Map. History of Kurds conflict

23 sentyabr 2018
3 month ago
Canikli: The most important evidence of the development in the Turkish defense industry is the Euphrates Shield Operation and Operation Olive Branch
3 month ago
Turkish top army generals overseeing and monitoring Qandil operation, following live command from operations center according to Turkish media.
3 month ago
Canikli: YPG / PYD fighters will be removed from Manbij, The military supervision of this process will be carried out together by U.S and Turkish troops.
SDF advances towards Tahuna village
Turkey's military intensifies military operations targeting the PKK terror group in Quandil Mountains, which span parts of Turkey, Iraq and Iran
3 month ago
Turkish Air Force launch a military operation against 14 PKK positions at Kandil and Sinjar mountains in northern Iraq
SDF Command announced that since the start of the "al-Jazeera military campaign", their forces has so far captured 12 villages and 15 hamlets from ISIS. SDF Command also say that their forces advanced 9 km on the eastern axis and 13 km on the western axis.
Armaments captured from ISIS after SDF advanced 2 km today. East of Shaddadi.
Between June 1-June 10, US-led Coalition military forces conducted 132 strikes targeting ISIS in Syria and 2 in Iraq
SDF expelled ISIS from nearly 20 villages and settlements close to Iraq border
SDF has captured Al-Khwaybirah from ISIS
SDF has captured Safiyan,Al-Khabirah,Al-Hajlah,Hussein Al-Hajlah,Al-Awadat,Umm Mahfur from ISIS
3 month ago
Turkish President Erdogan at a campaign rally says anti-PKK operations in Qandil and Sinjar have already begun.
3 month ago
Turkish President Erdogan says will dry up "terror swamp in Qandil as we did in Afrin"
Civilian killed in south Kirkuk city, Iraq, by unknown gunmen on motorcycle. Askariya neighborhood.
A US SOF Cougar MRAP armed with TOW ATGM supports the YPG 'Jazira Storm' offensive.
Airstrikes hit 14 PKK targets in Kandil Mountains
Pictures of the destroyed location of Daesh due raids probably anti-Daesh coalition yesterday in Baghouz village.
As a quick update to the bombings in Kirkuk city two nights ago, the Counter Terrorism Service made several arrests earlier today.
SDF has advanced 3 kilometres against ISIS today on the al-Dishisha frontline, resulting in the liberation of a total of 3 villages and 7 hamlets. DeirEzzor
SDF managed to capture 12 villages in the 2nd phase of op Roundup, hundreds of civilians were saved. SDF with @coalition managed to eliminate tens of ISIS militants and destroy several HQs and vehicles Including VBIEDs
Reports: SAA sent reinforcements to al Kamishli and Hasakah. Firstly the units were transported by Il-76 to Kamishli airport and then by MI-8 helicopters to Hasakah
US Defense Secretary says US will stay after SDF defeats IS in Syria
Turkey could attack Makhmur refugee camp in northern Iraq, Erdoğan hints3 month ago
Turkey could attack Makhmur refugee camp in northern Iraq, Erdoğan hints
SDF has captured Al-Shamas and Al-Hulwa from ISIS,East of Al-Shaddadi
Al Hasakah: A helicopter of the Assad forces landed in the municipal stadium in Al-Hasakah this morning.
Tel Rifa'at update: Turkey and Russia have allegedly agreed to move Syrian Army troops out of the town. Russia is trying to persuade the YPG to leave in order to allow for an agreement that is similar to the one in Manbij. Jisr Al-Shughour is also on the table.
SDF fighters captured 2 IS militants and seized weapons and ammunition in the Jazeera Storm operation
Heavy Clashes between SDF and ISIS in the village of Rijlah Al-Hamrah amid total ISIS collapse on the fronts
Footage from SDF's military operation to capture ISIS-occupied areas in DeirEzzor
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