Map. History of Kurds conflict

18 May 2021
ISIS claimed the killing of a mukhtar belonging to the SDF in Raqqa, Syria
1 year ago
US-Turkish talks in Ankara end without any agreement announced
According to the report @CJTFOIR plans to "help increase the overall (Syria) partner force size by 10%," to include the Syrian Democratic Forces, Provincial Internal Security Forces and the Internal Security Forces (of Raqqah, Manbij, and Dayr az Zawr). Current strength is ~100,000
Pentagon's latest Inspector General report on the ISIS fight: The "partial withdrawal of US forces from Syria" has "decreased the support available to partner forces at a time when they needed training and equipping to respond to ISIS resurgent cells," according to @CJTFOIR
1 year ago
2 suspected militants were killed by Turkish security forces in at mount Cilo in Yüksekova/Hakkari. Weapons seized. Operation ongoing
YAT conducted a raid on ISIS sleeper cell in Shadadi, Hasakah. 3 militants neutralized, 1 caught and a bunch of weapons captured
Afrin: Report of explosion in Afrin city. Ambulance are rushing to the explosion location
Turkish artillery bombardment targets YPG in the Mar'naz and Malikiyah areas of northern Aleppo
International Coalition aircrafts were spotted flying intense at low altitude near the city Siri Kani/Ras Al Ain, while a number of U.S Armored vehicles was patrolling west of Siri Kani/Ras Al Ain countryside
Turkish army units and Euphrates Shield forces are targeting the YPG positions in Malikiyah - Maranaz axis with heavy artillery.
Number of YPG fighters were reportedly killed in FSA "National army" operation in Maranaz south to Azaz in Northern Aleppo
Aleppo: An explosive device exploded inside a van belonging to the Al Hamza division in Al Bab city in the eastern countryside
Al-Raqqa: 3 members of the SDF were killed and wounded when their vehicle was targeted by an improvised explosive device near Al-Rashid Park in the center of Al-Raqqa city
Local sources: a powerful explosion rocking Al-Nour Street in the city of Raqqa
[email protected]: "We're obviously holding thousands of fighters, ISIS fighters, so those are some of the things we risk if there's a unilateral incursion into northern Syria by the Turks."
1 year ago
"We are determined to expel PKK militants from Iraq" - Erdogan
1 year ago
Erdogan: If Turkey does not do what is needed in northern Syria today, it will pay a heavy price later
1 year ago
Turkish President Erdoğan: We expect our NATO ally and strategic partner, the United States, to take steps that are worthy of a real ally.
1 year ago
Turkish President Erdoğan: Our experience in Syria once again showed that if we are not active in the field, we will not be on the table.
1 year ago
Turkish President Erdoğan: We will certainly defend our national interests by dialogue when necessary, by using soft power elements when necessary, by means of coercive diplomacy and by using deadly force when necessary.
1 year ago
Turkey President Erdoğan: "I hope that the process we have started with the Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch operations will soon be at a different stage."
Mazlum Abdi, major leader of Syrian democratic forces: "The United States is the leader of the NATO alliance and is putting pressure on Turkey, we believe that the US is the most important force that can influence Turkey's position and stop its threats against us"
Mazlum Abdi, major leader of Syrian democratic forces: "The United States has succeeded in preventing the war, we look at this positively but there is no final agreement yet. Meetings and discussions continue and we are part of it"
Asayis police forces dismantled a explosive-loaded minibus this morning near Siri Kani(Ras Al-Ain)
Esper: US would prevent any Turkish unilateral incursion in Northern Syria
1 year ago
US Defense Secretary: Negotiations with Ankara to establish a safe zone in northern Syria can yield satisfactory results
1 year ago
US Defense Secretary: Turkish military operations in northern Syria are unacceptable
Al Bab: Explosion in Al Bab today morning
Heavy fighting is occurring near the towns of Harbul, Ayn Daqnah, and Sheikh Isa
There's been explosion near the national hospital in Raqqa city. But no one is hurt
Turkish soldier and two members of FSA National Army killed after unknown gunmen threw a grenade and fired at a police checkpoint on the road Jenderes - Basouta in the area of Afrin north of Aleppo
Tel Rifat area: violent clashes reported at Marea frontline between YPG and FSA
Pentagon: "We urge Turkey to work with us on a joint approach."
Pentagon: "Unilateral military action into NE Syria is of grave concern particularly as US personnel may be present or in the vicinity while we continue operations against ISIS holdouts with our local Syrian partners. We would find any such actions unacceptable."
Pentagon on NE Syria-"This week we are holding high level military to military discussions in Ankara.We believe this dialogue is the only way to secure the border area in a sustainable manner. Any uncoordinated military operations by Turkey will undermine that shared interest
Siri Kani/Ras al-Ain: International Coalition has launched flares over the city Siri Kani after monitoring movements in the village Tall Khinzir, west of the city of Siri Kani while U.S aircrafts circling the city
Turkish army deploys more troops alongside the border with Northern Syria 's Siri Kani, while airplanes of the International Coalition are flying over the city to monitor the movements of the Turkish army
A civilian was injured in explosion of a car in the city of Jarabulus in eastern Aleppo
CJTFOIR has just fired flash bangs grenades in the environs of CONICO gas field in the eastern Deir ez-Zur
IED exploded at local council car in Jarablus
Entering other convoy of aid from the International Coalition for Northern Syria
Entry of a logistical and military convoy of the International Coalition to the city of Qamishli in Syria
As Turkey's President once again threatens a military offensive against US-backed groups in Northeast Syria, the US-led anti-ISIS coalition's Special Operation Joint Task Force tweets: our partners in NE Syria have sacrificed much to consolidate gains and keep peace and stability1 year ago
As Turkey's President once again threatens a military offensive against US-backed groups in Northeast Syria, the US-led anti-ISIS coalition's Special Operation Joint Task Force tweets: "our partners in NE Syria have sacrificed much to consolidate gains and keep peace and stability"
1 year ago
Turkish-U.S. negotiations on "safe zone" in Northern Syria to continue tomorrow
Large amount of ammunition captured during the raids on ISIS sleeper cells in Hasakah yesterday
1 year ago
An explosive device was detonated near SDF patrol near the village of Khnez in the northern Raqqa countryside
This morning and early afternoon the TFSA and Turkish Army shelled Kalotyah and Burj Qas villages. ANHA reports two civilian injuries
Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria: We will stand united in the face of Turkish threats
Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria condemn "irresponsible Turkish threats"
The Afrin police engineering team dismantled an improvised explosive device on the Rajo road in the city of Afrin in Aleppo countryside
One of the leading SDF commanders Newroz Ahmad says: if Turkey attacks all Northern Syria will be a war zone.
PMU close the road between Mosul and Erbil in protest against the decision of the Iraqi Prime Minister to withdraw militias from the Nineveh Plain
1 year ago
Turkish-US military delegations' meeting on establishing safe zone in Syria's north starts in Ankara
Mosul-Erbil road is blocked by these PMF guys to protest against the PM decision on the 30th brigade of the PMF
1 year ago
Azerbaijan: positions of army were shelled in 5 villages on 4-5th August: Kamerli, Gushu Ayrym, Mezem, at heights of Gazakh dustruct, villages of Kohanebi and Agbulag in Tovuz district, heights of Gedabek district
Syrian National Army Third Corps forces are targeting YPG with mortars on the axis of the Harbul west of Al Bab
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