Map. History of Kurds conflict

15 May 2021
4 civilians and a member of the SDF were injured when a motorcycle exploded in the north of Raqqa.
SDF reinforcements have arrived to Sere Kaniye/Ras Al-Ayn, in preparation for any situation
[email protected] thanks Germany for opening doors for Ezidis who were displaced following the emergence of ISIS.
Amaq reports about IS ambush in Darnaj village SE Deir ez-Zur SDF meanwhile conducted the raid against IS cells in Suwaydan
International Envoy to Syria Stephane de Mistura: There is still more work to ensure a balanced Syrian constitutional commission
Çavuşoğlu: We have reached an important stage in the efforts to form the Constitutional Commission of Syria
2 year ago
1 wounded in road-side bomb explosion in Shamarin near Azaz, North Aleppo
A civilian died after being injured in a car bomb explosion in the town of Azaz a few days ago
German foreign minister @HeikoMaas to visit Erbil today. He will meet KRG @PMBarzani and representatives of minorities in Kurdistan.
2 year ago
SOHR: Turkish drones fly over the border with east of Euphrates and enter deep in the area, SDF on alert after the arrival of hundreds of members
SOHR: After an infiltration kill 11 ISIS members, clashes concentrate again in the eastern suburbs of Hajin amid ground shelling and the flight of Coalition warplanes
India to send high-level business delegation to Kurdistan Region: Consulate
SDF starts cleanup operations in captured areas of Hajin
Clashes between the SDF and ISIS in the district of the Al Qalah in Hajin city, Eastern Deir Ez-Zor
2 year ago
National Defense Minister Akar: Sinjar will not be allowed to be a new Kandil
2 year ago
PKK media official tells Sputnik that PKK will respond to Turkish attack on Kurdish areas in northern Syria by escalating operations inside Turkey.
[email protected] quoting TSK military source: Turkish forces are on high alert on the border, "waiting for orders to start hitting the observation points"
Another Daesh SVBIED captured.
Syria: National Army seized a car bomb in Jarablus (N. Aleppo) and arrested several people including the drivers + 3rd person. Car was later blown up outside the town.
2 year ago
A police officer was wounded in the clash with militants in Hani Diyarbakır.
Saif Abu Bakr of FSA al-Hamza Division of Syrian National Army 2nd Legion announces the faction received training and military equipment to fight against the YPG, @baladinetwork reports that 200 fighters graduated for the East Euphrates battle
Salih Muslim: We do not know what is going on between the US and Turkey but Afrin was bombed with NATO bombs
US Ambassador Jeffrey says Iran forces needs to leave Syria: "We see no reason to tolerate this." Their military presence so near Israel is an "extremely dangerous situation that they introduce. it's our position that they need to go."
After being asked about tensions with Turkey vis-a-vis the SDF in the northeast, Amb. Jeffrey says the deployment overnight of 100 Syria Peshmerga to NE Syria was "done with our understanding and as one of several arrangements" being undertaken.
OIR Spokesman: In my official capacity, I accidentally shared content that was insulting to our Coalition partner Turkey, a key partner in the mission to defeat ISIS. I meant no disrespect. We have a duty to mutual security, and we are committed to defeating ISIS. Please accept my apology.
Jeffrey: I have told the Turks an attack on SDF in Syria is a "bad idea."
Amb Jeffrey @AtlanticCouncil : We support SDF for specific goal: fighting ISIS which they're not doing as a favor to us. They are partners in a transactional relationship. Afterwards they are a Syrian party like anyone. We don't have permanent relations with substate entities.
Violent clashes between the SDF and ISIS on the outskirts of Abu Al Khater town in Eastern Deir ez-Zur
Sharing a message after his meeting with Nadia Murad, Minister of Foreign Affairs Çavuşoğlu has stated that they discussed the situation of Yezidis while Murad has written that they met to discuss the Turkish airstrikes in Sinjar2 year ago
Sharing a message after his meeting with Nadia Murad, Minister of Foreign Affairs Çavuşoğlu has stated that they discussed "the situation of Yezidis" while Murad has written that they met "to discuss the Turkish airstrikes in Sinjar"
Afrin, a Turkish artillery, killed 2 YPG members
Netherlands Foreign Minister arrives in Erbil, capital of the Kurdistan Region. He will meet with the KRG officials tomorrow.
Civilians in Northeastern Syria protest against the upcoming Turkish-FSA offensive.
Pentagon: We do not know what Erdogan has told Trump about
2 year ago
SDF took control over significant parts of Abu al Khatir, east of Hajin USA SOF also on the ground SE Deir ez-Zur
2 year ago
2 policemen injured in clashes with PKK in Hani, Diyarbakir
General Command of FSA National Liberation Front based in Greater Idlib statement confirms their full support for the upcoming TSK-led operation in the East Euphrates against the PKK/PYD, stating they will not allow these separatist militias to divide the territory of Syria
IS took credit for torching SDF vehicle in Raqqa
Ahrar Sharqiya says they have detained suspected YPG member attempting to plant a vehicle bomb in city of Jarabulus
DMC video of the clashes between Daesh militants and SDF
2 year ago
Turkish FM Cavusoglu says "I never said anything that means we could work with Syrian regime leader Assad or that we approve of him"
International coalition aircraft launches several raids on ISIS militants positions in Eastern Deir-ez-Zur
SDF is advancing at hawi Al-Susah
Continued clashes between SDF and ISIS at Hajin town
Car bomb dismantled and detonated at Jarabulus outskirts
2 year ago
Erdogan: Assad killed one million people and our country received nearly 4 million Syrians, at a time when the Syrian issue has become a means of the machinations that have been waged against us in recent years.
2 year ago
Turkish Armed Forces complete preparations for operations in Syria - Erdogan
2 year ago
President Erdogan says Turkey's military operation in northern Syria will continue until the last of the militants are cleared
2 year ago
Erdogan: US President Trump gave a positive answer to our operation in the east of the Euphrates
2 year ago
HPG reports Turkish airstrikes on Gare, Xakurke and Heftanin
2 year ago
Erdogan: We will launch a military operation against the militants in the east of the Euphrates suddenly and by surprise
2 year ago
Turkey to launch military operation east of the Euphrates River "any moment now" – President Erdogan
2 year ago
Erdogan: I talked with Trump, the terrorists must go from the east of the Euphrates. If they won't go then we will send them. Because they are threat to us
2 year ago
Turkey's Erdogan says strategic partnership with US requires terrorist groups to be ousted from east of Euphrates in northern Syria
KDP President @masoud_barzani meets with US SPE @brett_mcgurk in Erbil to express his concerns about the future of Kurds in Syria
Military vehicles are being moved in Gazientep2 year ago
Military vehicles are being moved in Gazientep
SDF: 71 ISIS militants killed in Hajin
ISIS used car bomb against SDF in Hajin
The Consul General highlighted the ongoing operations of Russia's oil giants in the region, noting that their continued work would "improve the economy of Kurdistan [Region]."
A number of SDF were injured by a landmine explosion in the eastern city of Hajin Deir Al-Zour, Syria
2 year ago
The Turkish Interior Minister: Washington has tried to encircle Turkey in northern Iraq and Afrin now trying to encircle it east of the Euphrates
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