countering terrorism, importance of democratic institutions,inclusive governance,respect for human rights/expressed condolences for deaths of hostages, affirmed view PKK militants bear responsibility
7 month ago
Turkish Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu had a telephone conversation with the new US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken. - NTV
Serê Kaniyê: Clashes between Turkish forces in the village of "Al-Areesha", causing casualties
7 month ago
A civilian was killed by artillery shelling by the SDF targeting the villages of Umm Lens and al-Sukkariyah in the countryside of al-Bab city, east of Aleppo
Anadolu Agency: The Russian forces form a new faction of local elements under the name of "defense missions" in the city of Qamishli in the countryside of Hasakah Anatolia: Russia has sent, during the past weeks, large reinforcements to Qamishli International Airport, whose strength reached about a thousand soldiers
7 month ago
Turkish army bombing al-Boweihej and Jebb Makhzoum villages, east of Bab from its base in al-Sukkariya village, west Manbij with mortars
7 month ago
Over 700 arrested after failed Turkish raid in northern Iraq. Several members of the Kurdish HDP political party are amongst those arrested
Unidentified persons target with automatic weapons SDF military post in the town of Al-Shuhail, east of Deir Ezzor
7 month ago
US ambassador to Ankara summoned to foreign ministry over statement about the killings of Turkish hostages by the PKK in Iraq: foreign ministry
Turkey Balikesir: Turkish prosecutors ordered 46 alleged members of the banned Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) to be detained, said the Turkish state-run Anadolu agency on Monday. Security forces conducted simultaneous large-scale operations
Iran-backed group Ashab al-Kahf has claimed a projectile attack targeting Turkish military base in northern Iraq
7 month ago
Erdogan accused the US of supporting Kurdish militants who executed 13 kidnapped Turks in northern Iraq, adding that a US statement of condemnation was a "a joke"
7 month ago
Turkish aircraft bomb two villages in the Iraqi province of Dohuk
7 month ago
Local sources from the village of Tabaka in Derik's southern countryside told North Press that the US patrol consisted of four military vehicles, accompanied by two helicopters to provide air cover
7 month ago
Erdogan holds social media responsible for the killing of Turkish soldiers
7 month ago
President Erdoğan: It has become our duty to crush the head of the terrorist organization completely. Neither Qandil, Sinjar, nor any place they are in Syria is safe anymore for militants. Snow fell on those mountains
7 month ago
Erdoğan on 13 dead in Gara: The blood of these people has gotten into the hands of everyone who defends, supports and shows sympathy for the terrorist organization.
7 month ago
Erdogan: There is no more plundering, if we are to continue this union with you in the world, in NATO, you will not stand by the demands.
7 month ago
Erdogan to the USA: You were not with the PKK, YPG, PYD. You are with and behind them like sweethearts
7 month ago
If you want to continue our alliance globally and at NATO, then you must stop siding with militants: Turkey's President Erdogan to U.S.
Deir Ezzor Al-Shuhail: Unidentified persons riding a motorbike targeted one of the SDF checkpoints in the city of Al-Shuhail, "next to Abu Shaker Restaurant," with automatic weapons. Then the SDF Point fighters fired intensively in the air
Turkish air strike in Dohuk region
During the trial court in Erbil, the Journalist Sherwan Sherwani has been accused of "working for Iran and keeping secret watch on @masoud_barzani's movements and many more
Turkish air strike at Gara mount south of Deraluk
Turkish threats to occupy areas in Iraq are a violation of Iraqi sovereignty and its constitution, and an indication of its lack of respect for the protocol and laws of neighboring countries, an official from Sinjar/Shengal stated
7 month ago
Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu vowed to avenge the victims, saying all efforts would be made to capture Murat Karayilan, the head of the PKK's armed wing known as the People's Defense Forces (HPG), and to "cut him into a thousand pieces
The project to draw water from the Euphrates River to Syria's Hasakah and ease the water crisis caused by the Turkish cutoff is 30% complete
7 month ago
Countries claiming to be fighting terrorism are either silent on PKK massacre or trying to slur over it: Turkish foreign minister
Prominent Kurdish politician Roj Nuri Shaways dies at the age of 74, his family has told Rudaw
Turkish Police officer Vedat Kaya, who was killed during the 'rescue operation', was one of tens of thousands suspended and fired by Presidential decree as a potential Gülenist while still a POW7 month ago
Turkish Police officer Vedat Kaya, who was killed during the 'rescue operation', was one of tens of thousands suspended and fired by Presidential decree as a potential Gülenist while still a POW
US Foreign Affairs: The US regrets the death of Turkish citizens in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. We stand by our NATO ally Turkey, offer our condolences to the families of those killed in recent clashes
7 month ago
Lots of shrapnel damage in Hamra after the TFSA fired 23mm heavy machine guns at it
The TFSA have fired upon positions near Hamra with 23mm machine guns. West of Manbij
A civilian was wounded in a car bomb explosion on Sunday in Jinderis district in Afrin's countryside, north of Aleppo
Al-Hasakah: The administration of the Semalka border crossing of the Syrian Democratic Forces announces the suspension of livestock exports to northern Iraq
Reports that the NDF have fired upon an Asayîş checkpoint at the al Wahdah roundabout in Qamishli
Civilians were wounded in a car bomb explosion in Jenderes, north of Aleppo
Turkish govt claims that 13 Turks, soldiers and Intel personnel probably, were killed by the PKK during its latest operation. They were being held in a cave. PKK denies killing them, blames government
A pro-Iranian militia is recruiting fighters in the government-held areas of Qamishli and Hasaka
A member of the SDF was killed and others were wounded in the town of al-Busayrah, east of Syria's Deir_ez_Zor.
While our activities in Operation Claw-Eagle 2 area were continuing, mortal remains of 13 citizens who were detained in a cave, which was taken under control following intense clash, were found, said Akar. All the terrorists in the cave that killed our citizens were killed7 month ago
"While our activities in Operation Claw-Eagle 2 area were continuing, mortal remains of 13 citizens who were detained in a cave, which was taken under control following intense clash, were found," said Akar. "All the terrorists in the cave that killed our citizens were killed"
7 month ago
Turkish Defense Minister: We killed 48 PKK members, including 3 officials, and captured 2 in the operation in northern Iraq
7 month ago
Turkish Defense Minister: The military operation in northern Iraq has ended, and our ground and air forces have returned to their positions
The Turkish military operation on Gara mountain against PKK is over - Defense Minister
ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attempted assassination of a Syrian Kurdish rebel in the town of Al-Shuhail in Syria's eastern Deir al-Zour Province
Ashab al-Kahf: "The American and NATO forces in Iraq must understand that the Turkish army is part of NATO forces, and in the event of more hostile Turkish military activity, [we] will destroy all the camps that contain NATO forces
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