Surveillance Drones flying over Koya.

Map. History of Kurds conflict

21 September 2018
Sources in the Kurdish region of western Iran say IRGC has deployed large number of troops in cities such as Kamyaran, Mariwan, Piranshahr and other cities
[email protected] confirm "volunteers on the ground has confirmed that large convoys of civilians are arriving in Afrin from Idlib."
Raqqa tribal sources say dozens of arrests in rural areas and Tabqa linked to ISIS in past few days
Coalition forces conduct airstrikes against ISIS on Mount Hanjira
Video footage of Iranian military base from where ballistic missiles were fired at PDKI's headquarters and refugee camps.
Leaflets with anti US and Turkey content have been distributed by unknown persons at several locations in Manbij town.
One person injured in Iran's attack on @PDKIenglish today is a Swedish citizen
1 week ago
Turkish military conducts airstrikes in Hakurk region targeting outlawed PKK camps in northern Iraq
The moment when artillery bombarded Kurdish-Iranian opposition groups in Koya, Kurdistan Region.
11 people lost their lives and 37 other wounded Koye Hospital officials confirmed
The deployment of Asayish forces in all areas of Qamişlo
Kurdish human right org @HengawO three Kurdish political prisoners Loghman Moradi, Zanjar Moradi, and Ramin Hossein Panahi were executed today.
Most likely the reports about launch of SAM in NW. of Iran are not true. In-fact Iran has launched precision guided artillery rockets at PDKI group base in Koya deep inside N. Iraq in response to Yersterday attack of PDKI at Iran ian border guards.
Brother @amjad_panahi confirmed, Ramin Hossein Panahi executed today
11 Syrian army soldiers killed by Kurdish militia in the city of Qamishli
According to reports from the Iraqi Kurdistan, today the Revolutionary Guards launched rocket attacks targeting the headquarters of Kurdistan Democratic Party in Konya in Erbil province. Several dead and wounded reported.
Rudaw says bombardments continues in Koya
More missiles were launched from Iran ian Air Defense Force's SAM site in Orumiyeh at unknown flying objects entering Iran's airspace from border with Turkey 10 minutes ago.
Mustafa Mawludi the Gen . sec of Iranian KDP have been Injured by Iranian attack against the headquarter of Iranian KDP in the western Kurdistan camp in Koye city near Erbil .
Artillery thought to be from IRGC has hit several targets in Koya, Kurdistan region of Iraq. Multiple civilian injuries, as rockets deviated from intended target of @PDKIenglish compound in city
Reporter in Qamislo: "today in early morning Asayish killed more than 11 from Syrian pro-government forces, some people say 13, but its 11. and one from Asayish got killed, if you ask what reason, there is tensions from yesterday."
Iran government is shelling headquarters of Kurdish-Iranian party, in Koya Iraqi Kurdistan.
Clashes occurred between Kurdish forces and Syrian army in Qamishlo. several Syrian soldiers killed.
Iranian KDP Peshmeraga fighters have been Killed after Iranian attack on the Headquarter of Democrat Citadel near Koya in Kurdistan Region of Iraq
Clashes erupted this morning between Syrian government elements and Self Administarion security forces in Qamishli near to the airport. Casualties reported.
Surveillance Drones flying over Koya.
Iran bombing western Kurdish camps' refugees in Koye district, numbers of casualties not reported yet.
Kurdish forces, Syrian army clash in Qamishlo; Casualties reported
Iran used artillery have participated in Iranian against KDP (Iran) head quarter in Koya town of Kurdistan Region
YPG carried out an operation in Mabeta district in Afrin, killing 2 fighters of Jabhat al Shamiya and wounding another one, on 7 Sept.
Curfew continues in Tabqa city
Co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council SDC Amina Omar: autonomous administrations of North and East Syria were formed to unify civil councils and autonomous administrations through joint administration and serve the people of north and east Syria more.
Authorities in Afrin issued a statement to the Afrin people and its countryside ordering a curfew after 8pm and every person who is caught will be transferred to the judiciary and held accountable for violating the instructions
International Coalition throws leaflets in Haijin to urge civilians to leave isis territory.
Marea city is demonstrating today
U.S. Soldiers conduct the 32nd independent, coordinated patrol along the demarcation line outside Manbij, Syria. These patrols are coordinated with Turkish military forces to ensure the lasting defeat of ISIS in the region.
Rouhani: East of the Euphrates is the next phase after Idlib, the US forces are illegally present there and must withdraw
1 week ago
Former HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş sentenced to 4 years and 8 months prison
YPG claims 2 fighters of Sultan Murad Division were killed at Afrin´s Shera district
1 week ago
HDP: "We demand that the UN should investigate war crimes caused by the AKP government such as enforced displacements, looting of cities and civilian massacres in the Syrian territories including Afrin, Jarabulus, Al Bab and Azaz"
A delegation from US State Department visits the headquarters of the local council in Manbij to discuss the services and security situation in the city.
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