28 November 2023
1 year ago
Pro-Assad forces forces blocked a US convoy in the northern province of Qamishli this week, the country's news agency has claimed
1 year ago
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan: Let's be patient a little, we are working on launching an operation that will be bigger than the operations we have done gradually and we will implement it in the appropriate time. Erdogan: Turkey is working on an operation in Syria in which everything can happen suddenly
A child was seriously injured when a hand grenade exploded near Bilal Mosque in Al-Bab city, east of Aleppo.
Kurdistan Region PM Masrour Barzani ordered the closure of all businesses selling guns and the seizure of unlicensed firearms - statement
The Turkish army managed to destroy a military vehicle of the SDF militia on the Mara'anaz axis in the northern countryside of Aleppo.
The Artillery and Rocket regimentof the Sham Legion targets with heavy artillery the positions of pro-Assad forces in the countryside of Aleppo and inflicts casualties in their ranks, in response to targeting the mechanism of replacing members of the Legion with an anti-armor missile, which resulted in the death of 9 fighters
Manbij Military Council: Two civilians lost their lives in a Turkish missile attack on the village of Arab Hassan, north of Manbij, northern Syria
Death of 9 fighters on the Basoufan front, west of Aleppo, as a result of being targeted by a guided missile by the Assad militia.
5 members of the Turkish-backed Syrian opposition forces were killed on the Basoufan axis after their car was targeted by a missile directed by the "SDF" forces, south of Afrin, north of Aleppo
North Press correspondent citing military source as saying: Turkish forces are shelling the village of Ibbin in Aleppo northern countryside
1 year ago
Turkey to seek extradition of 33 'terror' suspects from Finland, Sweden under NATO deal: justice minister
1 year ago
Turkish Ministry of Defense: Neutralizing two members of the Syrian Democratic Forces who tried to attack the "Euphrates Shield" area
"In light of the progress we have made together, Turkey has agreed to support Finland & Sweden joining NATO" per @NATO's @jensstoltenberg
This includes further amending their domestic legislation, cracking down on PKK activities & entering into an agreement with Turkey on extradition" per @NATO's @jensstoltenberg
The newly signed memorandum "addresses Turkey's concerns around arms exports & the fight against terrorism" per @NATO's @jensstoltenberg. "No ally has suffered more brutal terrorist attacks than Turkey, including from the terrorist group PKK"
The leaders of Turkey, Sweden & Finland have just signed a memorandum for the two Nordic states to join NATO, removing a Turkish block to the accession process, a source said. "It's a three-way agreement on accession," the source said. @jensstoltenberg to make statement
1 year ago
Turkish forces 'neutralize' four PKK militants in northern Iraq
White House readout of Biden's call with Turkey's Erdogan ahead of their meeting at the NATO summit in Madrid
Shooting at Salahadin University in Erbil this morning. A student killed two professors and wounded a security guard
Turkish forces target SDF militias in the village of Tal Qarah in the northern countryside of Aleppo.1 year ago
Turkish forces target SDF militias in the village of Tal Qarah in the northern countryside of Aleppo.
According to SOHR, the drone strike near Derik killed one
In Dêrik, two vehicles were attacked by Turkish drones in the village of Piransharser. The destroyed vehicles are a truck and a car. Initial reports speak of several injured. On Monday, a person was injured in a Turkish drone attack in TilTamir
UAE Dana Gas says as a response to these attacks the Iraq KRG has taken all necessary measures to enhance security measures in Khor Mor including the mobilisation of further armed forces to protect the facilities in Sulaymaniyah
Today, 5 people were injured, including one in critical condition, after 2 car bombs exploded in Jarablus area, east of Aleppo. The first one exploded in Thilda, resulting in the injury of 3 people. The second one was at the Tal_Ali crossing, resulting in the injury of 2 people
1 year ago
Russia and Turkey conduct the 104th joint patrol west of Syria's Kobani
NATO Secretary General: We are working to address Turkey's concerns about the accession of Finland and Sweden
1 year ago
According to local media Turkey releases names of 45 individuals requested to be extradited from Finland and Sweden due to links with PKK and Gulen movement
AANES Spokesperson: Any agreement with Damascus to jointly protect the Syrian borders will build between the AANES and the Damascus government factors of trust as a path to a political solution to the Syrian crisis, which the Autonomous Administration has long called for
1 year ago
Turkish Presidency: We are ready for a new military operation in northern Syria, and it may start at any moment
Hasake: 3 civilians were injured after grenade explosion by unknown persons near the Aziziyah neighborhood in the city of Hasake. Asayîş security forces are carrying intense investigations