Map. History of Kurds conflict

15 May 2021
1 year ago
Mardin: 1 soldier killed, 3 wounded in clashes with PKK
1 year ago
Explosive device exploded in the center of the town of Turkmen Barah rural Aleppo.
Hasakah: Asayiş internal security force released more pictures of the confiscated weapons and explosive devices confiscated from ISIS cells in Hasakah city
The International Coalition Forces are conducting joint patrols in the city of Sere Kaniye/Ras al-Ayn
Farmer dead in bomb blast in Jalawla's Islah village
Deir Ez Zor: SDF raid in the village al-Farj, Deir Ez-Zor province. Shooting can be heard in the village
US Special Representative for Syria Amb. Jeffrey: "The Turks want a deeper zone than the one that we think makes sense. In our case, it's between 5 and 14 kilometers with heavy weapons drawn further back and there are some disagreements or some differences of opinion I would say."
1 year ago
SDF arrested a number of ISIS members in in the area of Hamma in the town of Kibar west of Deir ez-Zur
1 year ago
Turkish Foreign Ministry Spox Hami Aksoy: On Safe Zone Turkish demands are; safe zone should be 32 km deep, the regions should be under Turkish control, the PYDYPG should be removed from the area. If we cannot reach a deal with the US on this issue, we will create it alone
The Liberation Army of Afrin announces through an official statement the destruction of a Turkish tank and the killing of three Turkish soldiers in the village of Kimara south of the city of Afrin 7 km
1 year ago
Turkish Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hami Aksoy says the talks with the US military delegation will continue, adding that they will arrive in Turkey on August 3
1 year ago
Turkey refused US suggestions about establishing a safe zone in northeastern Syria, we expect new suggestions if not Ankara will create it's own safe zone with 35 KM depth - Turkish MFA
Aleppo: Two members of the FSA National Army were injured during clashes with the SDF on the Dulbagash front near the town of Al Bab in the eastern countryside
Two members of the FSA National Army were injured in clashes with a group of YPG forces who attempted to sneak into one of the points on the front of the Dilbagash near the city of Bab in rural Aleppo Eastern
Tel Rifaat: Turkish army is bombing Sheikh Issa and Tel-Rifaat outskirts now, after ALF/YPG and SAA carried out infiltrations and attacks on TFSA positions in Azaz, Kafr Kalbin, Kaljibrin, Sheikh Issa and Tal Ralah today.
Fighting has expanded to the Azaz axis
Tel Rifaat: Clashes between SAA and Euphrates Shield forces in Azaz axis now
An explosion was heard near Salam hospital in Raqqa city. No injuries
Qamishli: The entry of 100 trucks from the international coalition, loaded with military and equipment on the way to Eastern Euphrates in Kobani and Ayn_Issa, coming from Iraq Kurdistan region
Al Bab: SAA has joined clashes in Al-Bab, report of Clashes in the village Daghilyash, four kille/dbadly wounded so far
US officials began sending SDF forces help back in April "The coalition is assisting with the repair and refurbishment of some prison facilities" a Pentagon spox told VOA "This is an international problem that requires an international solution"
Kaljibrin: YPG/ALF carried out another infiltration on TFSA in Kaljibrin
Mare: there are clashes in Sheikh Issa, near the city Mare'.
The International Coalition has sent another batch of military and logistical support to SDF
Trump on ISIS prisoners in Syria: "We have thousands of ISIS fighters that we want Europe to take, and let's see if they take 'em and if they don't take 'em-we'll probably have to release them to Europe."
The United States decided to extend the protection status of Syrian refugees on its territory for 18 months
1 year ago
Violent clashes between the FSA and SDF at Al Bughaz west of Manbij
Special Envoy James Jeffrey told in the briefing that US wants a 5-14 km safe-zone in Syria. "We think that this is a deal we could sell to the people of northeast Syria."
Hasakah: During the campaign in Geweren neighborhood, over 20 ISIS cell militants of Iraqi origin were captured. Huge number of weapons and explosive devices were confiscated in their possession. The operation were carried out by Hasaka military council
"We are talking with the Turks and we're doing it right now, on the possibility of a safe zone and have US and Turkish forces.We don't have an agreement yet" per Amb Jeffrey
"We will stop our stabilization funding" in Syria "We will turn to our partners" per Amb Jeffrey, though eh says US is continuing with humanitarian aid
ISIS "still a threat" in Iraq, Syria and globally, per @StateDept's Amb James Jeffrey In Syria, SDF going after remnants of ISIS cells, but terror group still has presence in areas like Idlib
US Special Envoy for the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS Amb. Jeffrey on the defeat of ISIS' last territorial bastion: "this removed one important element of ISIS' threat to the international community but not the only one, it is still a threat in this core area of Iraq and Syria"
Jeffrey: "We're working with the Syrian Democratic Forces, our local partner to go after cells that have been left behind, that activity is going on well, we are seeing a diminution of the remaining limited ISIS capabilities in the northeast of the country."
@usairforce F-22s refueling in the @CENTCOM region1 year ago
@usairforce F-22s refueling in the @CENTCOM region
Hasakah city, Geweren neighborhood a while ago. Internal security forces and Anti terror-units everywhere.
Turkish UAV over northern Syria, seems todays mission was gathered over Afrin
Qamishli: With the support of the international coalition aircrafts and Anti-terror units H.A.T, carried out last night an air landing operation in the city Tal-Hamis. An ISIS terrorist cell made of two members were captured
One of the residents of Abu Hamam was shot dead by unknown persons in al-Tiyana village in the eastern countryside of Deir al-Zour.
Hasake: Anti terror-units and Asayis internal security force has captured a ISIS terror cell in Geweren neighborhood of Hasakah city, which is responsible for a number of Terror attacks. At least 90-100 ISIS-suspects arrested from the midnight raid in Hasake city.
Last night in Hasakah as part of raids, pro government forces were apparently arrested in Gweiran district of the city
In Jouza, near Tel Hamis, a civilian reported a strange object to the Asayîş. They found that it was a mine weighing about 5kg. It was disarmed and destroyed in a safe place1 year ago
In Jouza, near Tel Hamis, a civilian reported a strange object to the Asayîş. They found that it was a mine weighing about 5kg. It was disarmed and destroyed in a safe place
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside: Muhsin al-Buh (old man) was killed by the gunfire of unknown gunmen who used a motorcycle in the town of Al-Tiyana
Explosive device detonated in the building of the electricity company in Tabqa city
4 members of the security forces in Iraqi Kurdistan lost their lives and 2 civilians were injured in an ISIS attack at the checkpoint in Garmiyan
1 year ago
The US has repatriated another US citizen (a US-Turkish dual national) and alleged ISIS fighter back to US soil from SDF-detention in Syria
1 year ago
The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces still hold over 2,000 foreign ISIS fighters from 50+ countries, including several hundred Europeans
1 year ago
The Turkish Armed Forces is sending a large quantities of ammunition and military vehicles to Şanlıurfa.
The Turkish Armed Forces is sending a large quantities of ammunition and military vehicles to Şanlıurfa.
An improvised explosive device (IED) targeted SDF in the village of Khirbat al-Bn in northern Al-Hasakah countryside
[email protected] says "Coalition and partner forces continue to target Daesh remnants and facilitation nodes following the end of their physical territory on March 23, and we remain focused throughout northeast Syria on the enduring defeat of Daesh." Nothing on alleged Qamishli strike
The TFSA are shelling Harbel with mortars and heavy machine guns
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