UN decries violence in Iraqi Kurdistan protests, urges calm

Map. History of Kurds conflict

20 August 2018
Manbij Council accuses Assad of handing over Syrian territory to Iranian and Turkish militias
Iran: Earthquake measuring 4.6 on the Richter scale hits Kermanshah, western Iran
Brigadier General Hossam Al-Awak announced his resignation from the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF
[email protected] statement on the current situation in Kurdistan north Iraq.
Clashes erupted between an armed group and Iraqi forces and Hashd al-Shaabi in Kirkuk's Ourdzi street tonight
PUK's security SWAT teams were deployed to many towns including Koya (as seen in this picture) to crackdown on protesters
8 month ago
"Astana-8" will be held tomorrow
Clashes Between ES Forces and SAA in Tadef.
At least one fighter of YPG killed due artillery shelling by Turkish army on location of YPG in Afrin
Agreement between SDF/YPG and Assad forces to give all areas under control of SDF in Aleppo city to Assad government.
VBIED explosion at Attal area in Sheheel town and updates about many civilians wounded and killed.
Unknown location
A commander of SDF (Abu Hadid Ocelan) was kidnapped in Jia'a village western rural areas of DeirEzzor. SDF closed the area after that and arrested persons who are known of supporting Assad.
The SDF/YPG in Syria is indiscriminately rounding up people suspected of ties to IS and their families. Information about where detainees are held and the charges is difficult to come by
"The Sons of War" organization announced the possibility to help civilians in Tabqa to reconstruction their partly damaged homes.
SDF transferred prisoners, probably fighters of ISIS, from Tal Abyad to Ayn Arab for unknown reasons.
Demonstration of civilians in al-Mashlab neighborhood for "delay of SDF to remove IEDs and explosive traps".
US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces Might Be New ISIS – Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister
Launching of the Water Trucking project in the vicinity of Al-Raqqa city at Al-Jazra
Directorate Health in Raniya 2 people have been killed due to the violent protests in the city, denying the previous claims of the death of 5 protesters
People in Sulaymaniyah have a difficulty accessing social media sites
KNN reporter is attacked by PUK security force while live on TV in Halabja
UN decries violence in Iraqi Kurdistan protests, urges calm
Coalition: A service member with Combined Joint Task Force - Operation Inherent Resolve died Dec. 20 in what appears to be a non-combat-related incident.
OIR Spokesman: Raqqah Internal Security Force troops help one other adjust protective vests and fit helmets during the 2nd week of Quick Reaction Force training. The 3K-strong RISF are responsible for securing Raqqah, Tabqah and surrounding areas from any ISIS resurgence
Party sources: Iraqi Kurdistan parl. speaker Yousif Mohamed resigns
After Gorran and KIG officially announced withdrawing from the government, protests resumed in Qaladze and Chamchamal. Yekgirtu (KIU) office in Qaladze was torched. Security forces opened fire against protesters in Chamchamal.
Security forces found a Pkk tunnel in Turkey's Siirt.8 month ago
Security forces found a Pkk tunnel in Turkey's Siirt.
Gorran suspends their agreement with PUK until further notice - Official
The Change Movement (Gorran) and the Kurdistan Islamic Group (KIG, known as Komal) made their final decision and announced withdrawing from the current KRG cabinet, known as the KRG's 8th Cabinet.
UNAMI calls for restraint, calm on all sides amid violent demonstrations in Kurdistan Region, Kurdish security forces to exercise 'maximum restraint.'
Kurdistan Region Security Council: Aerial footage dated 18 December over the same position: 35.77215, 43.58814. More imagery from other positions will follow
NRT journalist Sarkawt Shams just claimed a few minutes ago that PUK security forces are running after him and protesters in Sulaymaniyah..
Kurdistan Region Security Council: Iraqi military buildup in and around Makhmour, South West Erbil, has continued for over a week. In this position, armored vehicles and Humvees have been deployed.
