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21 sentyabr 2018
North Aleppo: FSA Al-Mutasim brigade repelled a government/YPG attack on Harbul front, and announce the destruction of a Zil vehicle.
Coalition aircrafts continue to target ISIS sites in As Sousah town in Eastern Deir-ez-Zur
Euphrates Shield Groups have repelled a pro-Assad forces and SDF Infiltration attempt at Marea Front
TKP-ML (The Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist–Leninist) HQ in Hasakah was attacked with an IED. Nobody was injured in the attack.
1 month ago
CENTCOM Investigation: 'Most Plausible' Explanation For SDF Shooting A Marine In Syria Was That It Was Intentional
1 month ago
US-led Coalition says Shingal strike was unilateral Turkish decision
1 month ago
Turkish security units will continue to intervene whenever needed. From now on operations similar to Shingal will continue intensively — Presidential Spokesperson Ibrahim Kalin
Erbil Traffic Police spokesperson announces repairs to bridge at Altun Kupri (Altun Kupri) will be complete and open to traffic on Sunday
The explosion of an explosive device on a patrol of the PMU near the Qayara junction south of the city of Mosul, wounding two fighters
DeirEzzor: Coalition targeted al-Sousah town by many airstrikes
KCK calls on KDP, US, and Baghdad "to close the Shengal's airspace for Turkish aircrafts." "Iraq, the US and KDP are responsible for the violation of Shengali airspace"
1 month ago
Two different Kurdish Iranian (Rojhilati) armed rebel groups claimed to have killed three Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) members and a law enforcement officer in two separate attacks on Tuesday in provinces that border the Kurdistan Region.
1 month ago
In the ongoing operation in the rural part of Adıyaman's Coal Town, the PKK militants were attacked by the EYP. 1 soldiers were killed. 3 soldiers wounded
In the lack of Iranian government aid for the deadly earthquake victims of Kermanshah a Kurdish mother rebuilds her destroyed home again.
Sinjar: Turkey neutralized a most-wanted PKK/KCK member in an operation in Sinjar,Iraq, Turkish General Staff said on Wed.1 month ago
Sinjar: Turkey "neutralized" a most-wanted PKK/KCK member in an operation in Sinjar,Iraq, Turkish General Staff said on Wed.
People in al-Huwair sub-district, in Basra province, mourn the death of a protester who died after getting arrested by the security forces in yesterday's protests.
Former president @masoud_barzani attends graduation ceremony for Kurdish Peshmerga's elite Zeravani forces in Erbil.
Turkey reopens its Consulate office and resumes visa issuance in Slemani. Flights (from Turkey) are still banned to Slemani International Airport.
Dead and wounded among Kurdish militias after explosive device blasted off in Mahmudli, West Raqqa
Explosion of explosive device at the roundabout Salah al-Din (Kawa Al Hidad) in the city of Afrin north Aleppo caused material damage
1 month ago
5 suspected PKK militants were neutralized in airstrike in Bingöl
A mass grave was discovered in Rmeila neighborhood in Raqqa city which has dead bodies of civilians got killed during Raqqa battle .
Ibrahim al-Mashref, died after being shot by a member of the SDF militia in the Athens cafeteria in the city of Raqqa .
YPG kills 10 in targeted bombing in Afrin city center
Iraqi Oil Ministry orders ban on Kurdish language for 'posing threat' to Arabic
Yezidi YBŞ commander Mam Zaki among the dead after Turkish Air Force airstrikes struck his convoy near Sinjar, northwestern Iraq. This month 4 years ago, this man and his fighters intervened during the Da'ish genocide and saved tens of thousands of Yezidi civilians.
An Explosion reported in Manbij City.
Zaki Shingali, the leader of all PKK forces in Shingal, was killed in the Turkish war plane attack in Shingal, confirms local Hashd.
Trucks loaded with supplies/equipment from the @Coalition driving through Qamishlo city in Northern Syria Kurdistan today, accompanied by a military vehicle for protection.
U.S army target ISIS positions in the last remaining ISIS pocket in DeirEzzor Hajin
Turkish Air Force warplanes conducted airstrikes on Wednesday (August 15) on PKK/HPG related groups positions in Sinjar Iraq
Sources told Kurdistan 24 that Turkish airstrikes occurred to the west of Baraa village, located close to the border with Syria.
Free Yezidi Foundation statement today (15 Aug 2018) on Turkey bombing Shingal
Qasim Shasho, a Peshmerga commander in Shingal, says Turkish forces targeted a convoy of four YBS vehicles
The International Coalition is expanding the Shaddadi Airbase and is intending to build a new military base in Manbij countryside
Baghdad-imposed governor asks counter-terrorism units to 'take measures' against journalists in Kirkuk
Turkish warplanes bomb Shingal Mountain.
The WhiteHelmets firefighters team extinguished forest fires in Kordan forests, in Jendiris city in Afrin countryside. Syria Aleppo
ISIS claimed Attack on SDF patrol in eastern DeirEzzor
Explosion kills one in Kirkuk Iraq
Alaa Mansi al-Ayed died of wounds sustained two days ago in attack by unknown assailants in the town of Al-Tayana east of Deir al-Zour
Bodies of mother and three children drowned in Aegean Sea repatriated to Tuz Khurmatu
1 month ago
PYD/YPG withdrawing from Manbij, surrounding area. We expect it to withdraw completely to east of Euphrates: Turkish Presidential aide
US Department of State: [email protected] spoke with PM @HaiderAlAbadi of Iraq and @PMBarzani Barzani of the Kurdistan Regional Government. The Secretary expressed appreciation for the leaders' progress in resolving outstanding Baghdad-Erbil issues according to Iraqi constitution's framework for dialogue.
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