Map. History of Kurds conflict

21 sentyabr 2018
3 month ago
Erdogan: If Iraq won't take steps in ousting PKK from Qandil, Sinjar and Makhmour then Turkey has the right to conduct military operation in the mentioned areas.
Hamidiyyah village has been captured by SDF/YPG. SDF advancing from two axis; al-Shaddady (north) and Hall (west). The village is at Hall front. #JazeeraStorm
ISIS releases video of government troops it captured in Deir al-Zour during a clash, in which Russian mercenaries were also allegedly killed.
Spox of Manbij Military Council says Manbij will be run by the people of Manbij
Reports that SDF has captured Al-Hassu and has reached Al-Bahadi in Southeast Hasakah Governorate
Inherent Resolve: #OperationRoundup accelerates operations to #DefeatDaesh remnants. Coalition forces and ISF partners established a firing position in Iraq. Airdropped equipment and resupplies have enhanced the speed of the effort. This effort supports SDF in defeating Daesh in Syria.
3 month ago
Russia's Putin says all Russian plans in Iraq's Kurdistan are in accordance with law
Iraq: TCT010 Turkish military drone - early afternoon ops over Kurdish area - Iraq/Turkish border. 1142z
SOHR: ISIS fighters east of Euphrates attack an area in which bases for the International Coalition are present in DeirEzzor countryside
Coalition visits Manbij, reportedly promises Turkish-backed rebel factions will not enter Manbij
[email protected] reports Manbij deal rules removal of 16 YPG advisor, establishment of 11 US Turkey control points . SDF control for 6 months to be replaced by Turkey trained local force
Syria: territory Assad never lost during the war, via @smmsyria. Black dot (correction): Khirbet Ghazaleh.
Ongoing Deir ez Zor battle: 3 villages:Al-Marjan, Kalib Tahtani, Khuwayra and 7 farms are captured in Dashisha vicinity by SDF forces with @coalition @CENTCOM
Iraqi F16 bombarded ISIS positions inside Syria.
3 month ago
The airstrikes covered six regions in northern Iraq where the Kurdish militant group has a presence'
Two top ISIS commanders killed by SDF near village of Mircan in Deir al-Zour. #JazeeraStorm
Video: coalition convoy stopped at SAA checkpoint in Qamishli city
N. Syria: SDF burning some of its positions in Ain Daqnah earlier today. Same process happened in Menagh and Tell Rifaat.
Syria|n Democratic Forces "critical to destroying the physical caliphate-the operations that are goinf on right and it's critical to preventing the rise of ISIS 2.0" per @DeptofDefense Sec Mattis
"We will no simply cast that organization aside" SecDef Mattis says of SDF "It is critical to defeating the ISIS caliphate now-because it is still not defeated"
SecDef praises deal with Turkey on Manbij, but US will not abandon SDF "We have got to find a way to work with Turkey's legitimate interests" per Mattis "At the same time, the SDF was the only organization at the time that was able to throw ISIS off track and defeat them in the field"
Offensive to root out remnants of ISIS in Syria "going well so far" SecDef James Mattis tells reporters en route to Brussels for @NATO talks "There's been progress made" says Mattis "Frankly, I anticipated more defenses and they have not been able to hold up"
Manbij Military Council: We can defend our city Manbij Military Council announced that they can maintain the security of the city themselves, and that the last advisory group of the YPG in the city has withdrawn.
200 Arab fighters graduated from training and joined the ranks of SDF in al-Shaddadi.
US backed SDF says ready to send a delegation to "test the waters" to see whether Assad's government is ready to accept an autonomous Kurdish area in the northeast. It denies move is reaction to Turkey-US Manbij deal
Military Council of Manbij rejects Turkish presence in the city
Heavy Clashes between SDF and ISIS at Al-Jabour and Al-BoHassoun villages near Dashishah
SDF has advanced 8 Kms after taking Al-Fakka village
More international coalition support to SDF in Northern Syria .
YPG burning civilian houses in Tel Rifat city north of Aleppo
Two Iranian border guards were shot and killed in a conflict with an armed gang of about 20 people, last night in Sardasht, near the border with Iraq, where the gang wanted to cross into Iranian territory illegally, said Iran's Border Guard Commander Rezaei
NATO leader welcomes US-Turkey roadmap for Manbij.
Turkish Airstrikes killed 6 PKK Fighters in Northern Iraq
SDF are advancing towards the town of al-Dushisha in the southern countryside of Hasakah.
Footage from SDF's Operation JazeeraStorm where al-Fakkah village was captured amid fierce fighting against ISIS.
3 month ago
Kurdish National Union says PKK controls 700 villages in Iraqi Kurdistan. Any new Turkish military operations could cause a wave of displaced persons.
3 month ago
Turkish army will start Qandil operation at anytime - Turkish D-PM
Two Iranian border guards killed in a clash last night with gunmen belonging to 'terrorist groups' at Kanisew border outpost near Sardasht city in the Kurdish region, Iran police (NAJA) website reports
Turkish Air Force launched airstirkes on PKK targets in Hakurk, Gara, Metina, Zap, Qandil ve Avashin Basian in the north of Iraq Türkiye
Erdogan wows to launch military action against PKK in Iraq's Qandil and Sinjar regions, promises to endorse death penalty amid chants from his fans for reinstating death penalty in Turkey, boasts 4,500 Kurdish PYD/YPG fighters were eliminated during Afrin offensive in Syria3 month ago
Erdogan wows to launch military action against PKK in Iraq's Qandil and Sinjar regions, promises to endorse death penalty amid chants from his fans for reinstating death penalty in Turkey, boasts 4,500 Kurdish PYD/YPG fighters were eliminated during Afrin offensive in Syria
Photo from Sarrin airfield
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