Map. History of Kurds conflict

15 May 2021
Akçakale lights still on. Picture taken from Tal Abyad2 year ago
Akçakale lights still on. Picture taken from Tal Abyad
SDF fighters had also seized a large quantity of ammunition during their operations in Hajin region. Heavy clashes between SDF and ISIS are ongoing.
Turkish Gendarmerie found weapons and ammunition including eight RPG-7 launchers after an operation in the city of Kilis near the border with Syria.2 year ago
Turkish Gendarmerie found weapons and ammunition including eight RPG-7 launchers after an operation in the city of Kilis near the border with Syria.
Reports of attempted ISIS counter-attack on Hajin, after SDF cleared Hajin ANHA: A military source from Hajin area in Deir ez-Zor said neighborhoods northeast of Hajin town were witnessing a street war between the Syrian Democratic Forces and ISIS
2 year ago
Violent clashes between Daesh organization and SDF on the outskirts of Al Bukhater town in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, in conjunction with an aerial bombing of the International Coalition targeting the town.
Deir al-Azur Eastern countryside: International coalition aircraft launched several air raids targeted the town of Shaafa, which is under the control of the ISIS
[email protected]: "The Coalition mission in northeast Syria remains unchanged. We continue our normal operations, including observation posts in the border region to address the security concerns of our NATO ally Turkey.any reports indicating a change to the US position is false"
Violent clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the Kurdish units on the axis of the village of Harbul, south of the town of Mar'a north of Aleppo.
2 year ago
Turkey turned off the lights at border wall opposite the Tell Abiad, where gathering of military vehicles were recorded earlier
ISIS targeting Suwayah in Eastern Deir-ez-Zur with mortars
YPG/J units within the SDF force currently fighting ISIS in Hajin were ordered to get prepared to withdraw from the front at any moment to counter Turkish threats and a possible incursion into Northern Syria
Very intense clashes between Manbij Military Council fighters and ISIS militants around Hajin Deir ez-Zur
IS mortar attack on SDF points inside Hajin SE Deir ez-Zur
Coalition airstrikes hit ISIS positions at citadel in South to Hajin, Eastern Deir Ez-Zor Governorate
The Road between Abu Hasan and Al-Susah is cut
Al-Hasakah: A displacement movement in Ras al-Ain and its countryside close to the Turkish border
WSJ: Trump asked Erdogan to abandon plans of operation in Northern Syria
YPG and SDF reinforcements have arrived to Kobani also,in preparation for any situation that might occur These reinforcements include Heavy weaponry and armored vehicles and a few number of Tanks
Video evidence of the presence of Ahrar Al-Sharqiyah at Akcakale Border crossing2 year ago
Video evidence of the presence of Ahrar Al-Sharqiyah at Akcakale Border crossing
Iraq's FM summons Turkish ambassador over yesterday's air strikes on Sinjar and Makhmour camp, handing him a letter of protest
Remote controlled machine guns of ISIS captured today in Hajin. They point it to a certain place where fighters or vehicles would probably pass by and fire it when they see movement at that location the cameras they place earlier.
ISIS SVBIED (car bomb) captured by the Kurdish-led SDF in Hajin town.
2 year ago
Erdogan and Trump agreed to improve coordination in the context of Syria.
2 year ago
Erdogan delivered security concerns about YPG to Trump in a phone call
2 year ago
Erdogan and Trump have discussed security and counter-terrorism issues, especially in Syria, the latest developments
2 year ago
Turkish President Erdoğan had a phone call with US President Trump
Heavy clashes continue in Hajin
Kurdish factions in Syria consider Turkish threats of attacking northern Syria as a declaration of war
2 year ago
8 suspected terrorists were killed in air strikes in the north of Iraq, Zap and Hakurk areas
2 year ago
SDF official: 3 US observation posts continue their work
Main Turkey backed Syria rebel "National Army": offensive against YPG will be launched from several fronts. It will be in Manbij and Tel Abyad and Ras al-Ayn (towns about 200 km apart near Syria border); operation from Turkey might begin few days before move from with in Syria
SDF official says Hajin liberation campaign continues until finishing the mission, claims other reports nothing but a Turkish propaganda
ISIS claimed car bomb attack against SDF in Baghuz Tahtani, Eastern Deir ez-Zur
Daesh is counterattacking Hajin. Very heavy clashes as they try to reenter the town proper.
SDF's media statement this morning says clashes with ISIS in Hajin continued until late at night while SDF fighters "advanced a distance of 1 km, secured 25 points and seized large amounts of weapons, ammunition and military equipment."
2 year ago
According to Turkish newspaper Turkey Operation at East Euphrates will be 550 km long and 40 km deep.
Heavy Clashes between SDF and ISIS at Al-Baghuz Tahtani
2 year ago
Fighters from the FSA group Ahrar Sharqiya has reached the Turkish side of Tal Abyad crossing
Dam breach in Diyarbakir: People in Dicle Valley abandoned their homes2 year ago
Dam breach in Diyarbakir: People in Dicle Valley abandoned their homes
2 year ago
Hürriyet daily: Turkey military is also considering using the southeastern Turkish towns of Akçakale, located across Syria's Tel Abyad, and Ceylanpınar, which faces Ras al-Ayn, as well as Şenyurt and Nusaybin, as other points of entry into Syri
2 year ago
Turkey Hürriyet daily: Military sources see an all-out Turkish attack along the 500-km border with Syria as unlikely; Turkey could opt for smaller attacks against small areas held by the YPG just inside Syria.
