Map. History of Kurds conflict

22 September 2018
The Syrian opposition faction @MuntasrBillahTR continues its participation in the military operations against the YPG
YPG denies Turkish accusations of chlorine gas mortar attack against Free Syrian Army in Afrin Aleppo, claims Turkey launched chemical weapons attack and poisoned its own FSA allies in Operation Olive Branch
YPG Commander Hemo: Turkish army has made no advance in Afrin
Allegation of YPG clorine attack against FSA in Afrin, Syria is not true. FSA fighters poisoned by bombardment/shelling smoke but not chemical or chlorine gas so far
"We're deeply worried about the new front opened in Northern Syria" - @FedericaMog
20 FSA fighters(7 in critical condition) were injured when chlorine gas shell hit their position on Sheikh Kharouz front in Bulbul north Afrin
Olive Branch operation room states several of its fighters were injured after the YPG fired a shell with chlorine gas
Footage of last night's operation where YPG clashed with Turkish army at Haj Bilal village in Sheikh Hadid district west of Afrin.
Iraqi Kurds say 4,000 jihadists detained, including foreigners
Authorities in the Kurdistan region of Iraq announced that it is holding about 4 thousand extremists, including foreigners
YPG/SDF fighters have destroyed an armoured vehicle of the Turkish army around the village Hemam of Jindires district
"Support convoy" from Eastern Syria has arrived in Jinderes West to Afrin
Rohani: We hope Turkish military will stop the operation in Afrin
Afrin Hospital issued a report about the number of the casualties it received from 20 January to 5 February. It includes (130) deaths and (194) wounded.
AfrinOp: sat imagery shows YPG started to build fortifications on Hill 740 (overlooking Rajo) early July 2017. Unfinished when OliveBranch forces seized hill.
Greater Ali fighters east of Tuz this morning
7 month ago
Erdoğan: Turkey will take the necessary steps regarding weapons deliveries by the US to PKK-linked YPG in Syria
Turkish President Erdogan says US should leave Syria's Manbij as Turkey aims to return it 'to its true owners'
Erdoğan: Why does the US continue to send weapons to northern Syria even after Daesh has been cleared? Why are you still here, why do these [weapons] still arrive? You must have calculations against Turkey, Iran or maybe Russia7 month ago
Erdoğan: Why does the US continue to send weapons to northern Syria even after Daesh has been cleared? Why are you still here, why do these [weapons] still arrive? You must have calculations against Turkey, Iran or maybe Russia
7 month ago
President Erdogan's message to the US: We will go to Manbij to deliver this land to the real owners
7 month ago
US troops must leave Manbij, Syria - Erdogan
YPG targeted Atmah refugee camp. One girl killed, others injured.7 month ago
YPG targeted Atmah refugee camp. One girl killed, others injured.
Turkish army is shelling villages in the Bilbil district
SDF statement on this video(where YPG fighter shoots with machine-gun on civilians): SDF shocked by the footage and will launch an investigation into the crime. "We will arrest the perpetrators and submit them the judicial authorities to be punished for this crime."
The #OperationOliveBranch forces seized a YPG training camp in Afrin
7 month ago
3 artillery shells targeted Atmeh Refugee Camp, unknown casualties among civilians so far. Northern Idlib countryside
Tunnel system was found at Sakarya mount near Dikmedash village
7 month ago
Turkish military says in a mortar attack on TSK military observation point in İdlib 1 soldier was killed, 5 soldiers and 1 civilian wounded.
7 month ago
Turkish Military reports about 970 "neutralized" militants during Olive Branch operation
7 month ago
One Turkish soldier killed, five wounded in attack in northwest Syria: army
Sheikh Horuz village in the north of Afrin was captured again from the YPG/PYD
AfrinOp: in an unprecedented move a sizeable "support" convoy with YBS-YPG fighters coming from E. Syria and Iraq reached Afrin tonight through Assad-held territory.
Today fighters from SDF killed an old man at AlShuhail town (for no reason), the tribal fighters in the town detained 7 Kurdish fighters from SDF. SDF has retreat from the town, the tribes want SDF to deliver the killers and SDF offers a financial ransom to free the 7 Kurdish fighters.
Convoy from Manbij, Qamishli and Hasakah in Afrin
YPG reinforcement convoy came to Afrin from Eastern Syria(via Manbij and government-controlled areas)
Video allegedly showing reinforcement convoy sent to Afrin from Eastern Syria
It's fakePhotos provided by YPG Official account @DefenseUnits belongs to FSA
YPG regained control over Dhikmedash hill and village
US soldiers in Tal Abyad
Erdogan and Pope Francis Discuss Jerusalem as Kurdish Protests Turn Violent Near the Vatican
YPG ATGM target and destroy a military vehicle
YPG have reportedly hit a civilians car near Azaz with ATGM, woman and child killed, 2 men and 2 children wounded
The #OperationOliveBranch Room announced the control over Amude (Dikmetash) village and Sarkays hill in Afrin from YPG militants near Azaz.
TSK and FSA take control of «Dikma Dash» village and Serghaya mountain summit in Sharran district north-east of Afrin
7 month ago
Turkish army: A tank was hit by YPG, no personnel casualties
First footage from Sarkaya Mount showing YPG fortified positions under OliveBranch control.
Satellite imagery supplied by @EUSPACEIMAGING shows that more than half of ancient Ain Dara temple in Afrin, Syria, has been reduced to rubble — reportedly by a Turkish airstrike. The Neo-Hittite temple was built by the Arameans in the first millennium BC.
AfrinOp: OliveBranch forces took control of Sarkaya Mount seizing YPG fortifications and also village of Dikmetas/Amud (3rd pic), located N. of Bersaya Mount.
.@suriyegundemi  infographic  attributes 10 of 11 YPG attacks with ATGMs so far to a Russian system, the 11th to an Iranian system and titled PKK/YPG attacks with US-provided ATGMs.7 month ago
[email protected] infographic attributes 10 of 11 YPG attacks with ATGMs so far to a Russian system, the 11th to an Iranian system and titled "PKK/YPG attacks with US-provided ATGMs."
AfrinOp: OliveBranch forces carrying new operation in hills on Rajo axis backed by couple of M60-T Sabra.
Turkish Staff: A fourth point was created to reduce the escalation in Idlib governorate
7 month ago
Sakarya/Sarıkaya mountain( captured, Dikmetash may be fall in the coming hours.
YPG/SDF destroyed a Turkish tank today in Bulbul district with ATGM
An Iraqi federal court says removal of Kurdistan flag in Kirkuk is not legal, Kurdistan's flag in the city is constitutional.
Iranian Foreign Ministry: Turkey must respect Syrian sovereignty and reconsider its policies in the north of Syria
Iranian Foreign Ministry: Turkey must stop its military operations in Afrin
Photos from Rajo town a few minutes ago. Huge smoke rising as a results of Turkish airstrikes.
AfrinOp: OliveBranch forces seized village of Sorki located on Turkish border, SW. of Rajo.
Turkish-backed forces captured Surkah village in Western part of Raju district
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