Map. History of Kurds conflict

22 sentyabr 2018
Barzani Hussein:KRG delegation to head to Baghdad next week to discuss outstanding issues.
More Turkish military convoy entered Syrian territory towards Western Aleppo countryside earlier today
2 Turkish warplanes an recon UAVs are flying over Afrin and Shehba areas
3.7 earthquake hits Kermanshah province, Iran. No casualties reported yet.
SDF demining team dismantled hundreds of IS mines in Raqqa with rudimentary equipment
Putin: Assad informed me of his commitment to the peace process, constitutional reform and the holding of free elections
Putin: We agreed on the first steps for a comprehensive dialogue between all Syrians
Putin: The Syrians alone must decide their fate
Putin: We agreed to intensify efforts to eliminate terrorist groups in Syria
Another mass grave containing remnants of 73 massacred Ezidis by ISIS was found in Shingal, near Gir Izer in the south today. Among the victims are at least 6 children and 36 eldery women/men. Rest has not been identified yet.
Turkish President: Vital decisions will be taken today on the Syrian crisis
Rouhani: Some countries have not abandoned the use of terrorism to achieve their short-sighted goals
Rouhani: There is no justification for the presence of foreign forces in Syria without the consent of Damascus
10 month ago
De Mistura will discuss preparations for a new round of talks in Geneva and the Syrian conference with Russian foreign and defense ministers on Thursday in Moscow
10 month ago
Iraq/Kurd oil flow to Ceyhan climbs to 360k B/D - port agent
10 month ago
All PKK/PYD locations are target for Turkey, says Defence Minister Nurettin Canikli
US calls on Baghdad to lift air travel ban imposed on Kurdish region.
10 month ago
Turkish Minister of Defense Canikli: YPG is a threat to Turkey and our target
Rouhani before heading to Sochi: Sochi summit must meet the views of the Syrian people
Rouhani before heading to Sochi: The summit is held about two events, 1st: elimination of the ISIS, 2nd: the Syrian National Dialogue Conference
10 month ago
An unknown airplane flying over the northern Raqqa countryside.
10 month ago
UN says referendum issue is resolved, urges KRG to accept court ruling
White House: Trump and Putin stress the need to ensure stability in unite Syria
10 month ago
14 juvenile students ‘physically arrested’ and 2 adult students cited after large brawl at Overton High School in Nashville; Fight was between students of Latino and Kurdish descent - Police
Russian 'military police' is planned to leave the Syrian cities at the end of 2017
[email protected]: Raqqa Internal Security Forces RISF assume security of three neighborhoods: Mishlib, alJazrah and alTayar
Iraq: the death toll of the bombing of Tuzharmato climbs to 32 people
Syrian Kurdish YPG accuses Turkey of Afrin aggression
18 people killed and 40 wounded in a car bomb attack targeted Hashd al-Shaabi militias in Khurmatu
Iraqi police say 20 people were killed in blast in city of Tuzharmatu
Blast rocks the center of Duz hurmatu, southern Kirkuk. At least 10 killed - source
Reports of blast in Khurmatu with casualties reported
KRG PM Barzani met with PUK leader Ibrahim Ahmed in Sulaimanyah today.
YPG/J fighters gathered to show solidarity with Afrin, vowing to respond to any invasion attempts
British consulate general in Erbil removes ‘Kurdistan Region” phrase from its Facebook page
PUK failed to complete the quorum for Kirkuk provincial council meeting in Kirkuk.
US Army Major General James Jarrard told reporters this month that there were 4,000 US troops in Syria. Journalists asked him to confirm the number again, he said he misspoke and the number was 500.
Syrian (FSA Northern Brigade) rebels state they repelled again an infiltration attempt by YPG members near a town close to the Sajur river, Syria.10 month ago
Syrian (FSA Northern Brigade) rebels state they repelled again an infiltration attempt by YPG members near a town close to the Sajur river, Syria.
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