2 year ago
Erdogan: Turkey has lost a lot of time to intervene in the quagmire of terrorism east of the Euphrates, and we will not be able to delay one day.
2 year ago
#Erdogan to the US: “If you don’t clean #Manbij (from terrorist groups), we will also take it”
Erbil police officers rescue a child stranded in the middle of a flooded road as heavy rainfall continued to affect areas this week.
YPG published a video of attack on Turkish troops in Afrin region with ATGM
Clashes still ongoing in Hajin city this morning between SDF and ISIS
2 year ago
Russia-Turkey in touch on all Syria-related issues - Russian FM
Photos posted showing coalition airstrikes in the Al Qalat Yatahasan, Hajin town were they still a pocket of Daesh2 year ago
Photos posted showing coalition airstrikes in the Al Qalat Yatahasan, Hajin town were they still a pocket of Daesh
2 year ago
Turkish police raid pro-Kurdish HDP's provincial office in Diyarbakir. Over 50 Arrested.
Turkish police raid pro-Kurdish HDP's provincial office in Diyarbakir. Over 50 Arrested.
More than 20 combat aircraft, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles and tanker aircraft, took part in the campaign against PKK targets in northern Iraq last night
SDF head M Kobani: "(Jeffrey) knows well that Turkish attacks will make the fight against Daesh fail and all the work between us will go to waste." James Jeffrey, came to the SDF region after holding talks in Ankara earlier this week.
N-W Syria tonight. Turkish drone over Syria's Afrin while Royal air force KC2 Voyager over nearby Turkey's Hatay. No visible activity over eastern SDF/YPG-held areas.
Amid tensions with Turkey over Syria, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Dunford spoke today with his Turkish counterpart Gen. Yasar Guler. The two generals discussed "the US observation posts in the northeast Syria border region" according to Dunford's spokesman
Mazloum Kobani SDF Commander-in-Chief: "We are ready for any attack and will respond strongly within our areas. Till now, our diplomatic attempts are ongoing to deter this."
Coalition surveillance aircraft are currently flying over Girê Spî/Tal Abyad
Residents of the Makhmour refugee camp are condemning Turkey's airstrikes in which 4 members of the Self Defence Units were killed (Pictures: @h_dogancetin)
4 civilians killed and 9 wounded in The explosion of the motorcycle in the center of the city of Afrin north of Aleppo today evening.
Iraqi Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halbousi has arrived in Erbil. He will meet with KRG officials and pay a visit to Lalish.
2 year ago
Mayor of Makhmour says they have lost contact with a refugee camp sheltering Kurds from Turkey after Turkish airstrikes
2 year ago
Turkish fighter jets bombarded 5 PKK targets in Shlo and Sakina villages western Sinjar. Casualties feared.
2 year ago
US Secretary of State Mike @SecPompeo and Turkish Foreign Minister talk over the phone to discuss the situation in Syria
2 year ago
Turkey's Ministry of Defense confirms that it conducted airstrikes against PKK positions in Mount Qarachokh and Shingal.
YPG sent HAT Special force unit to border at Tall Abyad
Turkish warplanes have targeted PKK bases in Sinjar and Qarachokh mount.
All of Hajin except for the bits in the south have been captured. Daesh have withdrawn.
Special Forces soldier from an unknown country with his translator in Deir ez-Zur
Local sources report an explosion in Afrin city center tonight
Two civilians were injured when a motorcycle exploded in the center of the town of Afrin north of Aleppo.
SDF flag in Hajin bazaar place, center of the town.
Report that Daesh defenses have fallen apart in Hajin and that Abu al Khatir is under SDF control. This would be a significant development in the fight. And means that Hajin would be captured.
Interior Ministry orders sacking of more than 125 Kurdish policemen in Kirkuk
2 year ago
According to the statement issued by the TSK, a harassment fire was opened from Tel Rıfat, and a Turkish soldier was killed and the area was targeted in response
YPG opened fire from Tell Rifat towards Turkish soldiers in Afrin. 1 Turkish soldier killed.
Turkish military hit the Syrian Army, not the YPG near Tal Rifa'at. A couple soldiers were reportedly wounded, but nothing serious. Syrian army responded with a barrage of artillery towards the small town of Jaleel. All quiet now.
Reports Turkish military hit a Syrian Army post just outside or Tal Rifa'at. Possible casualties, no response from SAA
Protest in Kobane against Turkish intervention
Video from Hajin: SDF make an advance from 2 axes inside the town and coalition airstrikes supporting
Turkish artillery shells Tal Rifat.
Turkish artillery shelling Bene and Sewaxankê villages in Afrin’s Sherawa district
Nothing going on Serikaniye. Walls still there
Amaq reports about IS targeted killing of SAA soldier in Hasakah city
Units of Turkish-backed FSA National Army reportedly deploying on Manbij frontline
Amnesty International report: Islamic State group's decapture destruction of agriculture in northern Iraq has hindered the return of residents.
Some pictures from center of Hajin this morning shows how intense and hardened clashes were
ISIS VBIED targeted SDF fighters in Hajin, DeirEzZor. the blast occurred meters away from @K24English team.
NSA spox:All factions are going to participate in the upcoming offensive.Turkish jets will be involved the battle.The battle will consist of several stages.
Clashes in central Hajin, Eastern Deir-ez-Zur
Deir al-Azur: International coalition aircraft continue to bombard Daesh positions in a Hajin city
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