Putin: We have historic relations with Kurds.

Map. History of Kurds conflict

20 August 2018
CNN: 2 US F-22 jets intercepted 2 Russian Su-25 jets over Syria, Wednesday, firing warning flares after the Su-25s crossed the agreed upon de-conflciiton line, flying east of the Euphrates River multiple times. A Su-35 also present
KRG parliament speaker calls for rethinking strategy in Baghdad talks
8 month ago
Putin: We have historic relations with Kurds.
8 month ago
UN Syria envoy urges Putin to have 'courage' to push Assad to accept new elections and a new constitution
After a young Ezidi farmer was killed near the village of Tel Benat in SE Shingal yesterday, armed clashes erupted between Ezidis and the Sunni Arab tribe of Metweti. The Metwetis were mostly loyal to ISIS and involved in the genocide against the Ezidis in Sinjar
More and More PMF reinforcements are arriving to Tuz Khurmatu while preparing to launcha vast militayr operation to eliminate the so called "White Banners" "White Flags"group.
New mass grave discovered in Sinjar could contain up to 50 bodies.
8 month ago
Turkey detains 13 old men from the same village in Siirt
Opposition groups in al-Bab city ended preparation to reopen al-Jazeera highway connecting Aleppo and Hasakah provinces which connect directly FSA-held al-Bab city with Assad government-held Aleppo city Syria
Turkish Security Forces captured a VBIED in Istanbul's Bahcelievler. 2 PKK organization suspects detained8 month ago
Turkish Security Forces captured a VBIED in Istanbul's Bahcelievler. 2 PKK organization suspects detained
The clashes between YPG/YPJ and the Turkish army at the Syrian-Turkish border, West of Kobane
Weapons confiscated in Afrin by Asayish security forces during a search of a truck that came from Idlib
United States plans to spend $500m in training and equipping Syrian groups (most likely SDF) to fight ISIS in 2018.
According to YPG, 2 Turkish soldiers who crossed into Kobane border killed, some others injured
Turkish Artillery Shelling YPG Positions in Aşme Village West to Kobani.
YPG: Turkish army is now shelling the same area near Aşmê village, western Kobanê
Turkish army targeted YPG positions in Chariqli Hill, west of Ashmah. Not clear if its artillery or airstrike
SDF has captured Jurdi Gharbi from ISIS
OIR Spokesman Syria Update: ISIS is weak but still a threat - militants lurking in Mid-Euphrates River Valley. Syrian Democratic Forces keeping pressure on ISIS; with @CJTFOIR support, SDF cleared 6 km2 along eastern bank of the Euphrates in last 24 hrs
YPG: Turkish army once again tried to violate border in Kobanê. Fighters retaliated and heavy clashes occurred between YPG - YPJ fighters and Turkish soldiers. Two soldiers've been killed and a military vehicle was destroyed during the clashes.
YPG-YPJ fighters repelled an attack by Turkish army near Kobanê: Two soldiers have been killed, many injured.
Kobane area: 1 worker who works on the Turkish wall construction opposite the village of Ashme was wounded by YPG fire
A Turkish military vehicle was destroyed by YPG fighters after Turkish soldiers attempted to enter parts of Ashma/Eşme village west of Kobane, near the Tomb of Suleyman Shah
Clashes reported between Turkish army and YPG near Ashmah village, west of Kobane
8 month ago
President Erdogan: [on US aid to PYD organization] You can not destroy a terrorist organization with another terrorist organization.
[email protected] "ISIS is not finished" "ISIS is still present in several villages of Homs, Hama and Idlib"
Abadi: Peshmerga is part of our forces.
Pentagon says didn't observe any meaningful withdrawal of Russian combat forces from Syria despite Putin announcement of troop drawdown
SDF has captured Hawi Abu Hardub from ISIS
Secretary of State Tillerson: a lot of heavy work continues in Syria, Assad should not be part of the process.
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