Map. History of Kurds conflict

21 September 2018
Heavy clashes occurred last night between YPG and Hamza Brigade near Afrin city
YPG and government Axis Forces are amassing at Al-Rashideen Neighborhood also,which is odd,because YPG has no frontline there,YPG is amassing at areas with a frontline with Syrian Opposition Forces at Al-Layramoun
Coalition aircraft dropped leaflets over the town of Sousse in the eastern Deir Ez-Ezur, calling on civilians to leave the areas under control of the Daesh
From Brigade 53 Lalish governmentnt commader: there is no truth to withdrawals of PMF from Sinjar or the border strip. The brigades on the border are rotating out their units and replacing them with another.
Centcom statement says investigation unable to conclusively determine if a US Marine was shot intentionally by a SDF guard but accepted the imminent danger the 2nd Marine perceived. Centcom spox couldn't tell what that imminent danger was, said must await redacted report.1 month ago
Centcom statement says investigation "unable to conclusively determine if a US Marine was shot intentionally by a SDF guard" but accepted the "imminent danger" the 2nd Marine perceived. Centcom spox couldn't tell what that "imminent danger" was, said must await redacted report.
1 month ago
It was determined that the terrorist who was neutralized on 2 August in Diyarbakir was Ahmet Dorak, the so-called regional officials of PKK
Kurdish-led SDF and Deir-Ez-Zor Miliary Council secure oil wells in the countryside of DeirEzzor after years of control under ISIS.
Turkish Army and US CENTCOM had its 27th coordinated, independent patrol at the frontlines between Euphrates Shiedl and Manbij.
2 YPG militants have been neutralized in the ongoing security operations in Barad mountain in the countryside of Afrin.
The Pentagon has denied that there was conflict between SDF and US marines
Deir-ez-Zur A SDF member was killed by US marines after he shot a marines after a verbal dispute
The Future Syria Party opened its office in the city of Manbij. The party has already opened offices in Qamishli and Hasakah and plans to expand to areas under Syrian Government control.
YPG giving an account of all the bombings and killings it has carried out against Turkish-backed forces
1 month ago
3 Turkish soldiers killed in clashes in Diyarbakir countryside
Armaments captured from ISIS by Kurdish-led SDF in DeirEzzor.
Fierce clashes between Turkish army and PKK in Del mount, northern Erbil.
The civil council RCC have started the restoration project of "The Old Bridge" in Raqqa one of the two important bridges that connects both sides of city.
3 members of the YPG forces were killed by an unknown assailant at the checkpoint of Hawaij village east of Deir al-Zour
Four members of the Euphrates Shield factions were killed by Kurdish units in the village of Qarata, north of the city of Manbaj, east of Aleppo.
Kurdish YPG claimed and published video of attack on 4 Turkish-backed forces fighters north to Manbij
Turkish artillery units bombing YPG militias hiding in Afrin/Shaykh Hadid mountain.
The US continues to establish military infrastructure in the territories controlled by SDF. The US servicemen are currently setting up a new military facility a few kilometers north of al Tabni town
Today afternoon a new shipment by @Coalition consisting of over 500 trucks arrived to Northern Syria, carrying support to the Kurdish-led Syrian-Democratic Forces.
Kurdish Forces in Afrin executed kidnapped fighter of Turkish-backed forces
KDP leader @masoud_barzani : US special envoy @brett_mcgurk have not asked me to postpone the Kurdistan parliament election.
Masoud Barzani: our relations with Iraqi government and Regional coutries like Turkey and Iran is very good.
Barzani: I'm sure one day Kurdistan will be independent.
Kurds have never sought to take the territory of others or attack them, but we have always defended ourselves throughout history, even up until now, says @Masoud_Barzani.
Barzani: Kurds are thirsty for independence. Countries not accepting us as neighbors nor partners.
The SDF watch as a @coalition airstrike hits its target on a known ISIS location near the Iraqi-Syrian border. The strike was in support of #OperationRoundup, the offensive to DefeatDaesh
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