Map. History of Kurds conflict

12 May 2021
Kurdish-led SDF captured armaments from ISIS in al-Baghouz.
Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) halts oil exports tankers to Iran.
[email protected]'s Gen. Votel recommends continuing to arm the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces after the withdrawal of US troops from Syria as long as the group continues to fight ISIS
Video: clashes between SDF and Daesh in Baguz village in Deir-ez-Zur countryside
Video: clashes between SDF and Daesh in Baguz village in Deir-ez-Zur countryside
US President Donald Trump says announcement on Daesh 'caliphate' to come within '24 hours'
Trump: I will announce important measures on Syria within the next 24 hours
Kurdistan announces it will stop oil exports to Iran.
SDF commander says that ISIS have brought hundreds of civilians above ground in Baghouz, having hidden them previously in a network of underground tunnels. "We do not want to cause a massacre," said Adnan Afrin.
2 year ago
Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar: The safe zone in Syria should be controlled only by Turkey
2 year ago
Akar: "PKK, PYD, YPG are the same. Therefore, the removal of YPG organization from the region is the most important issue for the security of our borders and our people"
2 year ago
Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar: "The gap that will emerge after the withdrawal of the US from Syria should not become a safe zone for terrorists."
2 year ago
President Erdoğan: We know very well how the smallest problem in the Syria will bring us big costs in the future.
Airstrikes on schedule. "Next one hits in 15 minutes". Coalition airstrikes on ISIS targets in Baghuz has decreased, max 2 a day, and remaining ISIS fighters and families resort to fields near Baghuz.
The Syrian Democratic Forces fighters captured the northern area of ​​the village of Baguz al-Fawqani, where the fighters found a large weapons depot during its sweep
"We have ensured ISIS no longer holds the innocent people of Syria or Iraq in their murderous iron fist" per @DepSecDef in Munich "We have destroyed its ability to mass forces and we have killed most of its leadership and significantly diminished its resources"
SDF fighters found 25 bodies of daesh fighters in Baghouz. One of them was clearly a child soldier.
Top US CENTCOM general Votel tells CNN he disagreed with Trump over Syria troop pullout
The International coalition Air Force targets several places in the town of Al-Bagouz east of Deir Ez-Zor
Raqqa security forces found an ISIS depot on the 14/02/2019
Unidentified aircraft carried out several strikes on the headquarters of the Assad's forces in AlSuwaiyah bridge area on the outskirts of Al-Bukamal city east of Deir ez-Zur.
Photos of the crude oil refineries in the northern Deir ez-Zur countryside.2 year ago
Photos of the crude oil refineries in the northern Deir ez-Zur countryside.
Lilwa al-'Abdullah, the official spokeswoman of SDFs Jazirah Storm campaign against IS survived an assassination attempt on the road between Dayr az-Zawr and Hesîçe/Hasakah.2 year ago
Lilwa al-'Abdullah, the official spokeswoman of SDFs Jazirah Storm campaign against IS survived an assassination attempt on the road between Dayr az-Zawr and Hesîçe/Hasakah.
RPG launch failure in clashes today. No casualties
Inherent Resolve:Members of SDF conduct clearance operations prior to a drill and ceremony presentation during a final combat assessment in the Dayr Az Zawr Province, Syria.
The fierce fighting and the violent clashes that broke out between Syria's Democratic Forces and Daesh organization in the Baguoz Deir al-Zour
The SDF are bringing special demining and medical teams in for the clearing of the Al Baghuz camp
Turkey-Russia-Iran Joint declaration: leaders have agreed to coordinate the security and stability of the northeast of Syria
Rohani: The United States may continue its air attacks in Syria even after withdrawing
Putin on the withdrawal of American troops from Syria: We know that Trump is quite actively working to fulfill his campaign promises. What rarely happens in US politics in practice
Erdogan: The formation of a terrorist corridor on our border with Syria is incompatible with the security of Turkey and will not allow it
Erdogan on the US decision to withdraw from Syria: what will happen at this time, unknown. We are taking the measures on relation to this issue.
Erdogan: I call for a new summit in Istanbul in the next phase of cooperation between Turkey, Russia and Iran
Putin: The Syrians are only authorized to determine the political fate of their country
Erdogan: The Assad regime must maintain a cease-fire.
Erdogan: US withdrawal from Syria is undoubtedly important and we emphasize the need to combat terrorist organizations after the withdrawal
Erdogan: We call on the United Nations to end the war in Syria
Putin at The Sochi summit says that the pro-Assad forces should extend control over all areas from which Washington will withdraw
Rouhani: Turkey should not feel any threat from Syria and relations with it should be brotherly
Putin: "The provision of peace in Syria and the need for the reconstruction of Syria has been agreed by Russia, Turkey and Iran"
Photo's posted/taken from inside Al-Bagouz
2 year ago
HDP have organised marches from 15 cities to Diyarbaker to participate in a press conference in front of LeylaGuven's house tomorrow. Turkish police are blocking all roads to Guven's house to prevent people from showing solidarity with Leyla Güven
Putin: Astana is a tool of a lasting political solution for Syria
Coalition helicopter transferring injured SDF fighters on the outskirts of ISIS enclave in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zur
A boy coming from an ISIS family refuses to look at a Kurdish female fighter because "That's what they taught us".
Image from inside the Al-Baghoz camp were ISIS and families reside
Erdogan: We must overcome the blockage regarding the constitutional committee in Syria
President Erdoğan: "The territorial integrity of Syria cannot be achieved unless the PYD and the YPG are cleared from Manbij and the east of the Euphrates."
President Erdoğan on Syria: We support the idea of a safe-zone as much as it serves to address our national security concerns.
SDF also screening, detaining those fleeing Shajalah and Baghuz. "Amongst those arriving to be screened are the wives of ISIS fighters, some of whom sustained gunshot wounds while fleeing" per @oirdcom
As of the moment, @CJTFOIR says it cannot confirm either the mass surrender of about 240 ISIS fighters to the SDF or claims that what is left of the force protecting ISIS' physical has fled Baghuz to a few hundred meters of fortified ground by the Eurphrates River
Turkish-Russian joint patrol on the borders of the villages of Mar'anaz, Ain Dukneh and Kafr Khashr and Minakh controlled by the Kurdish units in the countryside Aleppo
Local sources say around 100 ISIS have surrendered themselves to SDF with most of them European nationals.
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