Map. History of Kurds conflict

19 avqust 2018
Residents of Tel Rifat burning tires
Demonstrations and burning tyres by Tal Refat after the announcing that the Olive Branch Operation will not include Tal Reffat district.
Activists from Tal Rifaat and its countryside launched a campaign calling for Turkey's Olive Branch Op. to include in their areas which were captured by YPG more than 2 years ago
In Afrin,civilians coming back to their houses and villages they previously fled.Some civilians saying they retook properties which were stolen during their displacement
Burj Haydar village is under FSA control.
Faylaq Sham spearheaded push to control Semaan Heights and seized one pick-up.
Al-Sham Legion Photos: fighters in the villages captured today from YPG
AfrinOp: Burj Haydar (NW. Aleppo) is also under control of Olive Branch forces.
Free Syrian Army forces control the villages of Ba'i in the southern suburbs of Afrin after fighting with the YPG militia
AfrinOp: OliveBranch forces announce takover of last locations until Deir Saaman (Baay and Basufan) and also Kafr Nabu.
5 month ago
Turkish army is removing part of the wall near Ras al-Ayn border.
Turkey PM Yildirim announced 3 soldiers died in Afrin with no more information on when, where and how5 month ago
Turkey PM Yildirim announced 3 soldiers died in Afrin with no more information on when, where and how
A high-ranking US military and diplomatic delegation are touring the city of Manbij to reassure the people and confirm protecting them from Turkish attacks. Afrin
Hakan Fidan the head of MIT is currently at Afrin
ISIS media circulating 'wanted poster' for French SDF fighter
Turkish 2nd Army Commander Lieutenant General İsmail Metin Temel's visit to Afrin city center after capturing it from YPG.
5 month ago
Turkey says will drive Kurdish YPG from Syrian border area if no deal with U.S.
Turkish air strikes in northeast Iraq on villages containing suspected PKK positions result in the deaths of 4 civilians.
The Turkish army and the Syria/n army exchange fire artillery all night around the city of Nub'bul where the Turkish Army and its allies advanced and captured 3 villages in rural Aleppo previously under SAA control.
Turkish warplanes bombarding PKK bases in Baleyan valley, northern Erbil. at least 6 PKK Guerrillas and 4 villagers killed.
Another YPG ATGM shot today near Kimar village, South to Afrin
Mayadeen reporter says Turkish army is shelling government controlled-Tal Jibbin village.
YPG Press Office Footage: SDF forces destroyed a Turkish military vehicle on Afrin's Bilbil front today
Coalition Forces envoy William Roebuck visits the city of Manbij during which he met the leaders of the Manbij Military Council and Joint Council
Turkish artillery is pounding the government targets near Nubl - Zehra.
Local media reports that Turkish army artillery pounding Tal Rifat town
TSK released more photos from the ongoing military operation against PKK in Northern Iraq's Kani Rash area.5 month ago
TSK released more photos from the ongoing military operation against PKK in Northern Iraq's Kani Rash area.
Kurdish kid goes around taking pics with U.S. troops during Newroz celebrations in Kobane town.
The Hamza brigade shared photos from the Kimar and Berad villages south of Afrin.
The Free Syrian Army forces control the villages of Kimar and Barad south of Afrin after fighting with the YPG militia within the Olive Branch operation.
#OliveBranch forces took control over Barad after clashes with YPG/Pro-government militias.
Turkish special forces are in Afrin. Intensive search and screening activities are continuing in the region.
Clashes in Barad
Pro-Assad forces bombard rocket launchers Kamyar village near Afrin north of Aleppo After the control of FSA and TSK
AfrinOp: OliveBranch forces took over Kimar from YPG (and pro-Assad forces). Village is located halfway between Afrin and Nubul-Zahraa.
#OliveBranch forces took control over Kimar after clashes with YPG/pro government militias
5 month ago
Erdogan says Turkey killed 38 PKK fighters in Shingal
5 month ago
Turkish FM: 'It will not be enough for YPG to retreat from Manbij. There will be other cities after Manbij.'
5 month ago
FM Çavuşoğlu: Turkey and US came to an understanding regarding Syria's Manbij, did not reach an agreement
Cemetery of killed YPG fighters in Afrin
Meanwhile, Islamic State claims an ambush on civilian bus, that celebrated Newroz. At least 35 killed and wounded in the massacre, after the bus was caught on a fake checkpoint near Daquq, Baghdad - Kirkuk road
#AfrinOp: lots of IEDs used by YPG to set up booby-traps in Afrin-city dismantled by Olive Branch forces.
Turkish Army is conducting operations to clear PKK from Northern Iraq's Kani Rash area. The operations are ongoing to clear PKK from all Northern Iraq.
Intensive clashes between Turkish-backed FSA and government militia in Kimar and Barad villages, South to Afrin, West to Nubl and Zahra
Turkish jets have "neutralised" 12 armed militants, who were plotting an attack in northern Iraq, according to a statement by the Turkish military
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