Map. History of Kurds conflict

21 September 2018
2 month ago
Two Turkish soldiers killed in clashes with PKK southeastern Turkey.
VBIED explodes in downtown Afrin near Dersim Hospital; 3 dead, several injured.
A car bomb attack carried out by YPG in old Kawa roundabout in Afrin. Casualties reported.
Two blasts hit Afrin, casualties feared.
Commanding General of CJTF told that Turkish Army will not enter the Mabnij city, because the city is secure and stable. Manbij military and security council will direct the city.
SDF, together with USA/Coalition Forces have killed an ISIS leader named "Abu Ritaj Al-Am'mani". Deir Ezzor
SDF chasing down and arrested 2 ISIS sleeper cells just outside Raqqa city as part of the ongoing search-operations Raqqa to wipe out the infiltrating militants and their hideouts.
Iraq's PM @HaiderAlAbadi calls on the PKK group to disarm inside Iraq during his weekly presser.
Clashes reported between shia militants and YPG in the village of Ziyarah, north of Nubl
[email protected] Commander Gen. Joseph Votel visited Erbil on Sunday with a message for the region: Peshmerga and Iraqi security forces, along with the Coalition, must all work together to ensure the lasting defeat of the Islamic State.
2 month ago
PKK claimed and show video of ambush on the Turkish army on "Guzê Kurkê" hill in Sirnak. PKK claim 8 soldiers were killed.
2 month ago
Ultranationalist MHP, who will play key role in Turkish parliament, say too early to lift state of emergency given Gulen movement and operations against PKK.
Current situation in Deir ar Zour according to OCHA report (15 May-15 June). "ISIL reportedly retains control over only three areas: Hajin, Al Susah and Al Sha'afa"
Inherent Resolve:[email protected] Forces, along with Turkey will conduct independent, coordinated patrols today on opposite sides of the Manbij demarcation line. These patrols will ensure peace and stability.
2 month ago
After Raqqa YPG/SDF launched an operation against other groups in Ain Issa, North of Raqqa
Peshmerga Forces released a statementregarding a clash with IRGC that took place on the evening of June 23. A number of IRGC soldiers were killed and wounded also Mohammed Hashmi, second lieutenant in the IRGC killed in the clash near Piranshar Iraq
A drone airstrike by @CJTFOIR in the Badia of AlSwar sub-district, North Deir-ez-Zur, has killed 9 elements from ISIS, and a civilian shepherd, including Abu Ritaj Al-Amani, Mohammed AlMoussa, who was the head of Daesh Security Department of the Northern Sector.
SDF claims Hasakah province is completely cleared of ISIS, and Jazira Storm campaign achieved its objectives and now the forces focused on mine clearance, open roads, and help the people
The SDF/YPG conducted an attack against Liwaa Thiwar AlRaqqa (Raqqa Rebels Brigade) after 3 days of besieging its [RRB] HQs in Raqqa city, sources said that the American/French mediation efforts have been failed due the SDF rejections.
Raqqa: Video of a sit-in for women and children near Al-Batani square to demand SDF militias to stop siege and stop the attack on headquarters of Thwaar alRaqqa since yesterday
Raqqa: SDF attacked Thwar al-Raqqa headquarters by Heavy and medium weapons
Footage of Turkish warplanes bombardment on PKK bases in Del mount, northern Erbil.
Turkish fighter jets bombarding PKK bases in Hakurk "Khuakurk" mount northern Erbil.
SDF allowed the civilians in Raqqa to buy food and necessary needs today between 5 pm and 7 pm and the curfew is active again.
People begin celebrating after news that HDP exceeded the election threshold came. This is from in front of the HDP's Diyarbakir provincial office tonight.2 month ago
People begin celebrating after news that HDP exceeded the election threshold came. This is from in front of the HDP's Diyarbakir provincial office tonight.
2 month ago
Partial results in Turkish state media have pro-Kurdish party poised to enter parliament, ruling party majority at risk.
Speaker of the Popular Resistance in Manbij announces the beginning of the uprising
SDF have seized arms during operation in Raqqa
Inherent Resolve:[email protected] committed to DefeatDaesh mission. USA and Turkish forces conducted independent, coordinated patrols on opposite sides of northern demarcation line outside Manbij, Syria today. Patrols ensure safety of Manbij and work to achieve peace and security After Daesh.
2 month ago
By AA results, HDP is at 9%, at 35% of votes counted. It was 6% when the results were first released.
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