20 September 2021
9 month ago
Clashes between the TFSA and SDF in the Tel Tamr countryside tonight
In Iraq, 26 year old man killed by gunfire in violence accompanying protests in Sulaymaniyah city in Kurdistan. Protests sparked by inability of Kurdish Regional Government to pay salaries after Baghdad fails to send funding
According to the new the statistics on new cases of coronavirus in the Autonomous Administration regions, the number of infections has risen to 7,256 of which 210 died and 1,058 recovered
President of the Kurdistan government to Iraqi media: Demonstrations are legitimate, but sabotage is rejected
A short-term clash took place between the NSA and the YPG forces on the Kefer Kelbin line in the south of Azez.
Clashes are taking place between the SDF and SNA on the Kefr Hasr-Kefr Kelbin line in the west of Azaz
Clashes are taking place between the SNA and SDF militants on the Arima line in the west of Manbij
Reports that the Russian army is preparing to establish two more posts around Ayn Issa in the coming days
Iraqi Human Rights Commission condemns actions of security forces in suppression of rights of protesters in Sulaymaniyah Province of Kurdistan
The crowd grew to a bigger size before marching in downtown Sinjar
9 month ago
In Iraq, protesters in Sayyid Sadiq district in Sulaymaniyah Province of Kurdistan raise Iraqi flag over local government building
Father of 3, Farzad Saadzadeh was killed yesterday by border foces in Salmas County, NW Iran. He was shot at a close range without prior warning.  The government categorizes border porters or kolbars as smugglers & routinely kills them9 month ago
Father of 3, Farzad Saadzadeh was killed yesterday by border foces in Salmas County, NW Iran. He was shot at a close range without prior warning. The government categorizes border porters or kolbars as "smugglers" & routinely kills them
An unidentified young man riding a motorcycle was killed on Kafr Janna Road in Afrin
The mayor of Chamchamal, Ramk Ramazan: Tensions rose during the protests today. Shots fired at the demonstrators from the KDP headquarters. One protestor killed. Three persons injured, one of them a police officer. Footage of KDP HQ today during protests shared on social media:
9 month ago
Protesters in the town of Saidsadiq set fire to the offices of five of the Kurdistan Region's largest political parties, as demonstrators were injured in clashes with police in the town. - one protesters has reportedly been killed
Al-Hasakah: Two helicopters landed at the military airfield in the city of Al-Shaddadi in the southern countryside
Iraq: KRG security forces are reportedly firing live ammunition during protests in Sulaymaniyah today
Ain Issa: Military Source from Ain Issa Military Council: Russian forces requested the Syrian Democratic Forces, to hand over the town of Ain Issa to Damascus goverment
9 month ago
Turkish Ministry of Defense: 3 PKK / YPG members who attempted to infiltrate the Peace Spring area were neutralized.
Turkish army attacked Abu Rasin in northern Syria last night. As a result of these attack, a Syrian army BMP has damaged
The Turkish shelling damaged a BMP vehicle of the Syrian government forces and wounded a government soldier. Abu Rasin area of Hasakah
The burning of the headquarters of 5 Kurdish parties northwest of Sulaymaniyah to protest the delay in salaries
Fire broke out in the UNHCR building in Siyahi neighborhood, Qamishli city
Military police at Al Bab arrest a gang stealing motorcycles
9 month ago
Frequent malfunctions in the power transmission lines between the cities of Derbasiyah and Sere Kaniye are caused by overloads, according to Hami.
9 month ago
SAA dispatches to military airport in Tabka district, west of Raqqa
Iran-backed Shia militias and Iraqi army has given 24-hour notice to the Kurdish residents of Palkana village in Kirkuk province to evacuate their village.
Kurdish News Agency closed by security forces in Slemani amid rising protests against corruption of the government.
9 month ago
Dirbêsiyê: Joint Turkish-Russian military patrol in the western countryside of Dirbêsiyê
Casualties among the SDF members due to unknown gunfire in the eastern countryside of Deir_ez-Zor
Al-Raqqa: Clashes and intermittent artillery shelling between the SDF and the SNA in the vicinity of the village of Al-Maalik near the town of Ain Issa
Jeffrey: The goal of the US military presence in Syria is not limited to fighting ISIS, but also to prevent Assad from gaining ground
Journalist Ayşegül Doğan sentenced to 6 years and 3 months in prison9 month ago
Journalist Ayşegül Doğan sentenced to 6 years and 3 months in prison
Reports that YBS elements who have not merged with security forces are attempting to organize a protest in downtown Sinjar tomorrow at 10am local time in rejection of the Erbil-Baghdad deal
Piramagrun protestors attack offices of ruling parties, torching PUK's Kurdistan
United States Military Convoy has entered SDF Areas towards SDF-Held Hasakah and Deir Ez Zor
Russian warplanes over al Bab for 2 hours
Belgian delegation promises to provide assistance to Sere Kaniye IDPs
Already many families have left Ayn Issa because of shelling by Turkey. The area is no longer safe. People can't sleep at night and are anxious all the time. The shelling since last month is intentional in this purpose
Iraq: Employees burn party headquarters in Sulaymaniyah
Two Coalition aircraft reported over Tel Tamr this afternoon.
Turkish forces reportedly tageting pro-Assad forces positions near Tal Tamr, northern Hasakah9 month ago
Turkish forces reportedly tageting pro-Assad forces positions near Tal Tamr, northern Hasakah
Turkish forces targeted pro-Assad forces point in Tall Tamr countryside9 month ago
Turkish forces targeted pro-Assad forces point in Tall Tamr countryside
9 month ago
Tel Tamr: Turkish forces targeted a military point of Syria army in northern Tel-Tamr countryside, fully destroying the point. Casualties unknown.
Turkish forces bring military reinforcements towards the Syrian border, north of Raqqa
Kurdish media: 3 Turkish soldiers were killed in operations in Afrin on Thursday and Friday
Turkish Ministry of Defense claims 9 SDF fighters were killed in Peace Spring operation area
The Afrin Liberation Forces have posted footage of an MPT-76 seized from the Turkish army in their attack against them on December 3rd
Iraqi Parliamentary amendment committee fails to make any progress on article 140 of constitution regarding Baghdad-Erbil disputed areas. Some want to remove the article, some want to amend it, & some want to leave it as is
Footage: The Turkish forces are targeting and shelling residential areas in the villages Qentere and Meyase of Sherawa district in Afrin
Belgian parliament delegation in the Autonomous Administration areas visiting Washu Kani IDP camp in Hasakah
Official in Omar Aloush hospital talks about injuries amid Turkish shelling
Shrapnel of the Turkish shelling reached the vicinity of Ain_Issa Hospital, as a result of which some of its windows were smashed
Al-Raqqa: Turkish artillery shelling targets the SDF sites on the outskirts of Ain Issa.
9 month ago
The American forces conduct a military patrol in the vicinity of Rumailan, northeast of Al-Hasakah
Turkish warplanes bomb Duhok's Gara Mountain: official9 month ago
Turkish warplanes bomb Duhok's Gara Mountain: official
Operations west of Nineveh: We will not allow any armed force in Sinjar, northern Iraq
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