30 November 2023
1 year ago
Artillery fire is being fired in the west of Manbij. The direction of the sound is estimated to be Yılanlı/Kevikli region.
The SDF security service announce they busted a 8-head Turkish-intelligence cell (M.I.T), responsible for the death of two SDF commanders and other soldiers
Aleppo: The Turkish army targets positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces in the Tal Rifaat area in the northern countryside with artillery
1 year ago
On Türkiye's counter-terrorism operations, National Defense Minister Akar says Ankara aims only to protect its citizens' security, has 'no eye on anyone's territory'
1 year ago
Turkish military base in Bamarne district of Duhok, Kurdistan Region, came under an artillery shelling. Kurdistan
1 year ago
Four members of the Turkish army were wounded by SDF shelling targeting their point west of al-Qantari village in the northern countryside of Raqqa
1 year ago
Turkish intelligence: Neutralization of the leader of the Kurdistan Workers' Party "Nusrat Tebesh" in a special operation in Syria
SNA hit the positions of the YPG in Tel Rifat town with artillery fire.
Targeting a SDF headquarters in the Sarrin area by Turkish drones1 year ago
Targeting a SDF headquarters in the Sarrin area by Turkish drones
1 year ago
Pro-Assad forces target with heavy artillery the vicinity of the towns of Maklbees and Blanta in the western countryside of Aleppo.
The US State Department: We are concerned about the possibility of military escalation in northeastern Syria
The US State Department: We support the ceasefire in northern Syria
1 year ago
A Turkish drone bombed, with an air strike, a site of the SDF containing "ammunitions and weapons" in the town of Sarin in the Manbij countryside, east of Aleppo
1 year ago
Turkish soldier killed in Duhok military operation: Ministry
Turkish Armed Forces hit the positions of YPG in the village of Dibis on the Ayn Isa line with artillery fire.
Military convoy of the Turkish Armed Forces entered the Euphrates Shield region
1 year ago
One SDF fighter was killed and three others were injured in the bombardment of Muallak village on the Ayn Isa line by Turkish artillery units.
The Syrian military high command tells SANA they're ready to repel any Turkish invasion, after what they call increased provocations "in the past two days
1 year ago
Turkish Foreign Minister: The United States of America and Russia have not fulfilled their promise to cleanse the groups in Syria Syria
Turkish consulate in Mosul was targeted in a rocket strike as Iraq and Turkey rowed at the UN Security Council over a bombing last week that killed nine tourists in Iraqi Kurdistan
Turkish forces and their affiliated SNA factions shell Nayrabiyah village in Aleppo northern countryside
A woman was killed and others wounded as a result of the bombing of the city of Azaz in the Aleppo countryside by the SDF militias
Shelling targeted Azaz town
1 year ago
Turkish Ministry of National Defense: 15 PKK/YPG militants, including 2 so-called senior executives, who attempted to attack in the Peace Spring, Olive Branch and Euphrates Shield regions were neutralized
SNA hit the YPG positions in the villages of Nuveyhat, Misharfe, Mezri, El Safa, Rabiyat, Dede Abdal and Kabr Hadravi around the town of Abu Raseyn with artillery fire.
The Syrian Observatory: Two members of the Hajin Military Council were killed in clashes with smugglers east of Deir Ezzor
1 year ago
2nd rocket attack against Turkish Zlikan base, Iraq
SDF calls on coalition to stop Turkish drone attacks after senior female commanders killed
SDF bombard the village of Kafr Jannah in Afrin countryside.
The Syrian Democratic Forces target with missiles the outskirts of the city of Afrin, north of Aleppo.