Some internet companies have cut internet service in Kurdistan
3rd day: Anti-corrupting protest starts in Raniya demanding the KRG-government to quit
PUK counter-Terrorism forces have been sent to Rania in Kurdistan north Iraq to deal with the protestors.
US won't rule out 'punitive' actions to encourage Baghdad-Erbil talks
8 month ago
Rosneft VP: In terms of Kurdistan, we are obviously moving forward on the projects and we are actually quite excited about that opportunity, It is a manifold opportunity that has infrastructure and production components to it.
Nawzad Hadi, KDP Governor of Erbil to media; We will not allow any demonstrations in Erbil.
Armored vehicles belonging to PUK "70" force in the streets of Slemani.
[email protected]: "Assad has not demonstrated long-term ability to prevent ISIS from resurgence or threatening us or our partners There is legitimacy for the @Coalition being in Iraq and in Syria, and for remaining there until some kind of process - political process takes ground."
@rabrowne75: Will the @Coalition @CJTFOIR defend its partners if it's attacked? - @OIRSpox: I think that we have proven that in the past, both in Al-Tanf, and in the north just outside of Raqqa. We will continue to support our partners and their efforts to defeat ISIS.
"There have been reports of up to 8,000 IEDs and booby traps that have been left behind in Raqqa The former Raqqa Internal Security Force commander was killed when he was going through one of his relatives' houses." - @OIRSpox
The moment masked PUK security forces go to NRT TV building and shut down the channel
The Syrian Government has brought in more than 100 militants to reinforce its forces on Hasakah front.
Unknown location
ISIS sleepers cells sneaked into al-Gariba Village in western Deir_Ezzour countryside and killed the Mukhtar (leader) of the village and four other civilians, accusing them of supporting SDF. ISIS members then fled away.
Landmine explosions as a result of rains today in Raqqa
Three killed, 80 wounded during protests in Ranya, Iraqi Kurdistan
Raqqa Civil Council promises to return the water to Oujaily and Saif Dawla neighborhoods and the surrounding area in the next few days.
SDF still refusing to allow for citizens in al-Mashlab neighborhood in Raqqa to use internet or open internet Cafés.
SDF distributed heat oil for reduced prices in Tal Abyad. 300 Liter per family for 65 Syrian pounds per Liter (~ 0.15 $).
New checkpoints of SDF on the road between Mansourah and Maqas area.
An agreement has been reached between the Syrian Gov and the PYD to raise the Syrian Republic flag in several buildings of Sheikh Maqsoud, Al-Halek, Baydin, and Al-Sheikh Khadr districts of Aleppo. It seems that the Syrian Gov is allowed to operate inside these districts too
8 month ago
About 20,000 civilians remain in Ayn Issa IDP camp in spite of the departure of families in the last few weeks.
Request to detain New Generation president cannot be implemented unless reviewed by court, Sulaimani Public Prosecutor says
Iraqi Forces begin wide security campaign S of Mosul after detecting ISIS movements and communications.
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Syrian flag raised above Kurdish controlled districts in Aleppo. Apparently, this is part of an agreement between the YPG and SAA
8 month ago
6 PKK Members were killed in Bingöl
Declaring its support for the protesters' demands, the Kurdistan parliament called for an end to violence that 'derails the genuine objective of the people'
Kurdish protesters in Koya city Erbil province burn Masoud Barzani KDP leader poster. The protesters are blaming KDP for the financial crisis in Kurdistan north Iraq.
Turkish army continues to remove parts of wall on the border with Afrin, Syria8 month ago
Turkish army continues to remove parts of wall on the border with Afrin, Syria
SDF accuses Assad of opening Syria to international terrorism
Angry protesters torch PUK office and bureau in Rania, sound of gunshots heard
Iraqi Defense Ministry denies it is concentrating forces in Makhmur district of Ninawa province (SW of Erbil) in order to attack Peshmerga.
People protested against delay of salaries and lack of services in Kifri southwest of Sulaimani and shots were fired while they protested
Arrest warrant issued against NewGeneration president over protests
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